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Wednesday, 25 April 2007 01:00

Christina Aguilera and Pussycat Dolls

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As if the fans did not get their fill from the Pussycat Dolls, Christina Aguilera’s “Back to Basics” show was nothing short of a spectacular climax to the evening’s event. Christina entered with class standing atop a lighted stairwell, dressed in white, before being joined by a host of talented…
Primus was off to a great start after opening with my favorite song, "To defy the Laws of Tradition" - the first track off of Frizzle Fry. They then played "American Life" from their sophomore album Sailing the Seas of Cheese, which was a bit of a refresher since up…
Sunday, 20 May 2007 01:00

Porcupine Tree - Like Fine Wine

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The obvious diversity of the crowd attests to the nature of Porcupine Tree’s musical roots and the type of songs they create. Never happy to linger in a single musical moment, they have effortlessly slipped in and out of multiple genres throughout their career: from psychedelic pop to rambling electronic…
Tuesday, 20 May 2008 01:00

Pandora; A mystery worth solving

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The Influence of bands such as Tool, Evanescence, Korn, and System of a Down, is apparent in their work. This is a wonderful thing. These guys fu**ing rock! Combining some heavy staccato chord action with note by note leads, a bangin’ drummer, a bass player who knows what’s up, and…
Tuesday, 12 December 2006 00:00

Otep Scratches Their Mark in Chicagoland

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Otep thrilled the audience by playing their promotion song “Ghost Flowers” along with a few other tracks that I’ll be waiting to hear again when their new CD comes out in March 2007. Still, as great as their new material sounded, Otep didn’t neglect to share with us their older…
Sunday, 08 July 2007 01:00

The Magic of Mr. Blotto

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As I was sitting under a full-moon and an amazing summer sky, Paul Bolger, lead singer and front-man lyricist for Mr. Blotto was walking onto a catwalk, with this surreal blue beam glowing behind him. At the microphone, a story was being presented. Words like "revolution" and "top of the…
Sunday, 08 July 2007 01:00

Chicago, Meet Meanwhyle

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With so many bands emerging from the Chicago area, Meanwhyle knows the importance of breaking from the mold. “We are a bit of a schizophrenic band. We're not exactly sure what genre we fit in to, and we don't really care either. We don't try to copy anyone's sound, but…
Wednesday, 22 August 2007 01:00

Manson Returns to Chicago

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Manson’s stage show was certainly lavish, featuring glittering lights and multiple costume transformations as he moved and gestured with his Marilyn-esque theatrical expressiveness like only he can. The set also included numerous prop changes to enhance the vibe of a particular song such as a rising platform transcending Manson...
Sunday, 08 April 2007 01:00

Live Dazes the Riviera

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As Live played on, fans reacted with a sea of waving arms while singing along with most of the bands songs. Live’s successful formula of - now we’re quiet – NOW WE’RE LOUD – ssshhh...we’re quiet again – NOW WE’RE LOUD AGAIN – wait, we’re bringing it down again, proved…



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