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Chicago Bears / NFL

Chicago Bears / NFL (25)

Articles, interviews, and updates with and about the Chicago Bears and other NFL teams.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014 00:00

NFL Update Week 10

Written by
​MY, MY, MY how the season passes by when you are getting beat down. My BEARS were taken down extra hard by the Packers, but that update is coming up shortly. Word on the street: The Sun-Times put in BOLD letters that the FANS should Boycott the game Sunday.  Hey, somebody can give me their sky box tickets.  When you having a good time, the hurt goes down a little easier, I'm just saying.  We got a QB that's making a comeback in Philly, a QB that is getting a chance to show that he still has it in N.Y. and I don't mean Eli and a QB that is out for the season with a torn ACL.  Enjoy week 10 folks. ​

Oops upside your head, I said, oops upside your head. OK, I don't no about anybody else, but this game was so lopsided.  The sports announcers said it and I thought it, the Bengals were going to blow the Browns out.  Well, by now, you know that didn't happen.  The Browns were in attach mode from the word go. It's like they put a GPS on the Bengals. They knew every move, direction and turn they planned from the word go. The Browns snapped their 17 straight losses to division opponents on the road. By the time the Browns were done intercepting or batting down Dalton's passes, they came out on top convincingly, 24-3.  This gives Cincinnati an 18-41 record in prime time.  The game marked the first since 1986 when Bernie Kosar & Boomer Esiason were the QBs, that the intrastate rivals played with 1st place on the line so late in the season.  The Browns won that one, 34-3. The Browns have been the AFC North's bottom-dweller team for years but climbed to the top spot on Thursday night. Looks like Cinderella has found her glass slipper. My brother Chris seems to think it's the Lebron effect as the explanation for the Browns turn around. We shall see. B. Hoyer threw for 198yds. T. West had 26 carries for 94yds & 1 TD. A. Dalton threw for 86yds, dang, that's crazy. Add 3 ints. and 2 sacks for the day. J. Hill had 12 carries for 55yds & 1 fumble.
MNF: 11/10/14
You HAD to see this game to believe it. From the word go, the Panthers were doomed. Cam Newton was sacked 9 times in this game.  After the 3rd or 4th sack, you could see the effects. They hit him so much, it seemed like even when he was on the sidelines, the Eagles still hit him. His offensive line did NOTHING to protect him, even the announcers said that it was ridiculous.  The Panthers were de-clawed by the Eagles, 45-21. The Eagles had 2 hero's on this night.  One was Mark Sanchez. He was amazing last night. No butt bumps, accurate and on the money, it was exciting watching him play.  23 months off from playing, sitting and waiting, not only humbled him, he has matured and will be a force to reckon with in upcoming games.  Watch!  He said he was dying to get on the field.  I know Nick Foles is saying, man, I'm a goner!!  Then you had Darren Sproles with 2 TDs, one was a 65yd punt return and the other a 34yd int.  I was watching him run, his feet were moving so fast, it's like they were not moving, you know what I'm trying to say?  The little engine that could.  I will give Cam props, he, as the QB took the blame for this loss, but it TRULY was not all on him.  He did throw 3 ints. but if you had been hit 9 times, would you hold on to the ball?  How do you let a team get to your QB 9 times? No gold watches for the OL this year. The crazy thing is that the Panthers time of possession was 38:05 & the Eagles was 21:55. M. Sanchez threw for 332yds & 2 TDs, it was really good seeing him do his thing. L. McCoy had 12 carries for 19yds & 1 TD. J. Matthews had 7 receptions for 138yds & 2 TDs. You saw Sproles contribution earlier in the update. C. Newton, aka: Man down, threw for 306yds, 2 TDs & 3 ints. J Stewart had 11 carries for 36yds & 1 TD. G. Olsen had 6 receptions for 119yds. 
CHICAGO BEARS: 3-6 (dead last)
Is my eye still black?  More than likely it is.  The Packers beat the crap out of my BEARS, 55-14 then they threw cheese at us. I saw one article that read, "The Bears are out of hibernation, the rematch is on." After last night, it was more like open season on the Bears.  Hampton said the BEARS are competing with the Jaguars, Raiders and Tampa Bay to see who turns out the laughing stock of the NFL. He said that the Bears have become "a stink bomb of epic proportions." I saw this video that showed this guy burning his Cutler jersey. He kept saying, "you suck man, quit football."  They gave him $126 million for 7 years. You guys gotta realize that we are stuck with Jay, I'm just saying. You know the cheap BEARS organization will NOT pay him just to get rid of him. I was reading  "grading the Bears."  It's a weekly grading of the Bears games in the Sun-Times. We got an F all around the board except for coaching, that was an F-.  Just so you guys know, our back-up QB Clausen, he is 1-9 as a starter in the NFL with 3 TDs & 9 ints. to boast about.  Really, that's who has our back?  By the 3rd Qtr, there was nothing left to play for but pride. All but one player had given up and he continued to fight, that was Brandon Marshall.  He had to battle for every single 112yds and the 1 TD he had.  Had it not been for him, we could have easily ended up 0-55. Marshall showed heart on Sunday night, something the rest of his teammates lacked.  He never complains about not getting the ball and he plays, even when he's in pain, just to help his team. My THANK YOU goes to B.M. He ALWAYS gives a 110%.  p.s. personally, I was at a wedding receptions, dancing, enjoying several martini's.  They grew in number each time the Packers scored.  I didn't feel much pain at all on this one

Really, do I have to stab myself repeatedly in this blog?  Yes, the Packers stomped us, shamed us and took our lunch money. GB did everything to us except slap our kids. 55-14, that's all I should say, but in all fairness, I will give the Packers their update. So, where do I start?  With the 6 TDs that Rodgers threw to tie the GB game record and match the NFL record for a half. The extra slap in the face as  Cutler was sacked by Peppers that he more than likely, put some extra stank on just for Cutler. That one caused a fumble and a score.  No matter where I start, it wasembarrassing!!  We had 11 penalties that cost us 163yds. We had 55 rushing yards to the Packers 132. Most importantly, our QB had 1 TD when theirs had 6. As the game progressed and Aaron Rodgers continued to shred the Bears defense with a smile on his face, it became clear that NOW is a good time to start planning for next year.  A. Rodgers threw for 315yds & 6 TDs. D. Harris had 8 carries for 52yds and J. Nelson had 6 receptions for 152yds & 2TDs, what else is new there? J. Cutler threw for 272yds, 1 TD, 2 ints and was sacked twice. M. Forte had 17 carries for 54yds, WTH?? B. Marshall had 8 receptions for 112yds & 1 TD.

Give credit where credit is due. In the NFC North, that would be the Lions. Taking their record to 7-2 and are in place, all by their lonesome. Lions beat the Dolphins, 20-16. Matt Stafford threw an 11yd TD pass to Theo Riddick with 29 seconds remaining in the game and just like that, the Lions pulled another one out of their hats. Nothing has come easy for the Lions lately, yet, they keep on winning. It was the Lions 4th straight win. The past three have been by a combined 6pts, all with 4th Qtr comebacks. Stafford said, "It's a good feeling for a QB to have the ball in his hand at the end of the game. By no means are we playing perfect, bet we're finding ways to win game." Nothing more for me to say on this one. Well, one more thing, all the announcers keep saying that Tannehill is playing more like Marino. Really, what games are they looking at? I'm just saying. M. Stafford threw for 280yds, 2 TDs & 1 int. C.J. back in form had 7receptions for 113yds & 1 TD. R. Tannehill threw for 207 yds, 1 TD & 1 int. J. Landry had 7 receptions for 53yds.

They did not play and they are still ahead of the Bears.
Check out the moves that Sproles and Sanchez made on their way to a 45-21 win over the Panthers in the MNF update.
OK, y'all know that the Jaguars didn't stand a chance against the Cowboys. They just took their weekly beat down, 31-17 and went on home. I still felt that Romo should not have played this one, if that can't beat the Jaguars withoutRomo, then they are done anyway. They did manage to snap a two game losing streak though, so that had to feel good. Romo was was hurt two weeks ago, fracturing two small bones in his back. He started in London to help the Cowboys snap a 2 game losing streak. DeMarco Murray ran for 100yds but had his record streak of eight straight 100yd games to start a season snapped by the Cardinals last week. The Jaguars did have a glimmer of hope as they held a 7-3 lead in the 1st Qtr. I just laughed when I saw the score. I said boy, the Cowboys would be pissseddd if they loss this one. So far, Romo is now 25-5 in November. I know he wish all 16 games could be played in November since that seems to be his good luck month. T. Romo threw for 246yds & 3 TDs. D. Murray had 19 carries for 100yds. D. Bryant with a commanding 6 receptions for 158yds & 2 TDs.  Word on the street: Dez & a bunch of the younger players blew off curfew to celebrate Dez Birthday, I think it was the night before the game. The owner & coaching staff was not very happy.  One thing is for sure, they didn't renew his contract as a present.  And my personal favorite article this week. Cowboys, Jaguars brass party on $110 million yacht in London, the night before the big game. And you wonder why you players ain't listening to you about a curfew.


Man, when it rains, it pours. The Giants drop another one, this time to the Seahawks, 38-17.  Read about it in Seattle's update.

They did not play.
I bet they are still kicking themselves about this loss. They had this game and let it get away. Read about their 27-24 give-a-game to the 49ers in that update.
Check out the MNF update on the sack fest on Cam Newton as the Panthers took a 45-21 spanking by the Eagles.
Read about their valiant but failed effort to win a 2nd game for the season. They loss to the Falcons, 27-17. I felt bad for Josh McCown. They said he was really emotional after the game. He said, "As you get older, the opportunities are less and less no matter if you're a franchise QB or not. When you are 35, you know that the clock is ticking.  You don't want to let these moments slip away. I think that's why it hurts, because it got away."  If it were up to the fans, we would have gladly kept you in Chi Town Josh.  Check out Atlanta's update.


Well, what do you know, the Falcons snap a 5 game skid with this 27-17 win over the Bucs. I didn't see this game, didn't want to see this game either, had troubles of my own brewing this particular Sunday. This was the Falcons first victory since they blew out the Bucs on Sept., 18th, 56-14.  The Falcons said that there is still a lot of winning to do to get back into the NFC South race. Now normally, I would say they are done but you have the Saints at 4-5 so they have a legitimate chance to turn it around in their division. That's crazy, but true.  M. Ryan threw for 219yds & 1 TD. S. Jackson had 16 carries for 81yds & 1 TD. J. Jones had 8 receptions for 119yds.  J. McCown threw 301yds, 2 TDs & 2 int. J. McCown also had 5 carries for 39yds, we miss you J in Chicago. M. Evans had 7 receptions for 125yds & 1 TD.
Lynch finally clowned on the field and the Seahawks beat down the Giants, 38-17. At this point in the season, I  wasn't sure who was going to win this one. I knew that the Seahawks should win but wasn't betting my paycheck on it.  NYGhad the Seahawks by the wings with a 14-7 lead.  M. Lynch had a 2yd TD run with 1:57 left in the 2nd Qtr, tying the game up 14 all. Then the NYG kicker, Josh Brown would have the last word in the half with a 41yds FG, giving the Giants a 17-14 lead going into half time. I said man, the Seahawks better pick up their game.  The beginning of the end for the Giants came when Hauschka kicked a 28yd FG to tie the game 17-17 with 4:13 left in the 3rd.  Lynch went to work from there.  The Giants never saw what hit em. He had a total of 4 TDs in this game, he was a mad man. R. Wilson threw for 172yds & 2 ints. He even ran in a 1yd TD with 5:19 left in the 4th. M. Lynch had 21 carries for 140yds & 4 TDs. J. Kearse had 3 receptions for 70yds. E. Manning threw for 283yds, 1 TD & 3 ints. A. Williams had 13 carries for 33yds & 1 TD. O. Beckham had 7 receptions for 108yds.

Awhhh, snappp.  The 49ers came to play ball today. They won this one in OT, 27-24. The Saints did the dummy when they gave Kap like 5 minutes to throw a 51yd pass to Crabtree, who caught it and set the 49ers up for a FG to tie the game with 0.44 left in the game. You guessed it, Dawson nailed a 45yd FG and took the game into OT. It was anyonesgame in OT but Ahmad Brooks made sure it was the 49ers.  He sacked and stripped Bress in OT and Dawson kicked a 35yd FG to seal and steal the win. This win put a halt to a two game skid for the 49ers and marked the 1st home loss for the Saints in more than a season. N.O. had won 11 straight in the Superdome and 20 straight at home in games coached by Sean Payton. It looked like the streak would continue after the Saints erased an 11pt halftime deficit and took the lead on Brees 2yd scoring pass to Jimmy Graham with 1:52 left. They did "win" for about 2 minutes but the TD by Graham was negated when he was called for pushing off. You know the rest of the story. C. Kaepernick threw for 210yds & 1 TD. F. Gore had 23 carries for 81yds & 1 TD, he was not to be stopped this night. A. Boldin had 6 receptions for 95yds & 1 TD. He and Gore played tag team. D. Brees threw for 292yds, 3 TDs & 2 ints. M. Ingram had 27 carries for 120yds & B. Cooks had 5 receptions for 90 yds & 1 TD. Man, they was thissssss close.

The Cardinals won this one, 31-14 against the Rams. But, they were actually the losing team of the day with Carlson Palmer going down in the 4th Qtr with a new injury. Turns out he will be out for the rest of the season with a torn ACL. The Cardinals were losing this one, 14-10 going into the 4th Qtr. But, after their QB was hurt, back-up QB Drew Stanton came in and he and the Cardinals put a hurting on the Rams with a 21-0 4th Qtr run. Well, time for Stanton to step up, he is the man. He has a great 8-1 record to come in and take over, let's hope he can keep it going. But something tells me, he is not going to have it easy. Will they remain in first place since Carlson is gone?  Stay tuned. C. Palmer threw for 241yds & 1 int. A. Ellington had 18 carries for 23yds & 1 TD. L. Fitzgerald had 9 receptions for 112yds. A. Davis threw for 216yds, 1 TD & 2 ints. J. Cook had 2 receptions for 84yds & 1 TD.

Read about their 31-14 spanking from the Cardinals in that update.
The Bengals lost this OHIO fight with the Browns, 24-3. Read about it in the TNF update.
Ravens take down the Titans 21-7. The Titans started out strong in the 1st Qtr, with a 7-0 lead and kept it for a wholeQtr. That would be their claim to fame for the day.  They did nothing else at all in this one. The Ravens were on a two game losing streak and to add salt to the wound, they are in dead last in the AFC North. Bet they didn't see that coming. They got back to basis and pulled this much needed win out of the bag. The Ravens kept the pressure on rookie QB Zach Mettenberger. This was his first road start in the NFL and he rarely got a chance to comfortably plant both feet in the pocket & was unable to move the offense after the first Qtr. The Ravens limited the Titans to just 68yds after the 1st Qtr. It was a save face, gotta win game since the beat down they took from the Steelers 43-23, where Big Ben threw 6 TDs. The Titans have lost 7 of 8. I know the feeling Titans, just can't get a good season going this year. J.flacco threw for 169yds & 1 TD. J. Forsett had 20 carries for 112yds & 2 TDs. T. Smith had 5 receptions for 75yds & 1 TD. Z. Mettenberger threw for 179yds, 1 TD & 1 int. b. Sankey had 16 carries for 55yds & K. Wright had 4 receptions for 53yds.

Two weeks, 6 TDs in two games and then you come to the 1-8 Jets. Big Ben couldn't muster enough TDs in this one to give the Jets a 1-9 record. Vick and the Jets took this one, 20-13. Read about it in the Jets update.

Yep, the Browns took down the Bengals and has SOLE possession of 1st place in the AFC North. Read about it in theTNF update.
The did not play.

Who knew?  The Jets stepped up and beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, 20-13. I am sure nobody saw this coming.  But the Jets flipped the script on the Steelers and instead of putting sure loser Geno Smith in, the went with Mike Vick. On ANY given Sunday, Vick can QB circles are Geno. Now instead of being happy his team won another one, he is mopping around about being on the bench. It's all about the team Geno, you are never bigger than the team. Rex Ryan was able to smile after this game, he hasn't had a reason to smile since week 1. The Jets forced 4 turnovers, including 2 interceptions by J. Jarrett. Vick set a new NFL record. He is the first QB in NFL history to run for 6,000 career yards. Yep, they shut down Big Ben & the Steelers, broke an 8 game losing streak and made a new record for the books, all in one day. What are they going to do next, go to Disney world? M. Vick threw for 132yds & 2 TDs. C. Ivory had 14 carries for 51yds & T. Graham had 1 reception for 67yds & 1 TD. Big Ben threw for 343yds, 1 TD & 2 ints. M. Bryant had 4 receptions for 143yds & 1 TD. p.s. little funny note I saw in the papers. They said that on Saturday, the Steelers prayed with Justin Bieber. On Sunday, they forgot how to play football. LOL, I told you, I can't make this stuff up.

Finless in Detroit. That's how it turned out for the Dolphin against the Lions. Read about their 20-16 loss in that update. They lost it with 29 seconds left. SMH.

I guess the buck stopped here for the Bills.  They have been sliding by on a few wins they should not have won. The K.C. Chiefs put a stop to that with a 17-13 win. Read the Chiefs update for the 411.
They did not play. They still have a solid hold on the AFC South.
Read about their, "we almost had it" loss to the Ravens, 21-7 in Baltimore's update.

The Jaguars showed some heart in their 31-17 loss to the Cowboys. Read Dallas update for all the details.

They did not play. They are the only visible threat to the Colts in this division. They better wake up and smell the Oil.lol
The Broncos know they are wrong for that. Dangling a 3-3 tie after the 1st Qtr, giving the winless Raiders a glimmer of hope and then, opened up a can of whip a## on em.  They beat the team that every other team that played them has beaten. Denver took down the Raiders, 41-17. I am not talking about any other team, my BEARS have injured me almost to the point of no repair. But that's another story. Shut the front door, Peyton added 5 more TDs to his resume and he did it in less than 17 minutes. SMH.  He is far from being done people. Sooo, let me get this straight. The moreTDs that Brady, Big Ben, Rodgers, Brees & Luck throw, he just tacks on 4-5 more each game. Y'all better hope he quits soon or his record will be out of reach for anyone. So in essence, you guys really ain't did nothing to get closer to his record. I'm just saying. P. Manning threw for 340yds, 5 TDs & 2 ints. C. Anderson had 13 carries for 90yds. D. Thomas had 11 receptions for 108yds. D. Carr threw for 192yds, 2 TDS & 2 ints M. Rivera had 6 receptions for 64yds & 1 TD.

