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Monday, 24 August 2009 21:54

From the Mouths of Babes…and into the ears of a new fan

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From the Mouths of BabesThis past Thursday, my cousin invited to see a band play at Goose Island on Clybourn. From the Mouth of Babes was the name of the band. “Sounds fun” I said. As a drummer, I am always open to seeing bands and having a few drinks.


From_the_Mouths_of_Babes2This past Thursday, my cousin invited to see a band play at Goose Island on Clybourn. From the Mouth of Babes was the name of the band. “Sounds fun” I said. As a drummer, I am always open to seeing bands and having a few drinks. To kill some time I tried the Chicken Nachos, which were outstanding by the way. Who knew that Goose Island could make such a fresh bowl of nachos with the cheese in the middle that prevents the chips from getting soggy? Now that’s just genius! Being a whiskey drinker, I also tried the “Death’s Door Whiskey” (on the rocks), which I’ve never heard of until then. It’s a clear whiskey that threw me off since it tasted a bit like Tequila to me. It was smooth and did the trick, but was missing the unique flavor that I think comes from the oak of the brown whiskeys.  Anyway, my cousin introduced me to one of the singers of the band, Mary Spadaro. Her attractiveness and punky appearance immediately got me thinking…what kind of band are they?  Rock? Maybe alternative, I thought. So I asked my cousin what type of music they played?  “Oh, they are a Folk band,” she said without a second thought. Ok, so that kind of music wasn’t my cup of tea, but I am open to all types of music so we headed to the back room where they were about to play.


I had never seen a band at Goose Island before and the setting was very unique. It was a quaint room with books all over bearing a somewhat romantic atmosphere. I found myself in a very relaxing environment, which was just what I needed, while I enjoyed my jack on the rocks. We grabbed a seat (the last one left by the way) and I noticed by the time they started it was standing room only. Out walked three women, two with guitars and one with a ukulele. No drums, no bass, no piano… ”Oh boy,” I thought – not the kind of band I’m used to seeing. They opened with a chorus, all three singing in harmony. I was drawn to them instantly. To my surprise, all three voices were in perfect pitch. There was something so special about them that when they started, the entire room became dead silent and everyone listened to their beautiful voices. Nobody dared to socialize during this show. Everyone just sat back, relaxed and fell into an entranced state of mind. The music was simple, yet catchy. It reminded me why the Beatles are so famous, because all the music was simple and you can remember the harmonies and lyrics. I bought one of their CD’s and it’s been in my car since then. Now I catch myself humming the Ghost song. “I saw a ghost the other night….  ooooeeeoooo”. I’m not sure I would call their music folk, I’m not sure what to call it, maybe Indie, but whatever it is, I liked it.


So if you want a relaxing night, find out where this unique group is playing, grab a glass of wine or your favorite drink, sit back and enjoy the show.  BTW, the girls would love it if you bought them a drink during the show and they will do a social just like their friends Catfight. The three members of From the Mouths of Babes are: Mary Spadaro, Melanie Wolfarth and Shaylah Kloska.


You can listen to their songs or see upcoming shows on their myspace at:


Check out their next show at Elbo Room on Sept 13th at 9:00pm

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