Saturday, 15 September 2007 01:00

Drury Lane's “The Odd couple” A Must See

Written by
Most of us know playwright Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple from either the big screen with Walter Matthau and Jack Lemon as the quirky pair of opposite roommates or more recently (30 years ago) from the TV adaptation that starred Tony Randall as the germaphobic neat freak Felix Ungar and…
Sunday, 07 October 2007 01:00

Flaming Dames in “Bump and Grindhouse”

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With the re-emergence of burlesque, The Flaming Dames have put their own stamp on the exotic, vaudevillian art made famous in the early 20th century. Led by choreographer Leslie Kerrigan, the burlesque troupe known as The Flaming Dames bring their unique B-Horror homage to life in their new production, “Bump…
Sunday, 09 September 2007 01:00

Summer Extravalanche Spectacular

Written by
The Extravalanche comedy flight offers a preview of some of the best shows in the Windy. Hosted Nick Lullo (Blu Mic), performers include Steve Mulcahy, Tony Sam, Kumail (Chicago Comedy Series), Jared Logan (Chicago Comedy Series), Rachel Lewis, Headcheese Fatboss, Flambango, Team Submarinne, and the improvised rock opera Baby Wants…
Saturday, 11 August 2007 01:00

Muntu Dance Theatre Extravaganza

Written by
On July 14, 2007, Muntu Dance Theatre of Chicago celebrated their 35th Anniversary with a concert and Gala at the famous Harris Theater in Millennium Park. This Milestone featured the world premieres of Brazilian choreographer Rosangela Silvestre’s piece, which was titled “Guide” and “In Search Of Africa by Amaniyea Payne,…
Thursday, 09 August 2007 01:00

It's time to RAGTIME again!

Written by
The epic sweep of Ragtime is captured in its opening prologue, a nine-minute kaleidoscope of fictional characters mingling with historical figures from the early 20th century as originally captured in E.L. Doctorow’s novel. As the story continues, we meet pianist Coalhouse Walker Jr. and his child's mother, Sarah who has…
Monday, 09 July 2007 01:00

Crossing California Hits Home

Written by
Remember what Chicago’s West Rogers Park was like in 1979? Ok, maybe you do and maybe you don’t. But for those that don’t Crossing California delivers a powerful, but comedic, look into the past in this coming of age story based on the novel by Adam Langer. For those that…
Tuesday, 10 July 2007 01:00

It’s a Bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman!

Written by
The redux of 1940’s Superman comics has once again made its way to live theatre, giving audience members a chance to follow the man of steel in an all-out song and dance adventure. Drury Lane’s presentation of “It’s a Bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman!” contends with any summer musical…
Monday, 11 June 2007 01:00

Cat’s Cradle Keeps ‘em Guessing

Written by
  I’ve always been one for a good mystery, especially in the vein of Alfred Hitchcock or Agatha Christie, and that’s why Leslie Sands who-dun-it, Cat’s Cradle was such an intriguing experience. Directed by Jack Phillips in the 78-year-old Western Springs Theatre in Western Springs, Cat’s Cradle was filled with…
Tuesday, 05 June 2007 01:00

An Oedipus Worth Seeing

Written by
Sophocles, the great Greek tragedian and philosopher/scientist Sigmund Freud lived worlds apart. Seemingly dissimilar, in a cultural sense, and obviously millenniums apart, there are unique common threads to be found; both men chased intellectual understanding through war and societal ruin. And each had a fascination with a certain archetypal legend…


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