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Entertainment Interviews

Entertainment Interviews (30)

Many of us have sky-high dreams and fantasies of landing Acting jobs, and being huge stars in reality.  Learn more of what actors on the rise think, regarding a lot of things. Plus, read what it’s like to have acted with “Seinfeld’s” ‘The Soup Nazi,’ Larry Thomas, in “You Don’t…
Many people bust out laughing when they hear someone who has the balls to say something that is "Politically incorrect," unfiltered and/or honest. Just think of all the bleep and giggles you frequently received from watching "OMG!" worthy types of TV shows, such as "All in the Family," "Rosanne" and…
Friday, 10 February 2012 22:54

Glen Burtnik; Multi-instrumentalist

Written by
  “Anytime someone chooses to record a song you've written it is a thrill and an honor,” Glen Burtnik. So many people go to their local music shop to buy an instrument and within a year or so they are frustrated and try to sell it. They wind up in…
  Music is a part of the body and soul of most musicians. It becomes so much a part of their inner being that the musician and the music actually become one. This unique quality can be found within Dani Rabin and Danny Markovitch the leaders of the eclectic jazz…
  There was a lot of seasoned talent on hand when I visited the set of Seven Below, including Luke Goss (Hell Boy, Death Race) and Val Kilmer (The Doors, Tombstone), and the youngest actor on set, 12-year-old Corey Reilly, fit right in just like an experienced pro.   Shot…
Thursday, 15 September 2011 21:19

Henry McCullough; A tough act to follow

Written by
Henry McCullough is a classic rock music legend. He has the ability to handle a six string as well as any of the other guitar masters from his era. He has appeared on classic rock hits with Joe Cocker and Paul McCartney and is a very cool guy to converse…
Kely McClung just has to be famous one day, since he is far too talented and fascinating to end up any other way. McClung is a "Jack of all trades," but also a master of many, I can honestly say. Mr. Kely McClung is an actor, composer, award-winning director, editor,…
You might know Alicia Witt from her body of work as an actor on shows including Friday Night Lights, Law and Order and Cybill, and from the films 88 Minutes, Two Weeks Notice, Last Holiday and Mr Hollands Opus to name a few. But she is also a classically trained…
From the director of Rent comes the most talked about new show on Broadway, NEXT TO NORMAL, winner of the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for Drama and three 2009 Tony Awards including Best Score. Alice Ripley who received the 2009 Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical, will reprise her…
Friday, 21 January 2011 20:20

Aktar Aktar on the right path

Written by
Aktar Aktar is four young men from Chicago who are exploring the boundaries of danceable rock music. They first released a self-titled album which pushed them out of the dingy dive bars where they found their original following. With a core group of high energy fans they had the privilege…
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