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Jim Gaffigan – Work out or just wear black? Featured

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Comedian Jim Gaffigan triumphantly returned to his native state Indiana, this time taking on a full house at The Venue, located inside the Horseshoe Casino. Touching on all subjects from the urgency and awkward process of getting a drink at a crowded bar to his famous bit on Hot Pockets, Gaffigan had the crowd laughing nonstop from beginning to end.

With a healthy combination of material that included a healthy dose of King Baby as well as new stuff and old, Gaffigan was sure to incorporate his high-toned side commentary of the ignorant or offended audience member with every opportune moment. "Oh really, Jim. The baby and diarrhea joke already?" "My girlfriend is allergic to tuna, Jim. How offensive."

All subject matter was open game for Gaffigan, who even targeted Extenz (penis enlarger) spokesman Jimmy Johnson. "Do you think they called him to do the spot originally as a joke?" "Do you think they were going to try Dick Butkus, too?" Gaffigan went on taking shots at Subway’s watery tuna fish, praised his overweight self for being the "skinny guy" at McDonalds, and challenged the bar back who is unable to hand him a beer in a busy bar. "Ok, you just carried five cases of beer up a narrow staircase but you are not qualified to hand me one?"

As far as working out goes, Gaffigan told the audience he would just prefer to wear black. Still, funny as ever, for most, Jim Gaffigan’s humor was the perfect remedy to the doldrums of a monotonous workweek even if just for a couple hours. Do yourself a favor and keep a lookout for his show the next time around and mark it on your calendar as a "must see".



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