The Chiefs pulled out another one tonight. They beat the Buffalo Bills, 17-13. Not much of a win but hey, makes no difference whether you win by 1 or 51, it's all the same in the books. They are staying pretty close on Denver's heel, one slip up by the Broncos combined with a win for them and BAM, they are tied for 1st place next week. Better stay on your job Denver.  The saving factor in this game for the Chiefs was a recovered fumble by Anthony Sherman to set up Alex Smith's 8yd TD run with about 9 minutes left in the game. Story over Bills, you can go home now. A. Smith threw for 177yds and ran in a 8yd TD to win the game. J. Charles had 15 carries for 98yds & 1 TD. D. Bowe had 8 receptions for 93yds. K. Orton threw for 259yds & 1 TD, man Kyle, you were that close. A. Dixon had 9 carries for 62yds. B. Brown had 6 receptions for 65yds & 1 fumble. Wonder if that's the one that cost them the game. 

They did not play.

The Raiders were winning early in this game but would end up with a 41-17 beating from the Broncos.  Read about it in that update.


These are the 8 teams they picked that are likely to decline in 2014. Are close were they on these predictions?  Too close for comfort for me.

Arizona Cardinals:
2013 Record: 10-6
2013 Strength of Schedule: Toughest in NFL
Estimated 2014 Strength of Schedule: Toughest
2014 Record as of Week 10: 8-1
Best Case Scenario: Ellington breaks out as a Jamaal Charles-style weapon in a larger role, while Patrick Peterson holds another patchwork secondary together amid injuries and turmoil to produce an above-average pass defense. One of the big two in the NFC West slips, and the Cardinals make it into the play-offs at 10-6. 
Worst Case Scenario: Palmer and Ellington get hurt and Arians turns to 4th rounder Logan Thomas and plodding ex-Steelers back Jonathan Dwyer.  Arizona fields the worst non-Cowboys set of linebackers, the pass rush disappears, and the Cardinals fall all the way back to 5-11. 


Chicago Bears:
2013 Record: 8-8
2013 Strength of Schedule: 5th-easiest
Estimated 2014 Strength of Schedule: 6th-hardest
2014 Record as of Week 10: 3-6
Best Case Scenario: The big names on defense turn Mel Tucker's unit around. Cutler plays his first uninterrupted season since 2009, and the Bears outpace the Packers for the NFC North trophy. 
Worst Case Scenario: Allen, Briggs, and Tillman aren't their former selves. The defense stays subpar and Cutler gets taken out by a vengeful Peppers in Week 4, consigning the Bears to 3 months of Clausen.  
Dallas Cowboys:
2013 Record: 8-8
2013 Strength of Schedule: 13th-easiest schedule in NFL
Estimated 2014 Strength of Schedule: 14th-hardest
2014 Record as of Week 10: 7-3
Best Case Scenario: Did you see that defensive depth chart?  Look it up.
Worst Case Scenario: Jerry Jones blames a disastrous season on the Cowboys not drafting Johnny Manziel and trades a top-five pick to Cleveland to acquire him.
New York Giants:
2013 Record: 7-9
2013 Strength of Schedule: 7th-toughest
Estimated 2014 Strength of Schedule: 14th-easiest
2014 Record as of Week 10: 3-6
Best Case Scenario: I'm right about Manning and wrong about the rest of the team and the Giants go 10-6.
Worst Case Scenario: I'm wrong about Manning and right about the rest of the team and the Giants go small number-big number.

Indianapolis Colts:
2013 Record: 11-5
2013 Strength of Schedule: 12th-toughest
Estimated 2014 Strength of Schedule:
2014 Record as of Week 10: 6-3
Best Case Scenario: The Colts turn the offense over to Luck, who wins his first MVP trophy while leading the league in passing yards & TDs. Trent Richardson disappears in a cloud of dust.
Worst Case Scenario: Luck gets injured, and with Matt Hasselbeck at the helm, Pep Hamilton turns to Richardson, who continues to be Richardson.
Kansas City Chiefs:
2013 Record: 11-5
2013 Strength of Schedule: 4th-easiest in NFL
Estimated 2014 Strength of Schedule: 15th-toughest
2014 Record as of Week 10: 6-3
Best Case Scenario:
 Consolidate this! Playing off his stunning performance in that wild-card game, the Chiefs open up the playbook and Smith produces a borderline MVP season while winning 11 games and leading the Chiefs to the playoffs.  special teams coach Dave Toub (remember him from a few capsules ago?) turns De'Anthony Thomas into the new Devin Hester.
Worst Case Scenario: Charles tears his ACL in Week 2. The replacements on the offensive line fail to coalesce, and Smith regresses to his Mike Singletary days.
Philadelphia Eagles:
2013 Record: 10-6
2013 Strength of Schedule: 2nd-easiest
Estimated 2014 Strength of Schedule: 16th-toughest
2014 Record as of Week 10: 6-2
Best Case Scenario: Kelly stays about seven steps ahead of the rest of the league, Foles repeats his incredible numbers, and the Eagles go 13-3 before winning the Superbowl.
Worst Case Scenario: Foles and McCoy can't stay healty, Mark Sanchez is actually Mark Sanchez and not that guy from the preseason, and the defense struggles to stop opposing passers.  The Eagles finish 6-10 and Mark Helfrich's St. Louis Rams select Marcus Mariota one pick before Kelly can nab him in the 2015 draft.
San Diego Chargers:
2013 Record: 9-7
​2013 Strength of Schedule: 12th-toughest
​Estimated 2014 Strength of Schedule:​13th easiest
2014 Record as of Week 10: 5-4
​Best Case Scenario: The development of those two young receivers gives Rivers a pair of YAC machines, and as the defense improves to league-average, the Chargers have plenty of ammunition to go 10-6 and claim another wild-card spot.
Worst Case Scenario:​ The low-wattage offensive line doesn't do enough to open up holes in the running game, teams tee off on Rivers on 3rd and long. The pass defense never comes around as San Diego finishes 5-11.
Tuesday, 04 November 2014 00:00

NFL Update Week 9

Written by
So, my BEARS had a much needed bye week and then the play the Packers in Green Bay, Really!!!  Big Ben throws 12TDs in 2 weeks and the Saints are marching over all others that come their way.  p.s. I have a really interesting 4 part series I started this week.  You may want to read this blog on Wednesday, when there is no football, I'm just saying.  The second half of the season is on fire. 
TNF: 10/30/14
OK, I had to record this one and check it out after Scandal. I kept getting the alerts on the scores, close game, end of game, etc. So I cut off my phone so I would not know what the deal was until I watched it. The Saints looked kind of sloppy in the beginning and I just knew they were going to let the Panthers take it from them, but just like I did last week, they woke up and went to work. Brees even got in on the game more than usual and ran for a TD besides the usual stuff he does. Jimmy Graham was on the job again with 7 catches for 83yds & 1 TD. Before the Panthers could shake a stick, they were walking off the field with a 28-10 loss. With this win, the Saints took over 1st place in the NFC South and shook off a 7 game road losing streak. The Panthers who are the NFC South defending Champs have only won once in the past 7 games after opening the season with back to back wins. They have 10 days before their next game to figure out how to turn things around. Y'all know Cam does crack under pressure, lol.  D. Brees threw for 297yds & 1 int. M. Ingram had 30 carries for 100yds & 2 TDS. I already mentioned Graham's contribution. C. Newton threw for 151yds & 1 int. No one else did anything worth mentioning.

MNF: 11/3/14
So, now that they have strung a couple of wins together some of the articles going around read, "Are the Colts now SB contenders?"  Really, with a 5-3 record, you automatically become a SB contender?  I think not. They beat the Giants 40-24. Did we think this was going to go any other way?  I didn't get a chance to see the whole game but the half I did watchwas just boring, so I exercised my right to turn and tune in to something else.  After the 51-34 beating the Colts took from the Steelers last week, they pretty much had to win this one to just look at themselves in the mirror. This is Luck's franchise record 7th consecutive 300+ yard game. The Colts pounced early on the Giants, not even giving them a chance to stay in the game. By the end of the half the score was 16-3 and even worse by the end of the 3rd with a 37-10 lead. In the end, this would be the Giants their 3rd straight loss. I think the Giants have fallen down the bean stalk and can't get back up. My main question is this?  Were the Colts Super Bowl contenders when the Steelers beat the horseshoes off them last week 51-34?  It's way to early for the Colts to start taking down ring sizes, I'm just saying.  A. Luck threw for 354yds & 4 TDs. A. Bradshaw had 7 carries for 50yds. C. Fleener had 4 receptions for 77yds & 1 TD. Kicker Adam Vinatieri deserves a shout out with 4 FG & is perfect with 20 for this season.  E. Manning threw for 359yds & 2 TDs. O. Beckham had 8 receptions for 156yds.
God has love for old folks, babies and the Chicago Bears.  We did not play, therefore, we did not lose!!  I'll take that. But we are in DEAD LAST in the NFC North thanks to the Vikings winning another one, lol. I gotta laugh to stop from crying.
The Packers did not play.
The first place Lions did not play.
Vikings took it upon themselves to ruin RGIII return to the game with a 29-26 win over him and his Redskins. Bridgewater said that "Sometimes you're going to have some slow starts, but it's all about how you finish the game."  Wow, Teddy got some words of wisdom for everybody now, lol. I ain't laughing at him to hard, they are ahead of my BEARS. I didn't see this game, but the Vikings were down 10-0, 20-14 & 26-21, but clearly fought back and overcame those deficits.  They also gave RGIII, 5 welcome back sacks, that had to leave a bruise, ouch.  The two buses carrying the Redskins players, coaches & other staff members crashed on the interstate exit ramp a few blocks away. It was hard enough to shatter the windshield and cause some minor injuries, but everyone was OK. Word on the locker room beat is that there was disharmony in the locker room surrounding RGIII return to the field. This was before the game. How is a QB supposed to function after all of that?  T. Bridgewater threw for 268yds & 1 TD. J. McKinnon had 14 carries for 54yds & G. Jennings had 6 receptions for 76yds. RGIII threw for 251yds, 1 TD & 1 int. A. Morris had 19 carries for 92yds & 2 TDs. D. Jackson rounded things out with 4 receptions for 120yds & 1 TD.
Mark Sanchez came in for the injured Nick Foles and lead the Eagles to a 31-21 win over the Houston Texans. If you recall, Foles hurt his left shoulder late in the 1st QTR. Mark came in and minus the 2 ints. he threw, he wrapped the game up in a tidy bow for the Eagles. It looks like Sanchez has been on the sidelines practicing, not missing a beat and had no problem stepping in. Mark missed all of last season after tearing the Labrum in his right shoulder in the preseason.  This win kept the Eagles in first place in this division.  He did admit to being a bit nervous but was cool after his first strike. You go Mark!  M. Sanchez threw for 202yds, 2 TDs & 2 ints. L. McCoy had 23 carries for 117yds. J.Maclin had 6 receptions for 158yds & 2 TDs. R. Fitzpatrick threw for 203yds, 2 TDs & 1 int. A. Foster had 15 carries for 56yds and D. Hopkins had 6 receptions for 115yds & 1 TD. Word on the street: Sources close to the Eagles camps says that brass has soured on Foles. After last season's TD to interception ratio, most assumed that Nick Foles is a lock for QB of the future. Not so fast.

Slip, sliding away, you know the nearer your destination, the more you slip, slide away. Read about the Cowboys 2nd straight loss in as many weeks against the 1st place, AFC West Arizona Cardinals, 28-17.  Check out that update.

Read about their 40-24 spanking, courtesy of the Indianapolis Colts in the MNF update.

Read about their 29-26 loss to the Minnesota Vikings in that update.
This weeks victim for the Saints was the Carolina Panthers.  Read about their 28-10 dismissal of the Panthers in theTNF update.

The Panthers stepped into the path of the Saints and came out losers, 28-10. Read about it in the TNF update.  I know the Panthers are wishing they had another win instead of that tie.
Have you guys seen Lovies resume floating around out there anywhere?  It's gotta be out there with this 22-17 loss to the Cleveland Browns. I am sure his is not the only one out there either, lol.  Read the details in the Browns update.

Did not play.
Now you guys know, I don't care how bad it's been going for the Seahawks, they were NOT losing to the Oakland Raiders who are now 0-8 with their 30-24 loss to the Seahawks. Looks like Seattle barely skated away with this one. They said that the person that helped them win this one was non other than, M. Lynch with 2 TDs in this game. Did he have on headphones while he was on the field? I'm just asking, lol. I see looking at the stats that Lynch did double duty, rushing & receiving yards in this game. Either he is trying to get back in good with his team or peddling his skills for the next team, who knows.  Not all was perfect for Seattle. Wilson didn't play up to his usual standards. This was one of his worst passing games and the team as a whole didn't take advantage of numerous chances they had to run over the Raiders in this game. They limped away with a 30-24 win. It was ugly again, but you know what we say, a win is a win. The Raiders, will they win at least one game this year? Only 8 to go, let's see if they do. R. Wilson threw for 379yds. M. Lynch had 21 carries for 67yds & 2 TDs. M. Lynch also contributed 5 receptions for 76yds. D. Carr threw for 194yds, 2 TDs & 2 ints. Nobody else had any worth while stats for the Raiders.
It seems an earthquake has struck the 49ers and they can't get around it. Another loss for the week. Losing to the last place team in their division, the Rams, 13-10. Ain't no sunshine when you losing.  Read the Rams update for the details.

Things were at little shaky for Carlson Palmer in the beginning with an early interception that the Cowboys returned for a score.  But Carlson pulled himself up by his boot straps and threw 3 TDs for a 28-17 win over the Cowboys. The Cardinals have beat the Cowboys for the 4th straight time with this win.  Palmer stayed perfect as the starter for Arizona this season, while Weeden couldn't get the Cowboys into the end zone until the game was out of reach. Yep, Tony Romo is still out and Weeden was the man for Dallas. I am pretty sure that if Romo had played, it would have still been the same outcome. The Cardinals are red hot and have not loss to anyone since Week 5 and they were 3-0 before that loss. Yep, the Broncos have given them there only loss this season, so far. They are the best team in the NFL going into Week 10 with the Patriots on there heels with a 7-2 record. C. Palmer threw for 249yds, 3 TDs & 1 int. A. Ellington had 21 carries for 95yds. L. Fitzgerald had 5 receptions for 70yds. B. Weeden threw for 183yds, 1 TD & 2 ints. D. Murray had 19 carries for 79yds. J. Witten had 6 receptions for 62yds. Is Weeden even using Dez Bryant?  Word on the street: Romo will play Sunday against the Jaguars. Now, if they need Romo to beat the Jaguars, they are worse off than I thought. I'm just saying.

I guess the Rams said that ain't got nothing to lose but another game, but it would not be this one. They beat the 49ers, 13-10. Colin did NOT have a good game. Not only was he sacked 8 times, danggggg. He fumbled the ball at the goal line with 2 seconds remaining in the game, trying for the go-ahead score. That's gotta suck, for any QB.  The play was reviewed and the call was upheld, a fumble. The Rams were 9 1/2 pts underdogs in this game. They never let Kapget comfortable. He spent more time on the ground and running from Rams defenders than he did directing offense. Let's just call him the running man for this week. A. Davis threw for 105yds, 1 TD & 2 ints. T. Mason had 19 carries for 65yds. C. Kae3pernick threw for 237yds & 1 TD. F. Gore had 14 carries for 49yds. A. Bolding had 6 receptions for 93yds & 1 TD. 
The Bengals played the Jaguars and as expected, won this one 33-23. It doesn't sound like the Jaguars went quietly into that good night, they gave the Bengals a fight. The Rookie, with his first start, who saved the Bengals was Jeremy Hill. He ran for a career high 154 yds and a pair of TDs on Sunday.  He stayed around the stadium long after the game, uniform still on.  He said, "I'm soaking it all in man. You never know when you re going to get another opportunity like that. It's the opportunity of a lifetime." After all was said and done, he made the plays that pulled them through. This puts the Jaguars at 1-8, certainly looking very bleak now, I am sure, they are done for the season. Just playing now because it's their job. I think they will get 1 more win. Thank goodness they don't play my BEARS. LOL. The Bengals held onto 1st place in this division, even though they played sloppy. A. Dalton threw for 233yds, 2 TDs & 2 ints. J. Hill had 24 carries for 154yds & 2 TDs. M. Sanu had 4 receptions for 95yds & 1 TD. B. Bortles threw for 247yds, 2 TDs & 1 int. D. Robinson had 17 carries for 94yds & 1 TD. A. Hurns had 7 receptions for 112yds & 2 TDs.

Well, somebody had to win and somebody had to lose.  Check out the Steelers update for the 411 on their win over the Ravens, 43-23. It was a crash & burn for the Ravens, I can still see some of the feathers on the ground at Heinz Field.

Who yo daddy now?  That's what the Steelers are asking each team as they start to stack up the wins. They pulled the wings off the Ravens with a 43-23 beating. Now, I guess Big Ben didn't get enough of a good thing with the 6 TDs he threw just LAST week.  You guessed it, he threw 6 more in this win and set an NFL record for most TD passes in consecutive games. This breaks the 11 TDs set by Tom Flores for Oakland in the AFL in 1963 & matched by N.E. Tom Brady in 2007.  Baltimore was playing sloppy. You can't have 10 penalties costing you 108yds and win a game.  It's not a good day for any team when you give up that many yards.  The teams were about even on everything else, time of possession included. Big Ben still says that the Steelers remain a work in progress.  LOL, if this is not done yet, mercy on the teams that meet up with them in the coming weeks.  They don't show any signs of letting up. Man, throw in a pep talk by Mean Joe Greene, whose # 75 was retired and an "old man" so to speak, James Harrison getting a call to come back out of retirement no less and have a dynamic game, the Ravens didn't stand a chance. Big Ben threw for 340yds & 6 TDs. Who doe's that?? A. Brown had 11 receptions for 144yds & 1 TD. J. Flacco threw for 303yds, 2 TDs & 1 int. don't forget the 4 sacks.  J. Forsett had a total of 9 carries for 38yds & 5 receptions for 67yds.

The Browns joined the 5-3 league with this win over the Buccaneers, 22-17. Yes, there are 9 teams with either a 5-3 or 5-4 record as we close out Week # 9. I would love to be one of those teams at this point, SMH. The Browns were 5-3 at the midway point in 2007. Now, seven years, several coaching changes and a carousel of starting QBs later, Cleveland is 5-3 again and they are pretty happy about it. Hey, you can't steal their thunder.  B. Hoyer threw for 300yds, 2 TDs & 2 ints. T. Gabriel had 5 receptions for 87yds & 1 TD. M. Glennon threw for 260yds, 2 TDs & 2 ints. B. Rainey had 19 carries for 87yds and M. Evans had 7 receptions for 124yds & 2 TDs.

