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Thursday, 21 October 2010 18:05

Do The Healing Sixes Give Exceptional Performances? Featured

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First of all, TYPING IN ALL CAPS IS CONSIDERED RUDE, RIGHT? So, just who does a band who has their name written in all caps (HEALING SIXES) think they are? Oye vey, perhaps I've been watching too much of Larry David's "Curb Your Enthusiasm Show!"

Healing_Sixes2Moving on, the Indianapolis, Indiana boys (Doug Henthorn, vocals, guitar), (Eric Saylors, guitar), (Wade Parish, drums) and Jeff Stone (bass), played on an Indian Summer night in Chicago at the nothing-to-sneeze-at House of Blues. There was clearly no need to snort any NO-DOZ because, let me tell ya, the Healing Sixes' performance kept folks on their toes.
No jibber-jabbering amongst the audience about Tom, Dick or Harry Mary bombarded my ears. Nor did I see or hear a single person doing his or her spiel to get into anyone's pants or panties--or leave the floor in front of the stage to chug-a-lug more beers!
The Healing Sixes were on fire right from the very start. They ended their performance with The Beatle's "I Am the Walrus," and I was in a blazing sea of love during every part!

Just for the record, Healing Sixes only have their name printed in all caps on some of their materials for their website's address, and all nitpickiness aside, they are truly not rude for doing so at all.
They don't act as if they think they are 10 feet tall, yet it's as blue as the sky above to me and many, the HEALING SIXES are a band whose songwriting, plus, high quality playing make them stand out and unlikely to have a drastic career fall.
"Healing Sixes are always about emphasizing that their songs create a strong, vibrant--yet never formulated-rock sound (www.HEALINGSIXES.COM.") Also respectable, is they have opened for Ted Nugent, Bret Michaels, Eddie Money, Todd Rungren, Hoobastank and so on--yeah, Healing Sixes sure do get around. But, they are headliners, too, and continue to be buds with their former member, Jason Bonham, who helped the band get more off the ground.

 Ending on a high note, I have a good feeling the Healing Sixes new CD "Blue Jay" is sure to have you whistling "Yay...yay...yay," since it's a "super fly" Rock and Blues CD to play. In addition, you don't want to miss the exceptionally talented Healing Sixes on tour with The Steepwater Band, whose lead vocalist and guitarist, Jeff Massey is widely esteemed as playing the guitar in an "Oh, My God!" way.
The Healing Sixes' and The Steepwater Band's Tour dates and CD information can be found at: www.HEALINGSIXES.COM and



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