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The Book of Sedaris Featured

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From the brilliantly wacky minds of David and Amy Sedaris comes The Book of Liz, the heartwarming and hilarious tale of one Sister Elizabeth Dunderstock of the Squeamish cult -- er, religious community. Liz's delicious cheeseballs (both traditional and smoky) are wildly popular and sustain the existence of the quaint and pious Clusterhaven. However, Liz grows to feel unappreciated among her Squeamish brethern and makes the bold decision to try her luck in the outside world. On her journey, she makes plenty of friends, including Cockney-speaking Ukrainian immigrants (from Ukrainia), who find her a job waiting tables at Plymouth Crock, a family restaurant run entirely by recovering alcoholics. Everyone loves her and things are going great for Liz, until she's offered a promotion to manager on the condition that Liz fix her excessive sweating problem. Of course Liz wants the job, but should that mean compromising who she is? Meanwhile in Clusterhaven, the Squeamish can't seem to duplicate Liz's cheeseball recipe, and the community is suffering as a result. What is Liz's secret cheeseball ingredient? Will Liz stay and take her chances in the real world, or will she reclaim her place in the Squeamish community? Find out for yourself at Chemically Imbalanced Comedy on Friday and Saturday nights, where The Book of Liz will be playing until December 18th.

Much of this comedy calls to mind the short-lived Comedy Central show Strangers with Candy, which starred Amy Sedaris. Ridiculous situations and silly -- but oftentimes very much adult -- humor are characteristics of both and will be sure to have you in stitches. A talented and enthusiastic cast (each who play multiple characters throughout the show) bring the Sedaris' hysteriical words to life, both the subtle comedy ("You really think I'll make an okay waitress?" "Liz, I KNOW you'll make an okay waitress!") and the not-so-subtle ("You're gonna want to take the outer road to Route 420--" "Hehehe, 420." "Hehe, yeah it's funny.") And, despite the cheeseballs, don't expect anything cheesy here; what you get is the original, outrageous comedy of America's most hilarious sibling duo.

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