Here I am, looking for a shoot out at the wild, wild west between the Patriots & the Broncos.  What I got was a, you ain't big enough to hang with me yet. That the words Brady seemed to convey as he and the Patriots took down the Broncos, 43-21. This is the 16th time that the two elite QBs had it out on the field. I am not sure who has the overall win record, but Brady was da man for this one. This was his 200th career start as well.  He gave the Broncos a centennial a#$ whooping. After the 1st Qtr, it was the Patriots game, no looking back for them. With the Patriots 5th straight win, they broke the Broncos 4 game winning streak. I bet you can't say that fast 3x. Manning and crew rarely leave Foxborough smiling. They will meet again. T. Brady threw for 33yds, 4 TDs & 1 int. R. Gronkowski had 9 receptions for 105yds & 1 TD. Edelman chimed in with a 84yd punt return for a score. Game over man. P. Manning threw for 438yds, 2 TDs & 2 ints. E. Sanders had 10 receptions for 151yds.

Hummmm, who did the Jets lose to this week?  Try the K.C. Chiefs, 24-10. Check out that update for details.

Another one of those 5-3 teams. The Dolphins stomped the San Diego Chargers 37-0.  It's not much you can write about this, but I will give it a shot. OK, so it's the Dolphins 3rd straight win.  Tannehill's head is probably bigger than the tunnel they run out of for the game and they made the Chargers cough up the ball 4 times. This was the Chargers first shut-out since 1999. This is the first shut-out that the Dolphins has earned since 2006. The overall stats agrees with the score. Things like 28 1st downs to the Chargers 10. My personal favorite, 441 total yds to 178 for the Chargers. I don't have to explain anymore. R. Tannehill threw for 288yds & 3 TDs. L. Miller had 11 carries for 49yds & 1 TD. C. Clay had 5 receptions for 65yds & 1 TD. P. Rivers threw for 138yds & 3 ints. M. Floyd had 4 receptions for 60yds.
Did not play.
Read about the predicted win over the Giants, 40-14 in the MNF update. 

Did not play.


Read about their 33-23 loss against the Bengals in that update. This is a conversation I made up for the Jaguars players when they make it home after each game.  Kid, "Hey dad, did you win today?" Player, "No, we didn't win, but I can buy you a new play station."  Kid, "Great, I want to pick Big Ben for my fantasy team." Player, runs in the room crying. LOL, I crack myself up sometimes. OK Jaguars fans, just a joke, having a good time here, OK?

Read about their 31-21 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in that update. All I'm saying is ever since JJ Watt started dancing on TV, he has not danced on the field. Just my thoughts people.
I cannot believe that Denver, CHOKED under the pressure and got the dog poop beat out of them by the Patriots, 43-21.  Check out New England's update for that one.

Rack up another win for the Chiefs and loss for the Jets. Chiefs have an expected 24-10 win over the ailing Jets.  This is nothing new.  K.C. has been getting all kind of freaky plays during their 3 game winning streak. Nobody says the plays have to be pretty, just effective. A. smith threw for 199yds & 2 TDs. J. Charles had 20 carries for 78yds & 1 TD. T.Kelce had 4 receptions for 67yds & 1 TD. M. Vick threw for 196yds & 1 TD. C. Johnson had 11 carries for 69yds & P.Harvin had 11 receptions for 129yds. Whatttt, he finally made the stat board.
I think we can give the Chargers the worst shut-out for the season pin with a 37-0 skinning by the Miami Dolphins.  Check out the Dolphins update.

Same story, different beating. This time the Raiders were burned by the Seahawks, 30-24. Check out Seattle's update for the expected details.
*I found this 4 part series in the beginning of the season. Now is a good time to see if the "EXPERTS" knew what they were talking about.*

These are the 8 teams they picked for the worst football records this year. You guys are going to love this 4 part series. They are pretty much on point so far. Crazy but true.

Buffalo Bills:

2013 Record: 6-10
2013 Strength of Schedule: 18th-toughest
Estimated 2014 Strength of Schedule: 23rd-toughest
2014 Record as of Week 9: 5-3
Best Case Scenario: Orton takes over for Manuel after learning the playbook and plays like a perfectly average starting QB, while Watkins and C.J. Spiller form a pair of devastating big-play specialist.  Schwartz gets enough out of the pass rush for Buffalo to go 9-7 and produce its first winning season since 2004. 

Worst Case Scenario:
 The defense collapses after losing two stars, and the Bills spend the entire season going back and forth between a disappointing Manuel and an uninterested Orton while Watkins struggles through a series of nagging injuries.
Carolina Panthers:
2013 Record: 12-4
2013 Strength of Schedule: 10th-toughest
Estimated 2014 Strength of Schedule: 3rd-toughest
2014 Record as of Week 9: 3-5-1
Best Case Scenario: Carolina's strengths (the front seven and a bruising running game) overcome its weaknesses (the secondary and a passing game lacking for options). First-round pick Kelvin Benjamin forms an immediate connection with his new QB and the Panthers overcome a tough schedule to go 10-6. 
Worst Case Scenario: Newton never gets healthy and plays at a diminished level before finally taking the rest he needs.  The secondary gives up too many big plays, and key players like Thomas Davis & Ryan Kalil struggle to stay healthy during the year.
Cleveland Browns:
2013 Record: 4-12
2013 Strength of Schedule: 8th-easiest
Estimated 2014 Strength of Schedule: 5th-easiest
2014 Record as of Week 9: 5-3
Best Case Scenario: Johnny mania takes over in Cleveland as Manziel leads the Browns to a series of close victories in an RG3-esque run to the AFC North title.  Hey, Kyle Shanahan's even here!

Worst Case Scenario:  Oh no, Kyle Shanahan's here!  The Browns shuffle through another middling season while waiting for Gordon to return.  Even worse, the Bills make the playoffs, pushing that bonus first-round pick into the 20s.

Jacksonville Jaguars:
2013 Record: 4-12
2013 Strength of Schedule: 9th-easiest
Estimated 2014 Strength of Schedule: 7th-easiest
2014 Record as of Week 9: 1-8
Best Case Scenario:  Bortles is every bit as good as he's looked in the preseason with imports like Red Bryant and Chris Clemons already familiar with Gus Bradley's playbook from Seattle, the defense takes a leap forward overnight.  With the Texans held back by their QB and the Colts held back by everything but their QB, the 9-7 Jaguars complete a shocking overnight rise to the AFC South title.
Worst Case Scenario: The preseason success pressures the Jaguars into starting Bortles earlier than his still-evolving skills warrant, while offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch "takes the pressure off Bortles" by letting Gerhart run into the line 300 times for 900 ydards.  The thin defense struggles with injuries and the Jaguars fail to wine even 6 games for the 4th straight year.

New York Jets:
2013 Record: 8-8
2013 Strength of Schedule: 11th-easiest
Estimated 2014 Strength of Schedule: 18th-toughest
2014 Record as of Week 9: 1-8
Best Case Scenario: The Jets bench Smith early in the season and get a rare 10-week stretch during which Michael Vick is both healthy and effective, while Ryan rides the league's best run defense to a year of 3rd and longs.  With Eric Decker doing just enough to extend drives, the Jets squeeze the clock all the way to a 9-7 record and a wild-card berth.
Worst Case Scenario: Everything falls apart by Halloween thanks to a 6 game stretch that sees the Jets play the Packers, Bears, Lions, Chargers, Broncos & Patriots.  Post-peak additions like Vick, Babin and Chris Johnson contribute little and Ryan is run of out town before the season even finishes.
Oakland Raiders:
2013 Record: 4-12
2013 Strength of Schedule: 12th-easiest
Estimated 2014 Strength of Schedule: 8th-toughest
2014 Record as of Week 9: 0-8
Best Case Scenario: This is really tough. Let's just say that Carr plays really well and the 2009 Pro Bowl team that's been assembled to play defense finds the fountain of youth.  The chiefs and Chargers get worse and the Raiders finish 9-7 for their first winning season since 2002.
Worst case Scenario: Bay Area residents looking for cheap rent actually take over the Coliseum, leaving the Raiders to try to run plays around various domiciles in a "Tim Tebow CFL Chronicles" style situation.  Lost at football, the Raiders subtly transition to a new tech patent trolling, which leads to their removal from the league. Lol, this is just crazy!!
St. Louis Rams:
2013 Record: 7-9
2013 Strength of Schedule: 3rd-toughest
Estimated 2014 Strength of Schedule: 7th-toughest
2014 Record as of Week 9: 3-5
Best Case Scenario: Stick the Rams in the AFC South and give them Alex Smith at QB and they would win 10 games.  If only it were that simple. It somehow becomes that simple.
Worst Case Scenario: Hill gets hurt early, and despite picking at the top of the 2015 draft, the Rams decide to give Bradford one more year.
Tennessee Titans:
2013 Record: 7-9
2013 Strength of Schedule: 10th-easiest
Estimated 2014 Strength of Schedule: 2nd-easiest
2014 Record as of Week 9: 2-6
Best Case Scenario: Whisenhunt rebuilds Locker into a viable starter and the Titans win a bunch of close games before beating the Colts at home in Week 17 to claim the AFC South.
Worst Case Scenario: Whisenhunt's work with Locker is more John Skelton than Rivers.  We get to see moreWhitehurst than should be seen before the watershed hour.  The defense fails to adapt to the 3-4, and Tennessee ends up as the worst team in football.
Next Week: NFL Season Predictions, Part 2: The Falling Stars:
These are the predicted 8 teams that are likely to decline in 2014.


Wednesday, 29 October 2014 00:00

NFL Update Week 8

Written by

Mannn, my head is still spinning.  Pillage and plunder all over the place and it just wasn't on my BEARS.  Yes, I came to work, geared up with my BEARS stuff on. I know I was probably the only person in Chicago to do so today but that's me. I NEVER QUIT.  Hey it's like when Michael Jordan's son was cut from the B-BAll team, did he disown his son?  Nooooo!!  You don't quit on your team because they suck and again, my BEARS are still in there, I don't care with all the text said that I got Sunday from people who claim they love me. LMAO.  You guys go ahead and read and enjoy the update.  I am headed out to my therapy session. Man, it really gets cold out on those window ledges.  LOLLLL. 

TNF: 10/23/14


Manning and the Broncos picked up where they left off.  After the beat down they gave the 49'ers, they had some left for the Chargers and dismissed them with a warning, 35-21, lol.  The affair for the night with Peyton was with Emmanuel Sanders. He waited 6 long weeks to join the list of players who have caught a TD from Peyton. He had 3 in this game, now he has 4 in less than a week. The way he was playing, I don't think it will be his last.  He caught all 9 passes that came his way.  Sanders said, "We understand that it can be any ones night at any moment. I'm just happy tonight was mines."  I told you!  Everybody wanted a piece of this cornbread. Rookie running back Juwan Thompson had two TD runs to contribute to this spanking. Wes Welker recovered a Sanders fumble. Peyton had no interceptions in this game. But River's and his crew did not take it lying down, at least not at first. Each time Thompson scored, the Chargers responded with 80yd drives that ended in TDs. Rivers did however throw 2 ints and what do we say about ints?  They are not your friend. Broncos kicker, Brandon McManus missed a 53yd FG with 6 mins. remaining, giving the Chargers great field position, but safety Rahim Moore intercepted Rivers pass at the Denver 4 & the Broncos put out the rally for the Chargers at that point. Manning broke ANOTHER Favre record this night, he now has 16 seasons with 20 or more TD passes, one more than Favre. And he's approaching another of Favre's marks with his 157th career multiple TD game, Manning is 2 shy of Favre's mark in that territory. I guess Peyton said he's just going to go ahead and knock out all the records he can this season, you never know when you are done on the field, so better do it now while you can. Peyton Manning threw for 286yds & 3 TDs. R. Hillman had 20 carries for 109yds. E. Sanders had his night with 9 receptions for 120yds & 3 TDs.  P. Rivers threw for 252yds, 3 TDs and 2 ints. K. Allen had 9 receptions for 73yds & 1 TD. I love watching the Broncos play, especially when my BEARS lose, it's like chicken soup for my soul.


MNF: 10/27/14


The Cowboys were the hot ticket going into this game. They were playing the worse team in their division and they are on top of their division, they were destined to fall in this one.

Romo went down, DeMarco dropping balls, next thing you know, they lose to the Redskins, 20-17. McCoy lead the Redskins to their first NFC East win since beating Dallas with a playoff spot on the line in the 2012 Finale.  McCoy's successful return to his home state trumped Tony Romo's dramatic return to the game. He took over for an ineffective Kirk Cousins at half time last weekend.  This is McCoy's first time playing in Dallas stadium since his Texas-record 45th Victory in the 2009 Big 12 championship game against Nebraska. This was his first NFL start in nearly 3 years. I know he hopes RGIII stays down. I'm just saying.  It snapped a 6 game winning streak for the Cowboys. Romo went out for a little bit, but came back in, WHY?  He should have let Weeden finish this one. Weeden tied the game 17 all with a 25yd pass to Jason Witten. Then the coaches decide to bring Romo back in, bad move. You guys had to know he was not operating at 100% at that point. Kai Forbath had the last word in this one with a 40yd FG with 9:43 left in OT. That was all she wrote. Is this the start of the fall of the Cowboys?  A source close to the Dallas organization said Romo will miss some time, how much is not sure just yet.  Man, that had to really hurt, I don't wish that kind of pain on anyone.  C. McCoy, who held his own, threw for 299yds & 1 int. A. Morris had 18 carries for 73yds & 1 TD. D. Jackson had 6 receptions for 136yds. He finally played like his old self, once he took off, they couldn't catch him. T. Romo threw for 209yds & 1 TD and again, he may be gone for the season. D. Murray had 19 carries for 141yds & 1 fumble, costly one at that. He also had 4 receptions for 80yds


It finally happened, we beat the Patriots at Gillette Stadium. Nobody thought we would, but I knew we would.  It was the best game ever, we smashed them 51-23. I was celebrating, doing my victory dance and thennn, I WOKE UP!!! Yeah, those nightmares, they don't let you sleep.  Everything happened so fast, I really didn't know what the heck was going on. I was in my front room, sitting there stunned. You mean to tell me we are not going to put up a fight?  Dan Hampton said it and I thought it through the whole game. They are playing like they don't care anymore, at least 95% of the team. They were not ready, they were slow and the Patriots ran through our defensive line like it was wet toilet paper and I mean the dollar store brand. It was just crazy. I'm sitting there and my friend Chrissy had not made it by yet, early second Qtr, so I am sitting there suffering by myself.  Then a wonderful thing happened, my good friend Orea & her daughter showed up with coolers, miller lite & ordered chicken wings. I was so happy to have someone else here to feel the pain. Orea said, "Nobody should have to watch this game alone."  That was so cool, it did deaden the pain of the beat down. Chrissy followed shortly behind. So, my questions is this.  Is Brady going for Manning's record now?  He played like a man on fire, 5 TDs, 3 of them in the last two minutes of the first half.  It's safe to say we were dead at the first blow of the whistle. 38-7 going into the half, yeah, we were toast. They didn't miss NUTHIN!!!  Big Gronkowski catching the ball like he's Deion Sanders, what's up with that?  It was just his game tonight, that simple.  This is the Patriots 4th straight win and it was a convincing one. One thing is for sure, whatever happened in the locker room last week, did NOT help the BEARS any. I still say Marshall was the only one who had the guts to say anything. Marc T. & Cutler sucks. Dan Hampton said that some former BEARS players were saying that it was a disgrace to George Halas as well as former BEARS players. I'm still not calling it a season until the last second ticks off the clock at the Superbowl.  That's when I know it's over. Gotaa have faith. T. Brady threw for 354yds & 5 TDs. J. Gray had 17 carries for 86yds. Big Rob Gronkowski had 9 receptions for 149yds & 3 TDs. Yummy, BEAR meat for dinner. J. Gutless threw for 227yds, 3 TDs & 1 int. M. Forte had 19 carries for 114yds and M. Bennett, tried hard as usual had 6 receptions for 95yds & 1 TD. 
p.s. Defensive ends can't dance. Shout out to dummy DE Lamarr Houston, he discounted his knee, with the discount double break, really, didn't you see that happen already with Lions LB Stephen Tulloch. He's now done for the season as well.


Man, a funny thing happened on the way to a win. Read about the Saints strip down of the Packers, 44-23 in that update.



You gotta give credit, where credit is due, no matter how much you really don't want to, lol. The Lions were down 21-0 going into half time. 

The Lions came alive in London and turned the tables on the Falcons, outscoring them 22-0 in the 2nd half and would win this one, 22-21. Whether you like the Lions or not, and that's a not for me, you gotta give them their props on this one. Now, let's go back a couple of weeks.  Didn't I say that the Falcons would need some of those overkill points they put on Tampa Bay?  This loss for the Falcons didn't hurt, it was embarassing.

This little tidbit should help the Falcons fell better. The biggest comeback was an NFL playoff game between the Buffalo Bills and the Houston Oilers played January 3, 1993. It featured the Bills recovering from a 32-point deficit to win in overtime, 41–38, and it remains the largest comeback in NFL history.

M. Stafford threw for 325yds, 2 TDs & 1 int. G. Tate had 7 receptions for 151yds & 1 TD. M. Ryan threw for 228yds, 2 TDs & 1 int. S. Jackson had 18 carries for 60yds & 1 TD. R. white had 5 receptions for 66yds.



OK, first I gain 5lbs and then the Vikings win another game?  Life just ain't fair! the Vikings beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 19-13. I did see the last few minutes of this game that went into OT.  Anthony Barr striped the ball, scooped it up and took off for the end zone for a 27yd fumble return. End of story. Lovie had this look that said, what the hell just happened?  Lovie, trust me, I do know the feeling. T.  Bridgewater threw for 241yds & 1 TD. J. McKinnon had 16 carries for 83yds & C. Patterson had 6 receptions for 86yds. M. Glennon threw for 171yds, 1 TD & 1 int. M. Evans had 4 receptions for 78yds.


Read about their 24-20 loss to the Arizona Cardinals in that update.


The Redskins took the boot to Dallas and broke their 6 game winning streak with a 20-17 win. Read about it in the MNF update. Not sure if Tony will be back next week.  


The Giants did not play, therefore, they did not lose.



Like I said earlier, the 1-5 Redskins cut off the path to a 7-1 start for the Cowboys at the OK Corral. Read about it in the MNF update.



