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Thursday, 05 August 2010 18:34

Authority Zero: More Than Just Sentimental Rhythm and Booze

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We all have certain memory triggers that have the power to invoke our past. For me, music has always been my greatest trigger- even allowing me to transcend time and revisit yesteryear.

Authority Zero came to town for a gig at the Cubby Bear to promote their new album, Stories of Survival. The ticket included performances from The Frantic, Lionize and Whole Wheat Bread. Each band brought something unique to the stage and on a whole delivered something spectacular.

I have to confess hearing Authority Zero was coming to town made me feel stoked and sentimental. Despite the passage of time, the band has been able to stay true to their original sound and reminded me why I fell in love with their music in the first place.

Here's my backstory with the band... My love affair with their music began during my first year at the University of Arizona. The boys from Mesa were asked to be an opening act for the annual Welcome/ Welcome Back show for the students.  My roommate and I, neither originally from Arizona, had never heard of Authority Zero before that night but quickly fell in love with their brand of reggae fused skater/pop punk. Their charisma was electric and surged through the audience in a way most bands will never experience. Thanks to the mellow sounds of a dub guitar, infectious choruses and the uniquely haunting vocals of lead singer Jason DeVore, Authority Zero stole the show and walked away with a new legion of fans. The boys were always gracious and indulged their fans with kind words, autographs and pictures. Their music a captivating live performances proved to be a major bonding point for my roommate and I (so much so we went to all of their local shows and in store appearances at Zia Records).

For close to two decades, Authority Zero has been creating Latin and reggae infused skate punk music that has helped solidify a strong following while insuring survival through the rocky tides of the skater/pop punk genre. With heavy influence from bands like Bad Religion, Pennywise, and Sublime, Authority Zero is able to deliver tracks that are both mosh and sway worthy. In the post millennium, many would argue the punk scene has become diluted and, for lack of a better word, stagnant. However, Authority Zero continues to shine thanks to their talent, passion and willingness to incorporate many different genres to create their sound.

Thanks to a spellbinding performance, I was able to revisit my college glory days and be reminded why Authority Zero is one the best live bands around.


Suggested sampling of Authority Zero's music:

1). Over Seasons

2). One More Minute

3). Revolution

4). A Passage in Time

5). Super Bitch

7). The Remedy

8) Brick in the Wave

9). 12:34

10). Mexican Radio



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