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Tuesday, 01 June 2010 18:16

Jam for Life a Major Success Featured

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Bobby McGee’s was the setting for Jam for Life; a benefit concert for the American Cancer Society. Eight bands played their hearts out entertaining the concertgoers with energy. This charity should be proud of what kind of a show that was put on in their honor. It was a successful event.
Drunkyard started off the evening in the beer garden with their grunge style of playing. Solid drums, bass, and keyboards blended with distorted guitar riffs and eclectic vocals for a mix of sweet sounds. They played a version of “Snowblind” by Black Sabbath having the keyboards play the Iommi guitar arpeggios in their own unique style.
Strictly Jug Nuts is just a phenomenal act that caught everyone’s attention. They played the washboard, a banjo, kazoos, acoustic guitars and a bunch of other instruments that are not seen much these days. They did a great version of “My Blue Heaven” in a style that was warm and easy on the ears.
Liquid was a band that had a high level of energy, awesome vocals, and was musically very entertaining. The band kept the attention of onlookers as they played a mix of covers that were well received. Guitar solos and tight vocal harmonies between the two lead singers created music for the ears. They were a very nice band to see live.
Rev Luv came in and rocked the house with a short and to the point set. Before you knew it, the show was done and over with leaving you asking for more. This group really knows how to set the mood for a party and have the ability to entertain the crowd with power and force. Everything was musically tight from the beginning to the end.
Pitchy and the 44’s!! What an awesome show!! Fast mandolin runs played with precision started out their set with the rest of the band following right along. They were a superb band to see live and possibly the best attraction of the evening. This was a demonstration of super tight musicians playing their ass off in their own unique way.
Threeway Split had gone the extra mile to be the band to talk about. How can three guys produce this much music? This trio is just a pure delight to see and hear. Intricate guitars, good vocals, and clock work rhythm section. They have a combination for success on all levels. Just a damn good band!!
Ballistic played their fingers to the bone with true rock band style. This band jammed the hell out of a bunch of good covers and some interesting originals as well. The highlight of the show was songs like “All Along the Watch-Tower” and “Sunshine of Your Love.” These tight musicians played their first gig for the American Cancer Society. Good stuff!
Trainwreck finished out the event with style. This quartet of virtuosos wowed the hell out of everyone. Strong guitar players leading the show in superhero musician like status. As they leapt songs in a single bound, they played guitar licks faster than a speeding bullet, with no capes, or logos on their chests. The band was perfect to headline the event.
The goals of the night were to raise money for the American Cancer Society and that is exactly what was done. The bands played the show for free, donating their time to the event and what a worthy event it turned out to be. The end total collections for the evening were over $1,600.00 exceeding the expectations of the promoter for this benefit. Thanks are being sent to the bands from the promoter, “Without all these guys, the event would never have happened.”
This was the first year of the Jam for Life and it was a success. The plans are already in the works for next year’s Jam for Life II. The American Cancer Society now has yet another annual event that will benefit this worthy charity. Can’t wait until next year’s show! It will be a night to remember.



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