Man, I tell you, when the Saints come marching in, it ain't nothing pretty for the other team. They took down the Packers, 44-23.  This was truly a battle of two elite QBs and Drew Brees would come out on top.  Sure, the Cheese head fans will say it was because Rodgers had a sore hamstring. GB said they don't think it will have a lingering effect.  Quit your belly aching cheese heads, you were in there from the beginning, exchanging TDs & FGs, then the jolly green giant, J. Graham got into his rhythm and Brandon Cook pitched in, it was over for the Packers. Brees was in rare form, mix that up with the rest of the Saints doing their thing and start cooking, the Packers were nothing but cheese gumbo. The Saints have now reclaimed the NFC South and snapped the Packers 4 game winning streak. R-E-L-A-X GB fans, Aaron said that you guys are in good hands, but you really weren't for this game.  Cool Brees is back with 311yds & 3 TDs. M. Ingram had 24 carries for 172yds & 1 TD. B. Cooks had 6 receptions for 94yds & 1 TD. J. Graham had 1 TD. A. Rodgers threw for 418yds, 1 TD & 2 ints. and I do believe he was sacked 4x, ouch. E. Lacy had 13 carries for 59yds & R. Cobb had 5 receptions for 126yds & 1 TD.


This is where the plaster starts to crack for the panthers, prowling around in the win column, not a worry in the world and then you get the air knocked out of you. Read about their 13-9 loss to the Seahawks in that update.


1-6, I know somebody sharing the hurt with me. Another tough one dropped in their lost to the Vikings, 19-13 with a fumble in OT. SMH. 


The Falcons falls victim to the Lions 22-21, with one of the biggest comebacks of the season. Read

about it in Detroit's update.


Trouble in Champ Camp, even though the Seahawks pulled this one out and beat the Panthers 13-9, word on the street is that there is no love for Lynch with the Seahawks anymore. He is so arrogant, he wins one ring and he thinks he's Walter Payton or Emmitt Smith.  He has a lot to learn. What's up with Richard Sherman? You don't hear that mouth rambling much right now. lol. Funny how losing can quite the biggest mouths in sports, period.  Nope, it wasn't a beat down but it was the 3rd straight year Wilson has brought the Seahawks back from a 2nd half deficit to beat the Panthers on this same field in the previous two seasons. It don't take much to break down the Panthers. I wonder will this loss have a domino effect on the rest of their season. I know, I'm talking like my BEARS are 8-0 but I know what I'm working with, I'm just saying.  The Panthers had this one up until the last 47 seconds of the game when Russell hit Luke Willson for a 23yd TD pass, lights out, game over. I think the falling Seahawks needed this more for mental stability than anything else. R. Wilson threw for 199yds, 1 TD & 1 int. M. Lynch had 14 carries for 62yds & D. Baldwin had 6 receptions for 61yds. C. Newton threw for 171yds & 1 int. J. Stewart had 16 carries for 79yds & K. Benjamin had 4 receptions for 94yds.


The 49'ers had a bye week, we will see them this weekend.


My how games fly by when you're winning.  I think it's safe to say the Cardinals got this division sewed up. They added another one in the W column with their 24-20 win over the Eagles. I did want to check that one out but I was busy watching my BEARS, do what they do, don't make me say it people, you know what I'm trying to say. The Winning TD was a 75yd TD pass to rookie John Brown from C. Palmer with 1:21 left to play in the game. This was a match-up of two of the NFL's four remaining 1 loss teams on Sunday. That's one reason I wanted to see it, plus I got a crush on L. Fitzgerald. The Eagles probably were on the sidelines, yeah, we got this, 7-1 baby, we are on the way and then Palmer launches an almost 100yd pass to a rookie, who I can guarantee you was saying to himself, "Please god, if you let me catch this one, I will never ask for another thing."  You know he did, and you know he caught it. Good for you Rookie but bad for the Eagles.  C. Palmer threw for 329yds & 2 TDs. A. Ellington had 23 carries for 71yds, 1 TD & 1 fumble. L. Fitzgerald had 7 receptions for 160yds & 1 TD. Again, rookie John Brown had the biggest receptions of the day, a 75yd TD pass. N. Foles threw for a whopping 411yds, 2 TDs & 2 ints. L. McCoy had 21 carries for 83yds and J. Maclin had 12 receptions for 187yds & 2 TDs. Not bad Mac.


The Rams loss to the Chiefs, 34-7.  Read about that slaughter in Kansas City's update.



I didn't see the Bengals beating the Ravens 27-24. Something about a 1yd sneak  at the end of the game by Andy Dalton that got the job done. As I said, it's been a lot of trickery in the NFL this year. Dalton more than made up for his 2, 4th Qtr turnovers by scoring with 57 seconds left in the game. It changed the AFC North's pecking order with the Bengals in 1st place. It was the first TD that the Ravens had allowed in the final 2 minutes of a game this season. Joe Flacco did give it the ole college try with a throw to Steve Smith, who went 80yds for an apparent TD with 32 seconds left. Smith was called for pushing off on George Iloka to get open, nullifying the play. With that, the Bengals had their first series sweep of the Ravens since 2009. A. Dalton threw for 266yds & 1 int. G. Bernard had 16 carries for 45yds & 1 TD. M. Sanu had 5 receptions for 125yds. J. Flacco threw for 295ys & 2 ints. J. Forsett had 17 carries for 68yds. Another game won by seconds....


Baltimore Ravens caged by the Bengals, 27-24. Read the Bengals update to get the 411.



 There’s a lot of hype going around this win about Big Bens performance in the Steelers win over the Colts, 51-34. To make it short and simple I added a snip it from an article I read, check this out. ​ Call it the greatest game by a quarterback in NFL history. There have been 14,315 NFL games, counting those played in the defunct AFL, and arguably no quarterback ever passed the ball so well in so many ways as Ben Roethlisberger did Sunday against the Colts.  Passers have thrown for more yards and more touchdowns, and completed more passes. But, at least statistically, no quarterback has had an overall performance better than Roethlisberger: 40 of 49 for 522 yards, six touchdowns, no interceptions and no sacks. That pretty much says it all. Big Ben got down!! ​

My question is, was it the Steelers that beat the Colts or was it Bumble Bee and his kids? I know I have seen those Halloween costumes before, but they just get uglier each time, it took my mind off the game, I couldn't stop looking at the uniforms. I am sure that the Colts were a bit distracted as well, how could you play with big, giant bees coming at you? This was Big Ben's 100th victory in his 150th start. Tomlin probably got in Ben's head, he kept telling him how great a QB Luck was. By the end of this game, it was Luck who? Tomlin said that Ben would not admit it, but he is sure it got under his skin. This also broke a 5 game winning streak for the Colts. The 907yds combined yards passing by the two QB's were the second most ever, trailing only the 971yds Detroit and Green Bay put up on Jan 1, 2012.  A. Roethlisberger threw for 522yds & 6 TDs, no sacks, no ints. L. Bell had 24 carries for 92yds. A. Brown had 10 receptions for 133yds & 2 TDs. A. Luck threw for 400yds, 3 TDs & 2 ints. A. Bradshaw had 6 receptions for 35yds & 1 TD. T. Hilton had 6 receptions for 155yds & 1 TD.


Surprise, surprise, surprise. The Brown beat the Raiders, 23-13. Ok, it's not a surprise but they did win, improving them to a 4-3 record so far. They said that the Browns win was a struggle but they did it. B. Hoyer said that nobody cares who gets the credit, as long as they win the game. Hoyer's win this week quieted the calls for rookie Johnny Football for another week.  Johnny Football, really, SMH. The Raiders have not won since Nov., 17, 2013, at Houston.  Did I put that in last week?  Oh well, if I did, you know for sure now. Cleveland is 4-3 for the first time since 2007.  B. Hoyer threw for 275yds & 1 TD. B. Tate had 15 carries for 26yds & 1 TD. A. Hawkins had 7 receptions for 88yds & 1 TD. D. Carr threw for 328yds & 1 TD. D. McFadden had 12 carries for 59yds & 1 COSTLY fumble. M. Rivera, had 7 receptions for 83yds.



I'm not going to open up this wound too much in this update. Yep, Patriots beat the BEARS like they stole something, 51-23. Read the BEARS update for this sad story.


It's so funny, same story, different week for the Jets in the NFL. They fell to the Buffalo Bills 43-23. Again, down by 20+ pts and Vick is sent in to save the day. Nope, it didn't happen, made no difference, again.  Read the story in the Bills update. I am sure Joe Namath is just throwing up watching these guys, week in, week out. Geno has gotten to the point where if he is not playing, he's sitting on the bench crying like a 3 year old who lost his sucker. Man up dude, it's only gets worse before it gets better.  Update: Vick will start on Sunday against the K.C.


The Dolphins got a big win for morale and the win column in taking down the Jacksonville Jaguars, 27-13.  They are saying that QB Bortles mistakes helped the Dolphins.  He had 2 ints. that lead to 2 TDs. The Dolphins didn't even feel good about this win. It's like they didn't even earn it, the won, based on the mistakes of the other team, not because of their effective playing.  Ryan Tannehill said they his team, including himself, did not play up to their own standards and they have to correct that. That's because your team sucks Tannehill.  They played just as flat as always against the Jags and still came up with the win. But, say it with me people, a win is a win.  Nope, didn't see it but, reading is fundamental as well as informative, and that's where I get most of my info. I do add a little flair myself to keep you guys reading. The Jaguars dominated the first half, but trailed 10-3 at the break because of a slew of mistakes. Bortles became the first QB since the N.Y. Jets Geno Smith last year to have two picks returned for TDs in the same game. Smith did it against the Bengals, also in week 8. B. Bortles, as always admitted his mistakes. He simply said, "I'm killing us, I've got to try to eliminate different things & get better." Good luck Bortles, I am rooting for you.  R. Tannehill threw for 196yds, 1 TD & 1 int. L. Miller had 14 carries for 78yds and M. Wallace had 2 receptions for 59yds. B. Bortles threw for 221yds, 1 TD & 2 ints. D. Robinson had 18 carries for 108yds and A. Robinson had 5 receptions for 82yds & 1 TD.


The Bills keep winning.  They are right behind the Saints now in the AFC East. They ran over the N.Y. Jets, 43-23.  Kyle Orton threw 4 TDs and the Bills forced 6 turnovers, 3 each by Smith & Vick. Orton had a career high with his 4 TD passes, and won for the 3rd time in 4 games since replacing EJ Manuel as the starting QB for the Bills. The Jets have lost 7 in a row for the first time since 2005, in Herm Edwards final season as coach. Coach Rex Ryan, and he is a fire cracker, said, "Let me tell you, I'm getting sick and tired of the losing, that's for sure." I would almost bet my next mortgage payment that those were NOT the exact words, lol. OK, here's the funny part, they said that Smith had x-rays on his right shoulder after the game, but did not immediately announce the results.  The injury was not believed to have affected Smith's performance. Really, he suck's, a hard hit may have helped him. Percy Harvin played but as you can see, it was not a game changer. K. Orton threw for 238yds & 4 TDs. S. Watkins had 3 receptions for 157yds & 1 TD. M. Vick threw for 153yds & 1 int. he also had 8 carries for 69yds & 2 fumbles. I'll take Vick over Smith anytime. J. Amaro had 5 receptions for 51yds.



YESSS, somebody else got blindsided. The Colts shared the beat down of the week with the BEARS with their 51-34 loss to the Steelers. My question is, were the Colts beaten by the Steelers or attacked by bumble bees?  I'm just saying. Read the Steelers update to find the answer.


Well, this is not a shocker, Titans lose to the Texans, 30-16. What else is new?  Read about it in the Texans update.


Read about the 7th loss of the season to the Dolphins 27-13 in that update.


Well, no news flash here.  Texans pimp slap the Titans around 30-16 like they owed them some money.  I am sure nobody else was expecting anything differently. I see Arian Foster had his day in the sun with 151 rushing yards & 2 TDs. Watts took down first time starter and rookie Zach Mettenberger twice in this game. Welcome to the NFL Zack. This is the silly part of the game. JJ Watt apparently felt that the rookie QB was not serious about the game and said if he was a rookie playing in his first game, he wouldn't be taking a selfie.  Really JJ, you are all over the tv dancing, having fun and making a couple of extra bucks.  Does anyone question whether you are serious or not about the game?  Why you mad JJ?  Zack was excited about his first game.  Who are you to decide if he was serious about the game or not? Because he took a selfie before the game, he wasn't serious?  Are you worried that another NFL player will steal the spotlight from you?  Grow up dude. R. Fitzpatrick threw for 227yds & 1 TD. A. Foster had 20 carries for 151yds & 2 TDs. D. Hopkins had 5 receptions for 95yds. Watt was somewhere worrying about someone taking a selfie before the game, smh. Z. Mettenberger threw for 299yds, 2 TDs & 1 int. N. Washington had 4 receptions for 68yds.


Read about the continued take down of yet another team in the 35-21 victory over the Chargers. It's all in the MNF update.


Jamaal Charles cut through the Rams like butter on a pair of TD runs.  Knile Davis returned a kickoff 99yds for another score. To add insult to injury in this 34-7 loss to the Chiefs, Rams QB Austin Davis was sacked 7 times.  What more do you really need to know in this update but the stats?  Alex Smith threw for 226yds. J. Charles had 13 carries for 73yds & 2 TDs. D. Bowe had 6 receptions for 64yds. A. Davis, probably black & blue at this point, threw for 160yds, 1 TD & 1 int. and again, sacked 7 times. K. Britt had 2 receptions for 52yds.


Read about their beat down by the Broncos, 35-21 in the MNF update.


The Raiders drop another one, 23-13 to the Browns. Read that expected outcome in the Browns update.  Man, it's gotta be lonely at the veryyyy bottom.

**So, who is most likely to overtake Peyton’s ultimate record? A little something I ran into online. I would say Brees or Rodgers. I think Brady is too beat up to make it.  Manning says Rodgers, ESPN said Brees.  Who do you think can take it over?**

*1. Andrew Luck 
TD total: 
65 at age 25
Percent chance: 18.8%

Andrew Luck is the future of the NFL. Once a No. 1 overall pick, Luck is looking like a young Peyton Manning, playing for the same Colts squad and leading them to the playoffs. After only throwing 23 touchdowns in each of his first two seasons, Luck is on pace for 43.4 touchdowns this year. 

How To Pass Peyton: If Luck can maintain a 35-passing touchdown per year pace or better, he will likely need to start until around the age of 38 to pass Peyton—or longer if Manning plays past the age of 40.

*2. Drew Brees
TD total:
 374 at age 35
Percent chance: 16.5% 

Like Manning, Brees consistently puts up huge passing numbers in Sean Payton’s offense. Also like Manning, Brees is no spring chicken. Brees is essentially 3.5 years behind Peyton in terms of passing touchdown pace, but only three years behind him in age and two years behind him in seasons played. 

How To Pass Peyton: If Brees can maintain or increase his close to 40-passing touchdown per year pace and he is able to play about a season longer than Peyton, Brees will have a chance to bring home the record himself. That means if Peyton plays until he is 40, Brees will likely have to play and perform at a high level until he is at least 41.

*3. Matthew Stafford
TD total:
 118 at age 26
Percent chance: 8.0%

Another young gun in a pass-heavy offense, Stafford is a little behind the Manning pace due to injuries in his first two seasons. Remember that Manning never missed a game with the exception of the entire 2011 season. Having started playing at the age of 21, though, Stafford has the potential to play for a very long time. Despite being on pace for just 20 touchdowns this season, Stafford has averaged 30 passing touchdowns per year recently and is the unquestioned franchise quarterback of the Detroit Lions.

How To Pass Peyton: Stafford’s best bet is for Manning to retire ASAP, but if he can return to his 41-touchdown 2011 form, he would have a shot at breaking Manning’s record around the age of 40. 

*4. Aaron Rodgers
TD total:
 206 at age 31
Percent chance: 6.7% 

Like Stafford, Rodgers missed significant time in his career due to injury. He also did not start in the NFL until he was 25—three years into his career. Rodgers is without a doubt one of the most talented quarterbacks in the league, and he’s on pace to have his third season with at least 39 touchdown passes in the last four years. Unrelated, Rodgers also rarely throws interceptions—he has thrown more than 10 just twice in his career.

How To Pass Peyton: If Rodgers throws 40 touchdowns per year and plays until he is 39, he would end up with around 550 total touchdowns. That means, like many others, he would either need Peyton to retire in the next year-and-a-half or Rodgers would need to play well into his 40s.

*5. Tom Brady
TD total:
 372 at age 37
Percent chance: 5.2%

The most common debate in modern football: who is the better quarterback, Tom Brady or Peyton Manning? You already know my opinion, despite Bradys three Super Bowl rings. Brady has been a pinnacle of good health like Manning, missing significant time only in 2008 during the Matt Cassel spectacle. While he sat behind Drew Bledsoe in his first season, Brady has put up numbers consistently throughout his career. Brady is on pace for close to 30 touchdowns in 2014, which is right around his average in recent seasons. Only one year younger than Manning, does Brady have an outside chance at the record?

How To Pass Peyton: Unless he puts up numbers like the 2007 undefeated, 50-touchdown season, Brady essentially needs Manning to retire in the next year and would have to throw his 30 touchdowns for another five seasons. That means Brady would have to produce at the same level until he was around 42 years old. If Manning plays until he is 42, Brady would likely need to start until he was 45!

Is anyone likely to break Peyton Manning’s eventual passing touchdown record? No. Is it doable? Yes. It just might take a little Luck, that’s all. 






Peyton Manning



Brett Favre



Dan Marino



Drew Brees



Tom Brady


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NFL Update Week 7

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Week 7 is over and it's been an event of a few more upsets, more records broken and just good ole NFL football.  Jacksonville got their first win of the season. I don't know about anybody else, but I am so glad that it was not my team that took that one. I read about an interview that Urlacher had and he said something I agree with. "Cutler is NOT an elite QB, he has an elite QB's pay." True DAT Brian, true DAT.

TNF: 10/16/14

​Week 7 was kicked off with the Patriots taking one from the New York Jets on TNF. The score ended, 27-25. I did watch this game and honestly, the Jets had a chance to win this one but failed with at a 2pt. conversion to at least tie it and take it into overtime.  Add on a blocked FG and game over man.  Now, as always, a refs decision or actions are called on the floor a day or two after a game.  DT Chris Jones blocked the Jets kicker Nick Folk's 58yd FG attempt as time expired to seal the Pat's win.  There was the question of the move that one of the refs did when he nudged a Pat's player away from the line of scrimmage just before the kick, that turned into a blocked field goal that cost the Jets the game.  I am NOT going to go deep into this one, you can just look it up under the games recap, too long to add in the blog. Most people are not surprised that this game ended with some form of controversy?  The NFL said that it was standard officiating procedure that occurs regularly.  Nuff said about that.  Word on the street is that Percy Harvin was brought in for Geno Smith. He used the excuse that he had no weapons around him. Let's see what he does now.  One thing I read was that Harvin is a "troubled" "malcontent" whose gym bag has nothing in it but the tent and the circus poles he plans to install in the middle of the One Jets Drive locker room. Hey now, the circus is coming to town. LOL.  T. Brady threw for 261yds & 3 TDs. S. Vereen had 11 carries for 43yds & doing double duty with 5 receptions for 71yds & 2 TDs. G. Smith threw for 226yds & 1 TD. C. Ivory had 21 carries for 107yds & 1 TD. E. Decker had 4 receptions for 65yds.


