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BAH HUMBUG! Ebenezer Scrooge's famous line from Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol."  It's a story all too familiar to most of us and (I hope) we all still remember it from our childhood; I know I do.   It's one of the most memorable Christmas tales ever told and I was particularly pleased to hear it was playing at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago.  Now still being particularly new to theatre, I was unaware that this production is done nearly every year.  However, had I known, I would have certainly seen it sooner.

After seeing this production I can certainly see what attracts so many people year after year to this play!  Whether you're a child, an adult or even an elderly person, I want to make one thing clear; you WILL enjoy this play.  You would have to be real Scrooge to not enjoy this show; seriously.  Of all the plays I've had the honor of reviewing for Buzz Magazine, this was by far my favorite.

The play of course, tells the classic tale of a greedy old man (Ebenezer Scrooge) whose love for money and success eventually consumes him to the point that he is nearly void of all humanity.  He is then haunted by three ghosts who take him on a journey in a last ditch effort to save him from himself, his greed and lack of love for others.  It's a story about equality, love for one another, and change.  Over all, I think that everyone has a lesson to learn from this classic and once you see it brought to life on stage, you may even find yourself humming a Christmas tune or two as you'll be gleaming with holiday cheer.

The most impressive aspect of the show was the productions visual appeal.  The stage scenes were obviously made to look absolutely perfect, and as you sit there watching the show, you almost forget that you’re at the theater.  Of all the Christmas Carol movies there have been throughout the times (and I've seen most of them), this play was certainly the most enjoyable one I have ever seen.  It's lively, it's exciting, and it leaves you feeling that holiday cheer that many of us seem to have lost as we've grown older.  I was so pleased with the production that I was smiling and talking about it for hours after it was over.  I could only imagine how exciting this show would be for a child to see.  It really brings something to the viewer that TV or movies cannot.

A Christmas Carol will be playing November 18 - December 31 at Goodman Theatre in Chicago.  Prices vary depending on the seats and box seats are also available.  Please visit for ticket/venue information. If you've got kids, nieces or nephews, taking them to this play would be a perfect gift.  Forget the gift cards, video games, and itchy wool sweaters.  Everyone should be familiar with A Christmas Carol and seeing this production live is sure to make a memory that will last for many years to come.  Don't be a Scrooge and see this play!



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