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Deirdre Kinahan’s Spinning: A Too Sad Tale, Very Well Told

29 May 2016 in Theatre Reviews

If you can stand witnessing 90 minutes of emotional misery, then I can recommend Spinning at Den Theatre, where Irish…

A Celebration of Space, The Arts, and Life Come to Sinfonietta

26 May 2016 in Theatre Reviews

I am sitting here, at nearly midnight, trying to figure out how to describe the relationship between space and the…

A Laugh Every Minute in One Man, Two Guvnors

24 May 2016 in Theatre Reviews

With foreboding I took my seat in Court Theatre’s One Man, Two Guvnors, knowing the actors had devised some parts…

Sixx: A.M. "Rises" to Occasion On New Tour

18 May 2016 in In Concert

Just on the cusp of the band’s latest release, Prayers for the Damned Vol. 1, Sixx: A.M. is already knee-deep…

OMFG (Oh My Fairy Godmother)! Disenchanted is a Hilarious Night Out

17 May 2016 in Theatre Reviews

The Princess Complex: Little girls grow up with fairy tales about princesses who are rescued from some terrible fate by…

Review: Timeline Theatre's "Chimerica"

13 May 2016 in Theatre Reviews

Prepare to be taken on a journey with Timeline Theatre at their production of "Chimerica." Directed by Nick Bowling, "Chimerica"…

"Chicago" Crosses the Finish Line First with Daring and Thrilling Speed

12 May 2016 in Theatre Reviews

When you've seen a classic musical as many times as I have seen Chicago, you really hope for something new…

Little Shop of Horrors Makes You Feel Good

09 May 2016 in Theatre Reviews

Once in awhile a musical comes around so weird that you have to see it to understand it. Based on…

Swimming To Stay Afloat: Rivendell Theatre's Dry Land

03 May 2016 in Theatre Reviews

"Punch me," is the first line of dialog in Dry Land, and those two words sum up the effect of…

The King and I Continues the American Musical Tradition at Lyric Opera

01 May 2016 in Theatre Reviews

In 2013, The Lyric Opera of Chicago made a commitment to produce five Rogers and Hammerstein musicals and on Saturday…

Connected: A Most Unusual Night Around the Campfire

30 April 2016 in Theatre Reviews

The image of sitting around a campfire under the stars brings to mind nights connecting with friends and family, sharing…

Review: Shattered Globe's "In the Heat of the Night

25 April 2016 in Theatre Reviews

Police brutality is nothing new. Having it broadcast on national news sources, however, is. The deep South in the 1960's…


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