​MNF: 10/20/14


​You never know what you are going to get on MNF.  Well guess what, the Steelers showed up to play.  I was just watching a documentary on the 1976 & 1978 Steelers and mannn, I miss that kind of FB from the Steelers. Well, apparently the Steelers watched it too and played some good ole Pittsburgh Steelers football and brought down the Texans, 30-23.  The Texan made a lot of mistakes on the field and sadly JJ Watt did not get a chance to do his "nay-nay" dance in the end zone this time. I really enjoyed watching this game.  JJ did show up, he had his 3rd sack of the season & recovered a fumble, but not to the extent that the Texan fans had hoped for. The 3 turnovers that the Texans made had a lot to do with their demise. You really had to see this game to appreciate it. ​
​Big Ben threw for 265yds & 2 TDs. L. Bell had 12 carries for 57yds & A. Brown had 9 receptions for 90yds. R. Fitzpatrick, who looks like a real Viking by the way with the bear & mustache, threw for 262yds, 2 TDs & 1 int. A foster had 20 carries for 102yds, but added a fumble. D. Hopkins had 6 receptions for 108yds & you guessed it, 1 fumble. ​

Why you treat me so bad, why you treat me so bad?  My BEARS know I love them, loyal to the end but these roller coaster rides are killing me. We dropped another one, 27-14 to the Dolphins.  To make the lost even worse, we loss Kyle Fuller to a hip injury and a broken hand.  I going to keep this short and go with the words of Brandon Marshall, a 3-4 start is UNACCEPTABLE, that's it, that's all. Dan Hampton said that Marc T., needs to stop with the "getting in touch with your inner feelings and being friends and coach his team or he will lose them." I so agree with that. I can't stomach to listen to either him or Cutler anymore. Like I told you, Cutler is singing "easy money" every time he comes to work. You got Tannehill looking like Dan Marion and that he surely is not. He was flat footed on the field and did nothing spectacular but he got the job done. Even with 277yds & 2 TDs, it just wasn't exciting to watch him, I mean everrr.  Cutler, did his usual thing, at least 1 int. Every time he has thrown an int. in a game, we lose.  I know it's not all on Cutler, well, most of the time it is.  But, he is the leader of the pack, show some fire, get pissed, say something other than, we are making some mistakes, I don't know what it is but we have to fix it. Ya think?  Cutler, you sound about as clueless as the captain of the Titanic!!  R. Tannehill threw for 277yds & 2 TDs. L. Miller had 18 carries for 61yds & 1 TD. C. Clay had 4 receptions for 58yds & 1 TD. Cutler threw for 190yds, 1 TD and his favorite stat, 1 int. M. Forte had 12 carries for 49yds & 1 TD & being the player he is, added 6 receptions for 60yds & 1 more TD.

Yeah, yeah, heard it all before, lol. Packers beat the Panthers, 38-17. As usual, Aaron Rodgers near-perfect in win over Panthers and my personal favorite, Rodgers connects with Jordy Nelson for 59yd TD. Same lines every week, just different teams and numbers, kinda like, fill in the blanks.  This was Rodgers 6th straight game without an interception. The Panthers had only run six plays by the time the Packers scored their 3rd TD.  Carolina grew more frustrated as the deficit grew. LB, Luke Kuechly was ejected late in the 3rd Qtr. Not sure what he did, but he was out of there.  After all was said and done, the Ketchup stain on Cobb's jersey after jumping into the ledge with the GB Fans after his TD, was about the only stain on the Packers spotless game. The game was pretty much over going into half time with a 28-3 score. Sorry Panthers fans I totally know this feeling. Newton is confident the Panthers will pick up the pieces and come together.  A. Rodgers threw for 255yds & 3 TDs. E. Lacy had 12 carries for 63yds & 1 TD. R. Cobb had 6 receptions for 121yds, 1 TD & 1 ketchup stain on his jersey. C. Newton threw for 205yds, 1 TD & 1 int. J. Stewart had 13 carries for 50yds & G. Olsen had 8 receptions for 105yds, another former BEAR player doing his thing elsewhere.

OK, I am not going to lie, I was celebrating a Lions lost since the Packers clearly were going to win their game and BAM, out of nowhere a miracle happened and the Lions pulled this one out from under the Saints, 24-23. The Lions were outscored going into halftime with the score 10-3.  I Guess they decided that they were ready to roar and put out a 21-13 second half.  For starters, with 3:38 left in the 4th Qtr, Golden Tate pulled in a 73yd catch & run from Starfford which made the score 23-17.  Then, putting the hammer down with 1:48 left in the game, Corey Fuller catches a 5yd TD pass from Stafford, which was the game winning TD and the party was over for the Saints. All I can say is whateverrr, lol.  M. Stafford threw for 299yds, 2 TDs & 2 ints., and still won it. J. Bell had 18 carries for 48yds & 1 TD. G. Tate had 10 receptions for 154yds & 1 TD. D. Brees threw for 342yds, 2 TDs & 1 int. M. Colston had 6 receptions for 111yds.

Boy, I know the Vikings have got to be thinking, when it rain, it pours. I thought they would win this one but it turned out to be no different than last week. They got dropped by the Bills, 17-16. That's gotta hurt, so close but yet so far. Seems like Kyle Orton is holding it down, at least every other game. Kyle hit Sammy Watkins on a 2yd TD for the win with 1 second left in the game and stunned the Vikings. Man, now that's an upset, you literally had the game and lost it in 1 second. That sucks man, for any team. Kyle Orton threw for 283yds, 2 TDs & 1 int. C. Spiller had 1 carry for 53yds, he made that count. S. Watkins had 9 receptions for 22yds & 2 TD. T. Bridgewater threw for 157yds, 1 TD & 2 ints. J. McKinnon  had 19 carries for 103yds & G. Jennings had 6 receptions for 77yds. Thanks Vikings, somebody else is losing besides my BEARS in the NFC North.
They did not play, but I am sure they saw with the Cowboys did.
The wins keep on coming in Dallas. They took down the Giants, 31-21 This was a pretty good, no, damm good game. T.R. had 3 TDs.  DeMarco Murray broke Jim Brown's, 56-year old NFL records with his 7th straight 100yd rushing game to start a season and he is the NFL rushing leader with 913yds and counting. This is quite a record going for Murray.  Emmitt Smith & Tony Dorsett never put together 7 consecutive 100yd rushing games at any point during an NFL season. Add to that Eric Dickerson, Franco Harris or Marshall Faulk. But they say that Murray has to keep stringing those 100yd games together and keep the Cowboys on track on the road to the Super Bowl.  You got your work cut out Murray.  To make the pie even sweeter, the Cowboys won their 6th straight game. Talking about the stars being aligned in your favor, I think the universe is in their favor right now. Last year they ended 8-8, looks like they have put that behind them and making it for it as well.  It was an even game going into half time with the score 14 all, but the Cowboys would have the last say in this one. In the meantime the Giants are on a 2 game skid after winning 3 in a row. I think it's safe to say that the Giant's are missing Victor Cruz.  Bryant had his TD taken away, it was a "stretch" to get that TD and it did not work. T. Romo threw for 279yds, 3 TDs & 1 int. D. Murray had 28 carries for 128yds and 1 TD and he broke a 56 year old NFL record. D. Bryant had 9 receptions for 151yds. E. Manning threw for 248yds & 3 TDs. A. Williams had 18 carries for 51yds & L. Donnell had 7 receptions for 90yds & 2 fumbles.
Sadly, we know this story. Read about their 31-21 lost to the Cowboys in that update. Go ahead, just look up one spot. This loss to the Cowboys means their playoff hopes may be done. I know, I don't need nobody telling me that my BEARS are in the same boat. :o(
The Redskins managed to win this one, 19-17 against the Titans. Kai Forbath kicked a 22yd FG on the last play of the game and Colt McCoy stepped in after Kirk Cousins was benched at halftime Sunday to lead the Redskins to a win. Simple as that, nothing extraordinary or out of the regular. Kirk went out with his 10th & 11th turnover of the season. Nope, didn't see it and didn't want to, lol. It's been 2 years since McCoy played and he was thankful for the chance. K. Cousins threw for 139yds & 1 int. P. Garcon had 5 receptions for 87yds & 1 TD. C. Whitehurst threw for 160yds, 2 TDs & 1 int. B. Sankey had 16 carries for 56yds. K. Wright had 6 receptions for 68yds & 1 TD.
Read about the last minute take away by the Detroit Lions to give the Saints their 2-4 start. Wow, I bet they are trippingggg. Check it out in the Lions update.
All the Panthers had to do is ask somebody and they would have told them about the foreseeable loss to the Packers, 38-17.  Want to read more?  You already did in the Packers update.

They did not play.  IF they did, would it have made a difference? I'm just saying.


I bet you any amount of money that Hester would take being on the Bears instead of ATL right about now. I still hate that he's gone. Back down memory lane. So, to tie this one up, just read the update for the Ravens and their 29-7 slap down of the Falcons. Adios.
I told them early in the season, just because you win the Superbowl the season before, it's not an auto win season. They are still pretty lost as this point, wondering where it all went wrong. They probably thought they had this in the win column when the Rams' used a fake punt for the last of three big plays by the Rams special teams in their 28-26 stunner over the Seahawks.  The Rams weren't surprised, they said they've been practicing that play for a long time and it worked like a charm.  That had to be in slow motion where the Seahawks can see it about to happen but can't register their mind quick enough to try and stop it.  I know it's close to Halloween and the Rams pulled a few tricks out of their helmets. I particularly like the one when the Seahawks was expecting one guy to catch the punt and Stedman Bailey got it instead and had a 90yd TD. Sweettt!! RELAX Seattle, there's still time but the first thing you need to do is find the chemistry that you had last year. I think you guys have figured it out by now that ain't nobody shaking in their boots when the Seahawks take the field. They don't think about you winning the Superbowl last year, they think about how they are going to win it this year.  I'm just saying, it's not like I want you to win the SB again or anything, my BEARS got that wrapped up, LMAO.  Hey, you gotta have FAITH!!! A. Davis threw for 155yds & 2 TDs. T. Mason had 18 carries for 85yds & 1 TD. B. Cunningham had 5 receptions for 45yds & 1 TD. R. Wilson threw for 313yds & 2 TDs. Again, R. Wilson had 7 carries for 106yds & 1 TD. He did all he could to win this one, SMH. D. Baldwin had 7 receptions for 123yds & 1 TD.
Man, did anybody get the license plate of the truck that ran over and smashed the 49'ers. I think it was Orange and Blue. Read about how the Broncos, scrambled the 49'ers like a Rubik's Cube and they couldn't get themselves back together. It's all in Denver's update, 42-17, nothing nice. 
You already know, but I'm going to tell you anyway. The Cardinals, as predicted put the smack down on Oakland, 24-13.  In saying that, who hasn't?  They still have not won one game this season and it ain't looking like they will. This marks the Raiders 12th straight loss. Carlson Palmer came back to play against his former team and stated that he loved playing there when he was wearing the silver & black but it's even sweeter to come back as an opponent and win.  It wasn't a big fancy win, but it was a win. The Cardinals went into halftime with a 14-10 lead and the Raiders never regrouped after that. The Raiders are off to their worst start to a season since losing their first 13 games in 1962. Well, at least the players are getting paid, it's gotta be something positive you can say about the season so far, getting paid is all I can think of.  Safety Charles Woodson said, "How much worse can it get than not winning a game?" Uuhhh, Charles, try not winning any games at all one all season, I am pretty sure that would be worse.  Carlson Palmer threw for 253yds, 2 TDs & 1 int. A. Ellington had 24 carries for 88yds & even more with 6 receptions for 72yds. D. Carr threw for 173yds, who is D. Carr? D. McFadden had 14 carries for 48yds & 1 TD. B. Butler had 1 reception for 55yds.
I kinda went backwards and did the whole write up on the Rams 28-26 stunner over the Seahawks in that update. Read it there. 
What time is it?  Shut out time! Yep, the Bengals were shut out by the Indy Colts, 27-0, read about it in that update.
Ravens beat down the Falcons 29-7. For the 5th time this season, the Falcons have had their wings clipped and been grounded. It was an easy undertaking for the Ravens who have been doing well after a little shabby start in the season. It was a sack party for the Ravens and Elvis Dumervil & Pernell McPhee each had 2, that along with a dominant defensive performance put this game in the bag for the Ravens. Baltimore allowed only 4 1st downs in the first half, had a total of 5 sacks and had a shutout going over the first 52 minutes. The Falcons dodged their first shutout loss since Dec., 2004 when Ryan connect with Roddy White for a 4yd TD with 7:12 remaining to make it 20-7.  It was ATL's first 4th Qtr score in 5 games. Well, look at the bright side Falcons, at least you were not shut out. I have no other comfort to add, lol.  I did not see this one, only because I was watching another game. Like I said, I would love another TV on my wall to catch at least 6 games every Sunday. J. Flacco threw for 258yds, 2 TDS & 2 ints. J. Forsett had 23 carries for 95yds & T. Smith brought up the end with 3 receptions for 81yds & 1 TD. M. Ryan threw for 228yds & 1 TD. R. White had 9 receptions for 100yds & 1 TD.
Read about their statement game of the season when they took down the Houston Texans, 30-23 on MNF. Prime Time baby.
Read about the unfortunate victims to the Jaguars, giving them their first win of the season, 24-6. Check out the Jaguars update.
Read about the  "skin of their teeth" win over the losing N.Y. Jets, 27-15 in the TNF update.
I won't go into overkill on this one where the Dolphins beat the BEARS, 27-14. Just go on up to the BEARS update and check it out.

Down and out once again, Geno and the Jets couldn't pull this one out against the Patriots and this time, they really had a chance to.  Check it out in the TNF update.

Well thank goodness the Bills beat the Vikings, 17-16. At least another NFC North team lost Sunday. Check it out in the Vikings update.
Guess whose creeping up in the win column, yep, the Colts. This win over the Bengals put them at 5-2, head honchos in the AFC South. The simple answer is that the Colts defense dominated the Bengals, shut them down, no field goals, no TDs. They were efficient with 3 sacks on Dalton, with a previous league low of 2 in the previous 5 games they played. The Bengals only managed 8 plays in the Colts territory and only 8 first downs. They were down 17-0 going into the 4th Qtr and would not recover. It was Indy's first shut out since beating Tennessee in the final game of the 2008 season. Looks like there's a new contender for the ring this year. A. Luck threw for 344yds & 2 TDs. T. Richardson had 14 carries for 77yds & T. Hilton had 7 receptions for 107yds. A. Daltion had, and yes, no typo, 126yds. G. Bernard had 7 carries for 17yds, is this stat even real, that's crazy. M. Sanu who almost surpassed Dalton with 3 receptions for 54yds. SMH

Read about their near miss for a win with the 19-17 loss to the Redskins in that update.

Happy days are here again! The Jaguars got their very first win of the season over the Cleveland Browns, 24-6.  I would NOT want to be the team that the Jaguars beat, but you knew it was coming.  Yes, the Jaguars snapped a 9 game losing streak and did it in a matter of fact way.  The mascot was so happy, he dived into one of the pools at Everbank Field, everybody just celebrating. They said the defense came up big in the red zone. This was their first win since beating Houston on Dec., 15, 2013. Man, almost 1 whole year before a win, that's just crazy.  On this day, the Browns would settle for 2 field goals and that would be all they could muster. The Brown, who came into the game with the league's 3rd best rushing attack, was held in check most of the day. See how stuff just happens. I am sure the Browns did NOT see this one coming. Happy 1st win Jaguars. B. Bortles threw for 159yds, 1 TD & 3 ints. D. Robinson had 22 carries for 127yds & 1 TD. A. Robinson had 4 receptions for 60yds & 1 TD. B. Hoyer threw for 215yds & 1 int. A. Hawkins had 5 receptions for 112yds.

Read about their 30-23 lost to the Steelers on MNF. The truth of the matter is that there was nothing the Texans could do to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers that night. They were clearly on a mission.  Check it out in the MNF update.
I been waiting all day for Sunday Night!!! This was the game, rightttt here. Peyton Manning toyed with the 49'ers and broke the all time passing TD record, knocking Brett Favre off the top of the heap in the beat down of  San Francisco, 42-17. I was really anxious to see this game. For one, I love Peyton, I knew the cheap Chicago Bears organization would not pay for him to come here. I have been a fan since he stepped into the league. Once again, he showed why he has so many people that love watching him work his magic. But what made the whole night worth it, IT WAS A GOOD GAME.  I know the score doesn't reflect that and SF certainly doesn't think so, but it was. He hit Demaryius Thomas late in the 2nd Qtr to surpass Brett's record. His receivers played keep-away with the ball for a bit. The 49'ers were playing without several key starters and you could tell, I don't think they've been beat like that in a minute. They missed tackles, allowed 6 sacks, dropped 4 passes and had a couple of costly overthrown balls.  The 49'ers did very little right on this day. Don't feel bad SF, I don't think anybody could have beat the Broncos on this night.  P. Manning threw for 318yds & 4 TDs and an NFL 510 TDs. R. Hillman had 14 carries for 74yds & 2 TDs. D. Thomas had 8 receptions for 171yds & 2 TDs. C. Kaepernick threw for 263yds, 1 TD & 1 int. S. Johnson had 5 receptions for 79yds & 1 TD.  Peyton Manning also has the most games in NFL history with 4-plus TD passes thrown (33).


The Chiefs said, enough is enough and they pulled one out of the bag on the Chargers with a 23-20 win. Not only did they win the game, they snapped the Charger's 5 game winning streak. With 21 seconds left in the game, Cairo Santos kicked a 48yd FG to steal the game away from the Chargers. I hate losing in the last seconds, I'd rather get beat and be done than have the game in my hands only to lose it with as little as 1-2 seconds on the clock, that happened this week as well. I always say, you gotta watch any team that is 1-4 or 0-6, those are the ones that will take the big boys down, you know I ain't lying. Shake it off Rivers, you know you guys are facing Denver on TNF to kick off Week 8. Good luck with that, lol. A. Smith threw for 221yds & 1 TD. J. Charles had 22 carries for 95yds & 1 TD. D. Bowe had 5 receptions for 84yds. P. Rivers threw for 205yds, 2 TDs & 1 int. B. Oliver had 15 carries for 66yds & A. Gates had 3 receptions for 61yds & 1 TD.

