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Tuesday, 14 September 2010 17:45

'The Invasion Of Skokie' Can Be Widely Eye-Opening

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Did you know innocent people were "forcibly tattooed... for the identification system of them in Nazi concentration camps during the Holocaust?" So, "In modern times the association of tattoos with Nazi concentration camps and the Holocaust" has caused some Jewish people to be against the practice of tattooing of any…
Saturday, 11 September 2010 22:09

The Book of Sedaris

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From the brilliantly wacky minds of David and Amy Sedaris comes The Book of Liz, the heartwarming and hilarious tale of one Sister Elizabeth Dunderstock of the Squeamish cult -- er, religious community. Liz's delicious cheeseballs (both traditional and smoky) are wildly popular and sustain the existence of the quaint…
Friday, 03 September 2010 17:11

Profiles Theatre's 'Jailbait' Review

Written by
Prior to the start of the show, the audience searches for open seating in the crowded small stadium sized venue surrounding the center stage at Profiles Theatre. “Fifteen” by Taylor Swift is one of the carefully chosen teen-pop songs playing in the background while the crowd gets comfortable. A perfect…
Thursday, 02 September 2010 17:41

Blood, Guts and B Flats - The Texas Chainsaw Musical

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Walking into the tiny EP Theatre on South Halsted I was not expecting, nor could I have hoped to see as much as the mad and macabre as I was to see on September 1st. I was about to witness The Texas Chainsaw Musical. With no AC and dozens of…
The Neo-Futurists are at it again with the thought-provoking, baffling, irreverent, confuddling new play “Daredevil’s Hamlet.” In true Neo-Futurist form this play offers more than their clever title initially implies. Written by Neo-Futurist Ryan Walters, the play explores the work of Hamlet, led by the charming male members of the…
Chicago Writer John Kramer interviews Chicago Comedian Shelly Gossman about Second City and her SNL audition. Shelly has recently become a Saturday Night Live Writer. Congratulations! A BuzznewsTV Comedy Review Special Feature Presentation! Special thanks to John Kramer! See more of John HERE! Click here for a total list of SNL…
August Comedy Feature! This August in Comedy on BuzznewsTV! Featuring the works of Film Maker/Writer JOHN KRAMER Chicagoland Producer John Kramer has a long-standing comedy career in Chicagoland receiving notoriety on CNN, FOX CHICAGO SUNDAY, The New York Times, and has even worked alongside comedy stars Jim Belushi, Chris Farley,…
Kimberly Katz’ Platinum Press   “This Brilliant Jew is No Dummy!”     I have been eager to see the brilliant comedian and actor Don Rickles live and in concert for so many years. I saw him perform finally at The Venue in Hammond, Indiana last week and I was…
Wednesday, 04 August 2010 12:20

Shrek the Musical at Cadillac Theatre

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Once up a time there was a very successful movie franchise, about a green ogre and his desire to live alone in a swamp. As with so many fairy tales, the path to happiness did not run smoothly, and soon his stinky corner of the world is disrupted by all…



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