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What do you do with your family over the holidays? Stay at home? Eat a meal together? Dress the tree? Give gifts to your work family?  How do you show your loved ones you care for them?

Step Up Productions and its HoliDaze one-acts continues its 3rd season and supports awareness for Seasonal Affected Disorder (S.A.D.S.) at the Athenaeum Theatre 29366 N Southport Avenue, from November 26th – December 20th. These six short one-act plays written by six different playwrights bring awareness for the different kinds of feelings and emotional dynamics within families during the holidays, of what some families are willing to do without, and how much others just wish for things to change.  


Mia McCullough writes ‘Temperance vs. Tolerance’ about Sabrina, a young woman who asks her family to assist her in helping get through the holiday without drinking.  There is more than one change that the family works through to sit at the table for a holiday dinner. Discovering her family’s depth for tolerance is a learning experience for everyone.


‘Christmas Eve’ by M.T. Cozzola, touches on the work family relationship between two new co-workers.  One of which exudes an abundance of holiday spirit and generosity in gift giving. 

The expectations of relationships, to brave the Chicago cold or even family members that may not like you are presented in ‘Your Better Half’ by Jake Carr. The hesitancy to start a family and to share the news is the theme of ‘Someplace Warm’ by Steven Peterson.


‘This is that Moment’ by Joshua Rollins examines the night that a relationship changes, the regrets one has and the question of how you can make a change.


Finally, ‘Later in the Strange’ by Steven Simoncic, tells a story of how one family tries to get through the holidays without the one person who made every holiday so special for them all. 


Each of these stories touches on the dynamics that many families struggle through each year.  From the loss of a family member, to reestablishing relationships and questioning how relationships have changed.  Poignant and aware of the different families and relationships that the world has, HoliDaze has created a group of one-acts that make you enjoy the hope of the holidays and crave the nearness and dearness of your families.    It will make you reach out for those you love and remind them of how truly thankful you are for them.


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