Take a look up about, 3" give or take and read about the slim 23-20 loss to the Chiefs in that update.

So what did you think I was going to write this week?  The Raider went on to stay the only win less team in the NFL this season. They lost to the Arizona Cardinals, 24-13. Read about it in the Cardinals update.


​Hey everybody, I thought this would be a nice read, if you have time. At least my BEARS are in the top 10, they haven't fallen to far down the list. The Cowboys have been dethroned as America's Team. 

NEW YORK , N.Y. - October 14, 2014 - The 2014-2015 football season is in full swing, and while off-field stories have been occupying as much of the news cycle as on-field drama, that doesn't seem to be detracting from interest in the sport overall. Viewership has been up for the season so far, and the majority of U.S. adults (55%, up slightly from 54% last year) continue to say that they follow professional football. A few of them may have changed which team they're following most closely though, as the Dallas Cowboys have dropped to the #4 spot this year, after spending six years as the favorite team of adults who follow professional football.

At  the top of the list are the Denver Broncos, moving up two spots. They're followed by the N.Y. Giants (who have moved up two spots to 2nd ) and the Green Bay Packers (who dropped one spot to 3rd). Rounding out the top five favorite football teams are the Dallas Cowboys in 4th and thePittsburgh Steelers, up two spots from 7th to 5th.

These are some of the results of The Harris Poll® of 2,543 adults (1,275 of whom follow professional football) surveyed online between September 10-17, 2014.

The Seattle Seahawks moved up six spots to the 6th position on the list. The San Francisco 49ers have risen one spot to 7th, while the New England Patriots have dropped three spots to 8th. Completing the top ten are the Chicago Bears, falling three spots to 9th, and the New Orleans Saints, rising one spot to 10th.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are at the bottom of the list for the fifth year running, though at least this time around they're not alone - they share the spot with the Tennessee Titans this year.


Sitting at the top of the mountain is Barry Sanders, who rushed for 100 yards in 14 consecutive games in 1997 on the way to a 2,000-yard season for Detroit.

Chris Johnson compiled a 12-game streak for the Tennessee Titans at the close of the 2009 season and start of 2010.

Marcus Allen reeled off 11 100s in a row for the Raiders at the close of the 1985 season and the start of 1986.

Walter Payton strung together nine consecutive 100-yard games for the Chicago Bears in 1985 on the way to the Super Bowl.

LaDainian Tomlinson also put together a nine-game streak for the San Diego Chargers in 2006.



GO BEARS ! ! !
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NFL Update Week 6

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SNAP, CRACKLE & POP.  There has been a lot of that going around these last few weeks.  I put a small list together on a few guys. For some, it was a season ending injury. C'mon Mannnn, Joseph Randle, a running back with the Dallas Cowboys, who has a $500K contract is arrested at Dillard's for trying to steal a $80 bottle of cologne, a tester bottle at that and $40 worth of underware. REALLY?  This dude really needs to learn how to celebrate.

Update: I heard he will be fined $10K-$15k for the merchandise. They should go ahead and give it to him now. SMH

TNF: 10/9/14


The Colts were breathing a little easier after they got away with this one from the Texans, 33-28. The Colts were scoring in every Qtr until they got to the 4th Qtr where they didn't score anything.  Thank goodness for the 24pt, 1st Qtr, that's what put them ahead to stay and win this one.  A. Luck threw for 370yds, 3 TD's & 1 int. T. Richardson had 17 carries for 41 measly yards, but added 1 TD. Dang, A. Hilton did the do with 9 receptions for 223yds & 1 TD. R. Fitzpatrick threw for 212yds & 1 TD. A. Foster had 20 carries for 109yds & 2 TDs. A. Johnson had 7 receptions for 99yds, 1 TD and 1 fumble.




Slip, slidingggg away. That's about all the Rams could say after their 31-17 loss to the 49'ers.  The Rams had a 14-0 lead going into the 2nd Qtr, which means nothing in football these days.  The 49'ers would allow them 3 more points in the 4th Qtr, a simple FG and then took this one home. I didn't watch this one, Transformers: Age of Extinction, caught my eye this night. What I did see was the Rams with a 14-0 lead going into the 2nd Qtr, then they were done. MNF must be one of Kap's favorite days to play. They are hanging on in the NFC WEST, this is their 3rd straight win.  The 49ers are suddenly magicians now, pulling a trick out on the Rams and just like magic, a win appeared.  C. Kap threw for 343yds and 3 TD's, he got some big boy yards this game. A. Boldin had 7 receptions for 94yds & 1 TD. A. Davis threw for 236yds, 1 TD, 4 ints. & was sacked 5 times. J. Cook had 4 receptions for 74yds.



I did it myyyyy wayyyy.  Cheering, jumping up on this bad knee, having a good ole time Sunday as my Bears caged the Falcons, 27-13.  We are alive and well in the NFC North. So, let me just share some thoughts with you guys from a few of my friends, you might know them.  CBS Sports, Pro-Football talk, NFL.com & ESPN.  I'm sure you have heard of them.  Don't hate, cuz if it's your team, you brag & boast. You guys know I act a fool on MY blog when MY BEARS win.  Why should this one be different? CBS SportsComments:"The Bears should just play all of their games on the road. Thanks to the 27-13 win, Chicago is now 3-1 this season when they're not playing in Chicago."

Pro Football TalkComments:"Missing four linebackers and playing in a usually intimidating road environment, the Bears reached back and delivered one of their strongest performances of the season Sunday in Atlanta."NFL.comComments:"Chicago's pass rush finally woke up because they were playing Atlanta's dreadful line. Meanwhile, the Falcons got no pressure on Jay Cutlerall day. He responded with 381 yards and no turnovers." And my personal favorite and totally agree,ESPN Comments:"Exhale, Bears fans. This season isn't over yet. At 3-3, Chicago is alive. My main worry and it didn't happen? Hester breaking out on us and getting #21. Nobody can steal my thunder this week.J. Cutler threw for 381yds & 1 TD. Anddd, wait for ittttt, NO INTS and NO SACKS. M. Forte had 17 carries for 80yds & 2TDs, go MATTTTT. A. Jeffery had 5 receptions for 136yds, he just amazing to watch. M. Ryan threw for 271yds, 1 TD & 1 int. J. Jones had 4 receptions for 68yds.


The headlines said, "Rodgers works magic in win." I'm just saying, the Dolphins had them down.  Neck and neck through the whole game and A.R. pulls it out, 27-24 win. Aaron threw 42 passes in this game, that's a lot considering he only threw 45 in the previous two games. They said that he pulled a page out of Dan Marino's book, in Miami no less. They said it was a mastery of the QB position on display. Now you know I didn't make that one up. Rodgers faced a lot of pressure & partially as a result of that, had a season-low 57.1 completion percentage. One big reason that the 57.1 rating didn't matter is that on a Vernon and Wake combined sack of Rodgers in the final minutes that caused a fumble, the alert T.J. Lang recovered it and saved what otherwise would have resulted in a Miami win from that Sack. So the real hero for the Packers is T.J. Lang. Share the love Aaron. They say that GB is ranked as the league's worst run defense and that the game was not impressive for the Packers. You know guys, I am sure they could give a fart, a win is a win. There were many opportunities for this game to be won by the Dolphins, but they let it slip away. A. Rodgers threw fro 264yds & 3 TDs. J. Nelson, aka, Money Nelson had 9 receptions for 107yds & 1 TD. R. Tannehill threw for 244yds, 2TDs & 2 ints. L. Miller had 14 carries for 53yds, 1 TD & 1 fumble. J. Landry had 6 receptions for 75yds & 1 TD.


Lions win, they beat the Vikings 17-3. That's no surprise.  For now, it's a tie for first place in the NFC North, but you never know what's coming around the corner. One article said that the Vikings looked like a team unprepared for the game. The offense struggled mightily against Detroit's top-ranked defense. See, I'm fair in my blog, I share the good and the bad I read. I'm just saying. The QB Bridgewater, was not only sacked 8 times, he had a 41.3 QB rating in this loss to the Lions. The Lions are still licking their paws from this slap down. Tahir Whitehead intercepted Bridgewater twice. Let's just say that the 9 day's off took it's toll on an already ailing team. To top it off, Coach Mike Zimmer said that he had to fine a couple more players than usual last week for missing or being late for meetings or treatments.  Six game into his first season, the coach is dealing with undisciplined players. You know what, it's a whole lot of guys who would wear that Vikings uniform and be on time for everything. They don't believe fat meat is greasy do they?  M. Stafford threw for 185yds & 1 TD. J. Bell had 18 carries for 74yds & 1 TD. T. Riddick had 5 receptions for 75yds & 1 TD. T. Bridgewater threw for 188yds & 3 ints.


Read about another blow to the Vikings, 17-3. Thank to the Lions. Read the update above.



The Eagles continued their winning ways when they slayed the Giants 27-0. They shut them down, down to the ground. Y'all like that rhyme don't you, lol. So, now, if you go back to week 3 update I believe it is, when I said that the Giants fans and the media were going a bit overboard because the Giants had won 2 games in a row. Buttttt, noooo, did they listen to me?  Not only was this the first shutout in 18 years, this 27-0 shut-out proves that, they ain't ready Freddy.  Eli only completed 13 of 23 passes and was sacked 6 times in this game, 6, that's more than some QB's get sacked all season.  That's gonna leave a bruise.  Some say he has lost his heart for the game. I wouldn't go that far, he's having one of those seasons that NO player wants to have, especially a QB, but it happens.  The Eagles did more than shut the Giants out, they put an end to their three game winning streak in convincing fashion. From the start to the finish of the games, the Eagles had this one. The Giants just played poorly, yep, saw this one. They played flat, no zest for this game, at least to me. Eli looked confused, I felt bad for him. With the Cruz season ending injury, it just made the day more bleak. Hey, the Eagles wore all black uniforms for the first time in franchise history.  Do you think they knew they would bury the Giant??  I'm just saying. N. Foles threw for 248yds, 2 TDs & 2 ints. L. McCoy had 22 carries for 149yds and R. Cooper had 5 receptions for 59yds. E. Manning threw for 151yds, that's it, that's all. A. Williams had 16 carries for 58yds. R. Randle had 5 receptions for 58yds.


Ok, so, I am not a big Cowboys fan but, I gotta say, the boys were sitting pretty tall in the saddle after their win over the Seahawks, 30-23. It was the shock of the week. I just checked out some footage from the game, Dez Bryant, gave Sherman the business, he couldn't do nothingggg to Dez. He tried to stop him, grabbing around his collar, trying to trip him up, but Dez kept shaking and baking him. I loved it. This was HIS game, all of the athletics have them at one point in their career, more than once if they are lucky. Now, I am sure this shook the Seahawks to the core, so we will see what happens next. During halftime of the Dez show, DeMarco Murray was busy becoming the second running back in NFL history with 6 straight 100yd games to start a season. The hits just keep coming don't they. The Cowboys are on the hills if not pass the Eagles in the NFC East. If the determination for who owns the NFC East was based on Sunday's games, the Cowboys beat the Eagles hands down, no question. Giddy Up! T. Romo threw for 250yds & 2 TDs. D. Murray had 29 carries for 115yds & 1 TD. T. Williams had 2 receptions for 70yds. Dez didn't score, but he beat Sherman in the "whose the man" game this week. R. Wilson threw for 126yds & 1 int. M. Lynch had 10 carries for 61yds. J. Kearse had 34 receptions for 62yds.


Read about their terrible 27-0 shutout vs. the Eagles in that update. 


Read about their expected loss to the Arizona Cardinals, 30-20 in that update. It's all down hill from here for the Redskins.





Carolina got away with a tie this week with the Bengals 37-37. A couple of things happened in this game like RB Giovani Bernard scores a 89yd TD, the 2nd longest in Bengals history.  But, what the Bengals will remember most is Mike Nugent missing a 36yd FG with 2 seconds to go to win the game in OT. So, nobody won, but nobody lost so I guess it's good & bad. That's the first tied game of the season. Did anybody check with McNabb who said that he didn't know a FB could end in a tie, lol.  Cam Newton re-emerged as a dual-threat danger and Any Dalton missed on only one pass in OT, a sack-saving throwaway. They went back and forth and in the end, no one could claim this game. The player's all are saying that they don't really know what it means, me either. C. Newton threw for 284yds, 2 TDs & 1 int. C. Newton had 17 carries for 107yds & 1 TD. Shame to waste all that on a win/lost/who knows game. G. Olsen had 6 receptions for 62yds & 1 TD. A. Dalton threw for 323yds, 2 TDs & 2 ints. G. Bernard had 18 carries for 137yds & 1 TD.


As usual, they were beat down by Baltimore, 48-17.  Read the Ravens update for the 411.


Better them than US! Read about their 27-13 loss to DA BEARS in that update.




If the first lost of the season had them stunned, then this one must feel like a heart attack to the Seahawks with their 30-23 lost to the Cowboys. Mosey on up to the Dallas update and check it out.


The 49ers are starting to pile up some wins. Read about their MNF spanking of the Rams, 31-17, in that update.


I'm flying high, everybody is a love junkie, flying high. I am sure a few folks can figure out what song that lyric is from. That was the Cardinals song for the week, from me.  So, to keep the train moving up the track the Cardinals took down the lowly Washington Redskins and Carson Palmer came back. That's two wins for the Cardinals in one day. I know I said it once and I just got to say it again, I know DeSean Jackson wishes he was still with the Eagles and with that, I'm gonna leave that alone. C. Palmer threw for 250yds & 2 TDs. A. Ellington had 19 carries for 67yds & my future husband, L. Fitzgerald had 6 receptions for 98yds & 1 TD. Hey, maybe he's not, but nobody can steal my dreams. I'm am on the way Larry. lol. K. Cousins threw for 354yds, 2TDs & this may have helped in the lost, 3 ints. D. Jackson had 3 receptions for 115yds & 1 TD.


Another one bites the dust. Read about their 31-17 loss to the 49ers in the MNF update. 



Read about their confusing win/lost/who knows game with the Panthers in that update. They called it a draw at 37-37.


Oh no, not again!  This had to be the thought going through Tampa Bay's mind when the Ravens cut them down to pieces, 48-17. Flacco threw 5 TDs in 16:03, which is now down in the books as the fatest time that any NFL player has thrown for 5 TDs in a game.  Adding to the sureness of the Ravens this game, they scored on their first 6 possession to put this game out of reach early. TB did manage to sack flacco 4x in this game. Had they not, this could have turned out worst than the 56-14 slap down that they got from ATL on Sept. 18. TB was pretty much down & out going into the half with the score, 38-0.  Looks like the Ravens have finally woke up for the 2014-2015 season. I had some doubts in what they were doing in the very start. But they are looking good and are holding down the AFC North with a 4-2 record. All Lovie had to say was "They're a good football team and we're not a good football team, it's as simple as that."  Man, your own coach has no faith, that's colder than a vortex day in Chicago. J. Flacco threw for 306yds  & 5 TDs, fatest in the book @ 16:03. J. Forsett threw for 14 carries for 111yds. S. Smith had 5 receptions for 110yds & 1 TD. M. Glennon threw for 314yds, 2 TDs & 1 int. L. Murphy had 7 receptions for 72yds & 1 TD.


Seems like the Steelers just can't get it together with another lost. Read the details to their 31-10 spanking thanks to the Cleveland Browns in that update. I'm not saying 3-3 is bad, that's where my BEARS are so there is still hope for the 3-3 teams. I hope! lol. I also read that Hines Ward blames the bad season on Big Ben because of the no-offense huddle. Not sure if that's it, I'm just saying.


Looks like the Browns came to throw down today and they did that convincingly against the Steelers, 31-10. This is the only the 3rd time that the Browns have beat Pittsburgh in 23rd games. The last time the Cleveland Browns beat the Steelers was on Nov., 25, 2012 when Hoyer was then a back-up QB for the Steelers. Now he is running the show and lead the Browns to this beat down and a much needed morale win over the Steelers. I gotta say, with the way the Steelers have been playing, I am not surprised at this outcome. This was only Big Ben's second loss in 20 games to the Browns. Cleveland lead by 18 at halftime and never let up or looked back after that. B. Hoyer threw fro 217yds & 1 TD. B. Tate had 25 carries & 2 TDs. J. Cameron had 3 receptons for 102yds & 1 TD. Big Ben threw for  228yds, 1 TD & 1 int. L. Bell had 18 carries for 82yds. A. Brown had 7 receptions for 118yds.



The Patriots made short use of the Bills and sent them home with a 37-22 rout.

Making the bacon and going for some records, Brady had his 60th, 300yd game. He's is the NFL's 5th player with their name on the books for that, anddd he is 2 300yd games shy of matching Brett Favre's total. He also recorded his 16th career game with four or more TDs & no interceptions. People can say what they want, Tom might be done after this season, but he getting it all in before he goes and everyone will know he was here.  The Patriots have took sole possession of 1st place in the AFC East.  Kyle Orton is trying to hold it down, it's not going to good. How long was that contract they gave him?  Was it just for the season. Manuel might be back if Kyle don't help get some wins in the W column.  I mean the Pat's were only up 13-7 going into half time. Bill's tight end Scott Chandler said, "It's frustrating, they have been the top dog in our division since the division was formed."  The word in the sports columns is that the Patriots showed some toughness. They also said that the Bill's offense was sloppy and it's defense was uncharacteristically porous. Now, you KNOW I didn't take time to come up with that 30+ letter word, wayyyy to long. They could have just said they sucked. It would have gotten the point across much better and quicker.  The Pat's still haven't convinced me yet, but then, who am I? Just a Chicago Bears fan, that's all. T. Brady threw for 361yds & 4 TDs. B. LaFell had 4 receptions for 97yds & 2 TDs. K. Orton threw for 299yds, 2 TDs & 1 int. F. Jackson had 10 carries for a sorry 26yds but had 1 TD to cover that. S. Chandler had 6 receptions for 105yds.


Read about their loss to the Packers in that update. They should have won this, but instead they gave it away, 27-24.


The Jets actually played a decent game and went down fighting against Denver but came up with a losing effort, 31-17. Read about it Denver's update.


Read about their 37-22 lost to the Patriots in that update.



Slow and steady, wins the race.  Read about their slow but steady climb in the AFC East with their 33-28 win over the Texans in the TNF update.


The Titans said, we may be losing, but it won't be to the Jaguars. They took this one, barely, 16-14. I didn't watch any of this game and just going by the write-ups, it was like watching paint dry on the wall. Boring!!! This is a tale of two teams and who will end up with the worst record, don't forget to add the Raiders. Titans is fairing a better than the Jaguars but they ain't got nothing to write home about. Well, to be fair, Sammie Hill did block a FG attempt in the final seconds & that helped the Titans keep this win at home. That's about it folks. C. Whitehurst threw for 233yds. B. Sankey had 18 carries for 61yds & J. Hunter had 3 receptions for 77yds. B. Bortles threw for 336yds, ! TD & 1 int. He tried hard and added 5 carries for 38yds. I like how he never gives up. C. Shorts III had 10 receptions for 103yds & 1 fumble.


From the score, it looks like the Jaguars fought the good fight but came up short, 16-14 against the Titans. Read about it in the Titans update, just roll your eyes upward. I am going to have to check for the team with the worst season ever in the NFL and see where the Jaguars stand on that.


The Texans were spurred again with their lost to the Colts. Check out the TNF update.



The Jet's would give the Broncos a fight but it did not turn out in their favor with the 31-17 lost. To be honest, I really thought it would be something like 48-7, even the papers said it wasn't nearly the blowout that many expected coming into this game. The Jets did have a chance to tie when they got the ball deep in their own territory with less than a minute left. But after a sack put the ball at the 1, Geno was intercepted by Aqib Talib, who returned it 22yds for a sealing TD. That's it, that's all.  Peyton did his thing with 2 more TDs and is only 2 shy of Brett Favre's career mark. Brett said that he is glad that Peyton is the one that is going to break it. They are playing the 49ers Sunday, he better bring it on. Jet's coach Rex Ryan said about Peyton, "It's just ridiculous how good he is." P. Manning threw for 237yds & 3 TDs. R. Hillman had 24 carries, 100yds. D. Thomas had 10 receptions 124yds & 1 TD. G. Smith threw for 190yds, 2 TDs & 1 int. G. Smith also contributed 2 carries for 11yds. A. Amaro had 10 receptions for 68ys & 1 TD.




Everyone pretty much figured out who would win this one but it was not by much. The Chargers detoured Oakland first win still with a 31-28 roadblock. Both team scored 7pts each Qtr until the 4th, when the Chargers edged the Raiders, 10-7. Just that simple. P. Rivers threw for 313yds & 3 TDs. B. Oliver had 26 carries for 101yds & 1 TD. M. Floyd had 5 receptions for 103yds & 1 TD. D. Carr threw for 282yds, 4 TDs & 1 int. D. McFadden had 14 carries for 80yds. A. Holmes had 4 receptions for 121yds & 2 TDs.


Sorry, no win for the Raiders this week.  Read the Chargers update for the little bit of details on their 31-28 lost.


I am sure there are more players that went down in weeks 5 & 6. I'm just going with these that I caught headlines on and that may impact their team the most.


Linebacker, Lance Briggs is out with a rib injury.  No return date has been given.

Safety, Chris Conte, as usual is out. Shoulder injury. No return date has been given.


Wide Receiver, Victor Cruz had surgery Monday to repair a torn patellar tendon in his right knee. He will miss the rest of the season.

Running back, Darren Sproles suffered a relatively mild left MCL sprain. He is expected to be out of the lineup for a week or 2 after the Eagles come back from their bye week.


Running back, Stevan Ridley, out for the year with ACL/MCL tears.
Linebacker, Jerod Mayo Knee injury, done for the season.


Running back, Knowshon Moreno is headed to IR list with a season ending ACL injury.


Wide receiver, Calvin Johnson suffered an ankle injury in Week 5. Have not seen expected return date yet.

Running back, Reggie Bush suffered an ankle injury in Week 5. Have not seen expected return date yet.


Center, Alex Mack suffered a broken leg. He is definitely out for the season.


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NFL Update Week 5

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My how time flies when you're having fun. Week 5 is done people.  There are no longer any UNDEFEATED teams left going into Week 6. But, there are two teams that have yet to record a win.  You know it, Jacksonville Jaguars are 0-5 and the Oakland Raiders, 0-4. There were records broken, QB's benched, Sherman talking smack as usual and some more coach gossip, whose on the hot seat? Check it out. 

TNF: 10/2/14

Packers slaughter Vikings, 42-10.  It just that simple people. No break down needed, no, what went wrong for the Vikings, none of that.  It's plain and simple, the Packers are back and they are on the move to make up for what they have been lacking in the beginning of the season. This reminds me of when Tiger Woods was out for a while. There was a commercial that showed all of the other players in the PGA locker room, smiling, slapping each other high fives, just happy to have a chance to win a tournament.  Then, Tiger walks in the locker room and you can hear a pin drop. The smiles turn to frowns and they all have this "nooooooo, my chances for a PGA title is gone." Tiger simply says hi guys, and keeps it moving. So goes the story of Packers. Not to mention Peppers returns an interception for 49yds & a TD. The Vikings, are slowly pushing the boats out to sea, setting themselves on fire in honor of the fallen Vikings. At least that's what I've seen in the movies, LOL. They didn't stand a chance. They were scoreless up until the 4th Qtr. A. Rodgers threw for 156yds & 3 TDs. E. Lacy, should we say, sleeping beauty has awaken. He had 13 carries for 105yds & 2 TDs. J. Nelson, took it down a bit this game and only had 1 receptions for 66yds & 1 TD. C. Ponder, who looked beat down, threw for 222yds & 2 ints. M. Asiata, who is this guy, had 15 carries for 72yds & 1 fumble.

MNF: 10/6/14


​They say the Seahawks won ugly in their defeat of the Redskins, 27-17. But you know what they say, a win is a win. I headed out to do laundry and the stinking tv there was set on dancing with the stars, how depressing. So, this is definitely hear say people, but I got good sources, lol. They said there was a lot of ugly in this game, ugly officiating, ugly blocking against an ugly team with an ugly name on an ugly field. Man, do these guys dislike the Redskins or what?  They said that the Seahawks had horrendous execution from the offensive line and a ton of unnecessary penalties and still pulled it out. It was 17-7 at the half, not a bad deficit to try to come from behind on. But when the QB has 11 carries for 122yds & 1 TD, you know it ain't your day. All that with the Seahawks having 7 penalties in the first half and Percy Harvin having 3 TDs negated, all on penalties. When all was done, the Seahawks ended the day with 13 penalties for 90yds while the Chiefs only had 3 for 30yds. But man, they killed them on rushing yards, 225-32. Which, keep in mind, Russell had 122 of those rushing yards. It was then that the writing was on the wall, the Redskins would not be on the winning end of this game. R. Wilson threw for 201yds & 2 TDs. He was also busy with 11 carries for 122yds & 1 TD. D. Baldwin had 4 receptions for 50yds. K. Cousins threw for 283yds & 2 TDs. D. Jackson had 5 receptions for 157yds & 1 TD. I bet he wish he was still with the Eagles.


OK, so let's talk about the obvious, Jay Cutler stinks, plain and simple! I love my bears but you can only take the torture for so long before speaking out. As it stands, it was a GROUP effort on this loss to the Panthers.  We had the Panthers down by 14 points and then ole reliable does his thing. Interceptions and this would have been a good time to show case this "cannon" they always talking about. They had my guy's Forte number from the first whistle blow and though he had almost 200yds in rushing & receiving, that 1 fumble made you forget all of that. I still got love for you Forte.  When was the last time you've seen Robbie miss a FG, well I'll tell you, in this game and that alone was like, wait, what the hell just happened?  But, it is not the reason we lost. They say Trestman was brought in to fix Cutler but the QB Whisperer has not changed anything, oh wait, yes he has, they gave him $100 Million Dollar contract. I know Cutler singing, "EASY MONEY" every time he comes to work. Cutler has been bad, but spread the blame around fairly. They said that even though Marshall has said he is fully healthy and explosive, he has managed just 3 catches for 44yds. Maybe he's too busy jetting off to N.Y. every week to be properly prepared. If there is not a personal training camp up there, then he needs to be grounded, I'm just saying. He's making these appearances on Inside the NFL, let's win some MORE games, then maybe you can talk. I'm reading all of these articles, trying to figure out what the heck is going on and they say that the blame with the Bears poor start this season rests with one man, head coach Marc Trestman.  Where is the discipline, where is the leadership?  You don't let your players go to open up restaurants on the first day of "for real" practice. Well, in all fairness, Briggs did get an interception in this game.  Yep, they put it out there. The Panthers were ripe for the picking, we could have handed them their 3rd straight loss, instead we sent them away feeling like they were going to the Super Bowl, celebrating in the locker room, patting each other on the head, Cam not crying. But the man of the day for the game was Greg Olsen, need I say a former Bear to boot. With this win, Carolina has recaptured sole possession of 1st place in the NFC South.  Nuff said about that. Cutler did say in a post game interview that a lot of that is on me. First time for everything. J. Cutler threw for 289yds, 2 TDs & 2 ints. M. Forte had 17 carries for 61yds & 1 fumble then he continued with 12 receptions for 105yds and 1 TD. C. Newton threw for 255yds, 2 TDs and 1 int. G. Olsen had 6 receptions for 72yds & 2 TDs. Well, at least the Lions lost. Oh yeah, an article in the Sun-Times I believe said that Coach T. ran a training camp that was softer than a Twinkie. Come on, ya'll know I can't make this stuff up, LOL.
Read about the not so surprising win over the Minnesota Vikings, 42-10 in TNF update. They are now tied with Detroit for 1st place in the NFC North.
OK, to be honest, I thought the Lions had this game, they gave it up, 17-14. I switched back and forth on it but it didn't turn out to be. The Lions lost to the Bills, same Bills that took us down in the first game of the season, see how that works. But the story is NOT about the Bills win, it's the Laser Conspiracy, SMH.  Yeah, turns out some Lions fan brought a laser with him to the game, shining into players eyes, Bills players of course.  The Bills filed a complaint with NFL security officials after both holder Colton Schmidt & QB Kyle Orton said that someone in the stands was shining a laser pointer in their eyes. NFL spokesman Mike Signora said that the league is waiting for it's security rep in Detroit to file a game report. The coach for the Bills said it was more of a motivator than a distraction. Then the alleged fool gets on Twitter and says, "hey ya'll if you see some lasers in your eyes, it's just me, lol." Word on the Twit is that they deactivated his account and are looking to talk to the guy, who they said used his real name.  World's dumbest criminal, lol. The Bills snapped a 2 game skid in Orton's comeback debut. He has done this so many times, he has got to be dizzy, maybe it wasn't the laser after all. Not only did Detroit drop this one after a 14-0 lead, C.J. reaggravated a right ankle injury and Reggie hurt his ankle as well.  Golden Tate did pick up the slack for Detroit but it was too late to save the game. Worst of all, more than the 6 sacks on Stafford, 3 missed FGs by Alex Henery. The Lions are now 4 of 12 on FG attempts in 5 games. They starting to live the story of many teams in the NFL this season, "man down."  M. Stafford threw for 221yds, 1 TD & 1 int. G. Tate had 7 receptions for 134yds & 1 TD. K. Orton threw for 308yds, 1 TD & 1 int. S. Watkins had 7 receptions for 87yds. The Bills won this one on a 58yd FG with 4 seconds left. 

Read about their loss to the Packers, 42-10 in the TNF update.
The Eagles went back to their winning ways with a 34-28 win over the St. Louis Rams. From the look of things, it wasn't as clean cut as one might think. Word on the street is that undrafted QB Austin Davis was channeling Kurt Warner as he threw for 142yds & 2 TDs in the final 12 minutes of the game. The Eagles had to play hard to stop the Rams from what looked like a sure come back win. Now, let's keep in mind, the Eagles were leading 34-7 with 2:15 left in the 3rd qtr and ONLY won by 6pts when the feathers and horns cleared. OC Bill Davis said that "We've got to do better, there's no way you can let people come back on you like that in the 2nd half." With 2 turnovers, a 2nd Qtr interception converted into a TD & a 4th Qtr fumble followed by 14 unanswered points and a Rams comeback that should have never been. Seems as if this game was another case of "winning ugly." The consensus is that Nick Foles is 12-3 as a starting QB under Chip Kelly and yet, something is still missing.  Hold up Nick, you might want to leave well enough alone, you guys are 4-1, so you can't be that messed up. Well, maybe the haircut, you know the one that looks like the dumb & dumber brothers, he may want to change that.  The Rams helped though, they had 10 penalties for 82yds, everything else was pretty much even steven. N. Foles threw for 207yds, 2 TDs & 1 int. L. McCoy had 24 carries for 81yds & 1 fumble. J. Maclin had 5 receptions for 76yds & 1 TD. A. Davis threw for 375yds & 3 TDs. B. Cunningham had 7 carries for 47yds & 1 TD and to finish out the losing effort, B. Quick had 5 receptions for 87yds & 2 TDs. Bet he wished he saved those until next game.
Who dat owning the football in Texas right now?  I'll give you a hint, it ain't the Texans with their 20-17 loss to the Cowboys.  Yes sirrrr, the Cowboys are sitting a little higher in the saddle in TX tonight. Tony Romo stayed on the ground a few minutes longer and raised his arm in celebration after a long TD pass and most importantly, he escaped what looked to be a sure sack for JJ Watts. Now, I'm no math teacher, but  J.J. Watt's size and mass against Tony's slim physique, would have meant disaster for Romo. I would be on the ground thanking my lucky stars in Texas too. I wish I had saw this spectacular catch that Dez made that they say saved the Cowboys from a melt down. It set up Dan Bailey's winning 49yd FG. And right at that very moment, the Cowboys bounced back from blowing a 10pt lead late in the 4th Qtr. Word to the Eagles, I told you, the dust you see behind you, is NOT the wind blowing, it's the Cowboys on ya'll BUTTS and they are moving, full steam ahead. The Cowboys won their 4th straight game for the first time since 2011. One thing is for sure though, the truly won this one by the skin of their teeth. The Texans fought like they was at the last Alamo. It was decided by a FG in OT. T. Romo threw for 324yds, 2 TDS & 1 int. D. Murray had 31 carries for 136yds & 1 fumble. The savior of the day, Dez Bryant had 9 receptions for 85yds & 1 TD. R. Fitzpatrick threw for 154yds & 1 int. A Foster had 23 carries for 157yds & 2 TDs. D. Hopkins had 6 receptions for 63yds. I have a feeling these cow pokes will see each other again. I won't miss that one.
So, Odell Beckham catches the game winning TD and the Giants win their 3rd straight game with a 30-20 win over the Falcons.  This was Odell's NFL debut, he's finally healthy after month's of hamstring problems.  First, let me say, didn't I say the Falcons would need some of those 56 points they put down on Tampa Bay? I'm just saying. They Giants smiles are so big after this win, they have finally over .500 for the first times since 2012.  Eli beating his chest talking bout, "Peyton who." OK, maybe not, but you never know. All of a sudden, the sun is shining brighter, the birds are singing sweeter and the players for the Giants don't have to go home and say, "Son, we lost another one." They are now 3-2 and feeling good about where they are in their division. It really is a lot of football yet to play, so they ain't doing bad at all. Now, it wasn't always sunshine lollipops this game. When Antone Smith caught Matt Ryan's swing pass, faked Antrel Rolle out of his cleats and sped 74yds for a TD to put ATL ahead 20-10, the life seemed to drain from Metlife. Then Andre Williams and I don't mean my brother in law, fought for 65yds, including a hard charging 3yd TD run that closed the gap to 20-17 & capped a nine play, 81yd drive. People stopped running out of the stadium crying and turned around to watch the rest of the game. So, the Giants forced a 3 and out, Manning got the ball and marched his team 64yds on 11 plays, finished the drive with that go-ahead TD to Becham and BAMM, just like that, the Falcons wings were clipped. Hey, I think that's a pretty sweet recap of this game, right? lol.  E. Manning threw for 200yds & 2 TDs. A. Williams had 20 carries for 65yds & 1 TD. P. Parker had 3 receptions for 61yds & 1 fumble. He fumbled, but they won so his stats still count. Rule of Rainey. M. Ryan threw for 316yds, 1 TD & 1 int. J. Jones had 11 receptions for 105yds.

Read about their likely demise in MNF update, losing to Seattle 27-17.
When the Saints ruled the NFC South, that's the story in the history books right now. When have you known the Saints to be one win better than Tampa Bay? Momma said there would be days like this, but who knew it would be the Saints. The Saints crawled pass the Bucs, 37-31. And they had to go to OT to win it. SMH. D. Brees threw for 371 yds, 2 TDs & 3 ints. K. Robinson had 21 carries for 89yds & 1 TD. P. Thomas had 8 receptions for 77yds & 1 TD. Anybody seen Graham in this game, just asking? M. Glennon threw for 249yds, 2 TDs & 1 int. V. Jackson had 8 receptions for 144yds.
Read about their come from behind win, 31-24 over my Bears in that update. For the first time, they hanging with the Saints. Cherish it Panthers, it won't last. You will NOT win this division, just my personal thoughts, no need to get rowdy anyone. Peace!!!

Well at least they have one win under their belt, but not this one. Read about their 37-31 lost to the Saints.
Read about their 30-20 loss to the N.Y. Giants in that update.
Read about their "ugly" win over the Redskins in MNF update.

San Francisco manage to trick their way into a win against Kansas City Chiefs. On a fake punt, deep in their territory and leaning on Phil Dawsons 5 FGS, the 49ers took down the Chiefs, 22-17. The 49ers did this one in style with a trick play to beat the Chief and sent former QB for the 49ers Alex Smith home with no revenge to be had. He said it wasn't about revenge, for real Alex, you just going to stand there and lie like that. OK, if you insist. Well, you can believe that Kap was probably trying to show that they made the right decision, I'm just saying. But, the real story and what Deion said last week, the players on the 49ers want Harbaugh gone. For real, that's whats going around. Annndddd, Fox Sports NFL insider, Jay Glazer says there's no way Harbaugh return to S.F. next season, even if they win the Super Bowl, what the heck???  Even though the players have publicly endorsed their coach, the rumor/storyline refuses to die down. What happened was this, and I know this is not about the game, but it kind of is. ESPN reports surfaced that cracks in the relationship go as far back as 2012 when Harbaugh tried to lure free agent, you guessed it, Peyton Manning. That didn't sit well with some players especially Alex Smith, then QB of the 49ers. Smith specifically asked Harbaugh about the 49ers interest in Manning & did not get an answer. They say Harbaugh had flew to N.C. to meet and work out with Manning. As one team source told ESPN, "that was the first big sign to the players that they couldn't trust Jim." Dang, tune in next week on "As the 49ers Turn." C. Kap threw for 201yds & 1 TD. F. Gore had 18 carries for 107yds, he was knocking folks down like bowling pins. B. Lloyd had 3 receptions for 76yds. A. Smith threw for 175yds, 2 TDs & 1 int. J. Charles had 15 carries for 80yds & J. Hemingway had 4 receptions for 50yds, man his stats just made print.

Read about their 41-20 loss to Denver and Peyton's 500th TD in Denver's update.
Read about the 34-28 loss to the Eagles in that update.
So the Bengals holding it down in the AFC North by one game. Wonder how long that's gonna last. You can't tell they got the lead in their division after the 43-17 spanking the Patriots put on them.  That alone is a surprise with the way New England has been playing. Read about it in the Patriots update.
Read about the Ravens 20-13 lost to the Indy Colts in that update.


For one minute or maybe two, I thought that Jacksonville was going to take down the Steelers.  But Pittsburgh did NOT want to be the first team to lose to the Jaguars and they pulled this one out, 17-9. After the at home, embarrassing loss to Tampa Bay, I don't think they could survive another one.  If Brice McCain had not made an interception, early in the 4th Qtr and  returned it 22yds for a TD, this could have been a totally different update.  This game was tighter than a women trying to squeeze into a size 7 shoe, when she knows she wears a 9, that's tight people and it's gotta hurt, lol. It only got worse for the Jags, they lost 3 RB's to ankle injuries at different points in the game. Sounds fishy to me, if I'm hurt, then I can say I had no part of our 5th loss of the season, I'm just saying. Big Ben threw for 273yds & 1 TD. L. Bell had 15 carries for 82yds & A. Brown got in on the winning effort with 5 receptions for 84yds. B. Bortles threw for 191yds & 2 ints. Poor rookie, he just takes the blame after every game, even if it is not his fault, he will wise up by next season. A. Robinson had 5 receptions for 51yds. 

The Browns are hanging on by a thread and in last place in the AFC North with a 2-2 record after Week 5.  They got a much needed win over the Titans, 29-28 and I do mean barely. With only 1:09 left in the game, Brian Hoyer threw a 6yd TD pass to Travis Benjamin and rallied for the win over the Titans. This is the killer right here, the Titans were down, 28-10 going into half time. After the second half was over, the Titans did not score not one point. The Browns won the second half, 19-0 and so the story goes. This was the Browns first road win in more than a year. B. Hoyer threw for 292yds, 3 TDs & 1 int. B. Tate had 22 carries for 123yds and T. Gabriel had 4 receptions for 95yds. C. Whitehurst threw for 194yds & 2 TDs. J. Hunter had 3 receptions for 99yds & 1 TD.
After the Patriots were done beating on the Bengals, I am sure they were seeing some stars, stripes, red, white & blue and I don't mean the Patriots uniforms. They devoured the Bengals like they were fresh meat off the grill, 43-17. Tom Brady became the 6th QB to throw 50,000 career yards when he hit Rob Gronkowski on a 27yd pass in the 1st Qtr of the game. The rest in is the books for this game. Old or not, 50,000yds comes from a lot of good work put in to reach that goal. People can say what they want, Bradys shoes are some big shoes to fill. The statue of liberty shoe size is 879, that's about how big Toms are when it comes to filling them.Hat's off to you Tom Brady!! I know he would trade that record in for now if they could be 5-0 but it ain't happening right now Brady. Talk is the 2014 Rookie QB was brought in for Brady's replacement, sooner rather than later. Just repeating what I hear people, no need to throw tomatoes, lol. Even with the loss, the Bengals managed to stay on top of the AFC North with Baltimore's loss in Indy. They are a 1/2 game ahead. The game was clearly won by the Pats according to not only the score, but the stats. The Patriots had 30-17 in first downs. 505-320 total yards and 220-79 rushing yards. But the Patriots won the penalty game, they had 12/114 yds compared to 4/37 for the Bengals. The Bengals could not have possibly monopolized on an of those penalties at all. The Pats kept the ball about 5 minutes short of double time compared to the Bengals. Well, better luck next time Bengals. Brady Threw for 292yds & 2 TDs. S. Ridley got his piece of cake with 27 carries for 1136ds & 1 TD. R. Gronkowski, always contributes with 6 receptions for 100yds & 1 TD. A. Dalton threw for 204yds & 2 TDs. G. Bernard had 13 carries for 62yds and A. Green finished with 5 receptions for 81yds, 1 TD & 1 fumble.


With all things considered, I am sure that the QB's for the Jets, especially Geno, would rather be in Kansas.  Click your heals Geno, you might get there. They were attacked by the Chargers and got pimp slapped, 31-0. No TDs or FGs, nothing. Read about it in the Chargers update. Oh yeah, word on the NFL scene? There is talk about Tebow in the Jet's camp. I love the NFL, you can't make this stuff up.

Read about the Bills surprising win over the Detroit Lions, 17-14 with a 58yd FG with 0:04 on the game clock.  Check out the Lions update.
The Colts are winning more games lately, but the Texans are not letting them get to far ahead. They are both 3-2 going into Week 6. I see Luck had his rabbit's foot again, beating the Ravens 20-13. Luck threw for 2 ints., Indy lost 2 fumbles and had a TD negated and STILL one this won.  Sounds like Luck to me. Dwayne Allen said, "we didn't really play Colts FB to the best of our ability for the entire game." What, did you guys think you should have won by more, take the win and go home. Flacco said, "we made too many mistakes, we didn't convert first downs and we didn't put ourselves in very good position."  True that Flacco, you gotta clean it up man or you guys will be 3-3 after Week 6. A. Luck threw for 312yds, 1 TD & 2 ints. A. Bradshaw had 15 carries for 68yds but had to fumble 1. T. Hilton had 9 receptions for 90yds. J. Flacco threw for 235yds & 1 int. not 1 TD to add to his stats on this one. J. Forsett had 6 carries for 42yds & 1 TD. O. Daniels had 5 receptions for 70yds, not that it mattered. Adios Amigos.

Read about their loss to the Browns, 29-28 in that update.  They kept it close though.

Read about their 5th loss of this winless season for the Jags to the Steelers, 17-9 in Pittsburgh's update.

We already know this story. The Cowboys dusted the Texans, 20-17. Read about it in the cowboys update.
The Broncos took the Cardinals down a notch and gave them their 1st loss of the season, 41-20 and Peyton Manning recorded his 500TD for the books. Manning said, "FB is the ultimate team game and I guess one man has to accept it and I really accept it on behalf of a lot of coaches & teammates."  The Cardinals were soaring high coming into this game, looking to make it a 4-0 start for the season. The Broncos stepped on the birdies and that was all she wrote. I said a few records were broken in Week 5. Demaryius Thomas set a franchise record with 228yds on 8 catches, beating Shannon Sharpe's mark of 214yds set against K.C. in 2002. Wes Welker got in on the record breaking party with 7 receptions that moved him pas Rod Smith for the most catches in NFL history for an UNDRAFTED player.  He has 854, five more than Smith caught for Denver between 1995-2006. I'm just going to say this Denver, then I'm done.  All these records don't mean jack if you go to the Super Bowl and choke. So ya'll better get it together and save some for the big one, just in case. P. Manning threw for 479yds, 4TDs & 2 ints. R. Hillman had 15 carries for 64yds & D. Thomas had 8 receptions for 226yds & 2 TDs. D. Stanton threw for 118yds. A. Ellington had 16 carries for 32yds & 1 TD. A. Ellington had 4 receptions for 112yds & 1 TD. Not bad Ellington for a days work. To bad it didn't help. 

Read about their loss, 22-17 to the S.F. 49ers in that update.

I am guessing with the whipping given to the Jets by the Chargers, 31-0, it might just explain why they are 4-1 and holding down the AFC West, including Denver. So let me get this straight, the Jets are losing 31-0, you bench Geno Smith, bring in Mike Vick and you give the loss to Vick, sounds like some sneaky stuff going on to me. Geno had the nerves to say that he didn't like getting benched but he had to change his mindset to support the guys. WAKE UP FOOL, you ain't doing nothing. Then they say that Geno & Mike combined for 100yds passing, just can't let the cry baby Geno take the blame himself. Man Vick, ain't you tired of getting thrown under the bus. I mean, I know you can't say no when they tell you to go in the game, start off the second half and you down 21-0. Even a back up need some type of playing time. I bet they told you, "come on Mike, you can win this thing for us."  Well, they scored 10 on Vick and with the previous 21 on Geno, you do the math. Even though the Jets managed to sack Rivers 3 times, he had his way with them. This is the killer, Smith was 4 of 12 for 27yds and guess what, he gets to lose the game again next week for the Jets, the coach said he is starting against OMG, Denver, I hope they beat them 56-0. BUT, those are the teams to watch, lol, they will probably beat Denver, everybody knows how that goes.  He is just weak to me and doesn't show any QB experience at all. Hell, Cutler can throw the ball, but is he winning games? I'm done with this game. P. Rivers threw for 288yds, 3 TDs & 1 int. B. Oliver had 19 carries for 114yds & 1 TD. M. Floyd had 3 receptions for 72yds. The stats for the Jets were less than 50 in passing, rushing & receiving, not even worth mentioning.


*We are down to the last 5 of the 25 most moronic players in NFL history. Now I am sure they can add a ton of more players out since this article was done but I will go with the original list.*

# 5 - Ray Lewis
Ray Lewis and a couple of his friends were partying in Atlanta for Super Bowl XXXIV. Sometime after the celebration parties ended, Lewis and his friends were involved in a fight, which led to the stabbing deaths of two men.  Lew was indicted on murder and aggravated assault, but he accepted a plea deal and testified against his friends.  Now, instead of being known as a two-time Super Bowl champion and one of the all-time greatest linebackers in NFL history, he is known for getting away with murder.
# 4 - Donte Stallworth
Donte is another moron who was involved in the killing of a person.  Unlike Lewis, Stallworth was guilty of hitting and killing a pedestrian while he was driving drunk. He was charged with DUI manslaughter and accepted a plea deal that would sentence him to only 30 days in jail. Why the light sentence? Because the man killed, was not crossing the street at a crosswalk.  Stallworth's NFL career is practically over - he played in 19 games since 2009 and he is now cemented as a moron.
# 3 - Sam Hurd
And now, Sam Hurd.  Yet another NFL player who never had any trouble during his NFL career until he crossed into ultimate moronic territory.  On December 14, 2011, Hurd was arrested in Chicago.  What for you ask?  Well, he attempted to purchase and distribute large quantities of cocaine and marijuana.  While the investigation was going on, Hurd also failed two drug test.  This led to him being jailed indefinitely before receiving a 15 year season. My thoughts: Kill a person, you get 3 months, sell drugs, you get 15 years, something wrong with that picture.

# 2 - Michael Vick
Michael Vick pulled off one of the most moronic moves in recent NFL memory. Vick made national headlines when a property he owned was raided during a drug investigation.  During the search, police found evidence of unlawful dog fighting activities.  Everything led back to Vick and he was eventually charged and sentenced to 23 months in federal prison.  Vick spent 18 months in prison before returning to the NFL in 2009.
# 1 - Aaron Hernandez
You can't have any list dealing with moronic decisions without having Aaron Hernandez. Charged with first degree murder and looking to spend the rest of his life in prison, Hernandez made the ultimate moronic decision. But everyone knows Hernandez's story, murder and mayhem. So here he sits as our No. 1 NFL moron.
If you don't know, all you have to do is google him.
Here's a little something to chew on.  Willie Young left the Detroit Lions for the Chicago Bears this past off-season. He wouldn't mind seeing Ndamukong Suh follow suit next year. I'm just saying, I hear things, I pass them on.

Coming next week:
NFL Season Predictions, Part 1: The Cellar Dwellers. 8 teams for footballs worst record this season.


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NFL Update Week 4

Written by

Did I not say it was going to be a crazy season?  The Texans start week 4, with a 3-0 record.  Tom Brady is benched and E.J. Manuel, QB of the Bills was replaced by Kyle Orton.  The craziness is not over either, wait until week 5 update.  Enjoy Week 4 folks. I hope this is not too long for you guys.  Sorry in advance.  No I'm not. lol.

TNF: 9/25/14:

The headlines are saying, "Eli Manning looks like a "10" again." They say the numbers don't tell the story of how good he was in the 45-14, whose your daddy now win that they put on Washington, for everybody to see on TNF.  His teammates said that they knew it was only a matter of time before they saw Eli do what he do. I watched some of it but to be honest, I tuned in to "Scandal" and "How To Get Away With Murder" along with 47.5 million other people. So I can't really comment much on what happened. Just keeping it real people.  So the Giants are at a 2-2 record now and this could be the start of a much needed turn around for them. Like another 2-2 team I know. I'm not saying any names, lol. I'm just telling the NFC East that the Giants have put you guys on notice.  The article I read about Washington said that it does not matter who the QB is.  It won't make all of the problems that the Redskins are having. A dreadful defense, a shambles of an offensive line whose members seem offended by the very idea of pass protection, LMAO, that is too funny. Even funnier, A diabolical special teams that gives away big plays as though they are prizes in a raffle. I could go on and on and believe me, the last few lines weren't mines but they are masterfully put. Plus they got some really meaty, can hardly move guys too. Just throwing my 2 cents worth of observations in. Let's see what the Giants do next. E. Manning threw for 300yds, 4 TDs + 1 he ran in himself = 5 and 1 int. A. Williams had 15 carries for 66yds & 1 TD. V. Cruz had 6 receptions for 108yds. K. Cousins threw for 257yds, 1 TD and OUCH, 4 ints. A. Morris had 12 carries for 63yds & 1 TD. R. Helu had 5 receptions for 78yds.




I bet you didn't see this coming. K.C. Chiefs 41-14 over the New England Patriots. It was so bad, one reporter asked Belichick if the QB position would be evaluated this week, he just laughed at that fool. I did watch some of this game, it was not entertaining and Brady did not do his usual thing, I like when he plays well, it's great to watch. Brady was taken out of the game late in the 4th Qtr and gave rookie QB Jimmy Garoppolo a chance to wet his beak. They asked Belichick why he put the rookie in the game, he said he played all team members tonight. I guess with a spanking like that, you can spread the hurt around. At the beginning of the season, Brady was asked about how long he'd like to play, he said, "When I suck, I'll retire." I'm just saying Tom, you sucked on this Monday night.  For Kansas, Jamall Charles returned from an injury to score 3 TDS. Brady did get picked twice, this was one of the worst losses that Belichick has had as the Patriots coach. That's all I have to say about this game. T. Brady threw for 159yds, 1TD & 2 ints. Yep, 159yds, don't adjust your glasses. B. LaFell had 6 receptions for 119yds & 1 TD. A. Smith threw for 248yds & 3 TDs. K. Davis had 16 receptions for 107yds. T. Kelce had 8 receptions for 93yds and 1 TD.



Last week I was singing, "how sweet it is to be loved by you" now, sadly I'm singing "it's my party and I'll cry if I want to." Yeah, we got our butts handed to us courtesy of the Green Bay Packers. You know how that feels, it just gives you a knot in your stomach. It's like when you are in high school and Joe breaks up with you and then he dates Suzi, the girl that you NEVER wanted to see him with. I would rather lose to Jacksonville than to the Packers. We started off so good, playing good solid football, letting the Packers know, this is our house and we got this. So it's half time, you dancing around the table while you grab a wing or two and you sit down to finish watching and then, outta nowhere, your whole NFL world comes crumbling down. By the end of the game, I was kicking people out my house, not feeding my dogs, not talking to my grand kids, it was just ugly, LOL. I could say there was some bogus calls, but that doesn't account for a 38-17 beat down or 2 interceptions thrown by Cutler or no defense at all, so I won't mention the bogus calls. It was more of only producing a total of 3pts after reaching the 1yd line on two, first half possession to all with all of the previous stuff I mentioned.  This is the 189th meeting of the Bears and Packers and as they said Sunday, the Packers got our number. Until we beat them, WITH A.R. playing, we are never going to be legit. Tell me how do you overthrow a 6'6 receiver who has got to be 7feet leaping into the air?  So, here we are 2-2, Detroit won to add more salt to the wound. Rodgers, he told the Green Bay Cheeseheads to RELAX and he did not let them down. He got it started with Jordy Nelson and it was over for my BEARS. But, I don't give up that easy. Can't say that for my brother Chris, he was like, "that's it, until the get rid of Cutler, I'm outta here". I managed to calm him down and he's back on the bus with me and the Bears, lol.  The Bears & Packers did make history on Sunday. For only the 2nd time in the 95 year history of the NFL, a regular season game unfolded with no punts. The first one was on September 13, 1992 between the Bills and 49ers. Bennett set a career highs with 9 catches for 1346ds. It was his first 100yd receiving game of his career. He now leads the Bears with 29 receptions for 295yds. Rodgers said he just wanted to remind the fans that it's a long season and that at some point we're going to get it right, he had it all right in this one. A. Rodgers threw for 302yds & 4 TDs. E. Lacy had 17 carries for 48yds & 1 TD. R. Cobb had 7 receptions for 113ydcs & 2 TDs. J. Cutler threw for 256yds, 2 TDs & 2 ints. M. Forte had 23 carries for 122yds. Forte surpassed the 10,000 total yards for his career. He has 10,037. Bennett set a career highs with 9 catches for 1346ds. It was his first 100yd receiving game of his career. He now leads the Bears with 29 receptions for 295yds.



Read about the dissection of the Bears by the Packers, 38-17 in the Bears update.



Matt Stafford figured with not having Calving Johnson 100% healthy, he would have to do some of the work himself and he did just that.  He threw for 2 TDs and ran in another himself to seal the deal as they took down the Jets, 24-17. This game was a match up of Detroit's top-ranked defense & New York's No. 2. Each team only scored 3pts in the first Qtr, Detroit took the lead into halftime, 17-3 and never looked back. Geno Smith has been struggling since the start of the season and it looks like it's not getting any better. The Jet's fans chanting, "We want Vick", started to gain momentum after Geno threw a 4th Qtr interception.  But the powers that be want Geno in there so he is still head of the team. Then, adding disaster to his already bad day, he turned to a fan and yelled the F*%# word while leaving the field. Probably not the smartest thing to do. Of course he apologized later, dont' they always?  I think his days are numbered, just my opinion. M. Stafford threw for 293yds & 2 TDS, he also rand one in himself. G. Tate had 8 receptions for 116yds. G. Smith threw for 209yds, 1 TD, 1 int and a potty mouth. C. Ivory had 17 carries for 84yds. G. Salas had 2 receptions for 60yds.


Everybody winning in the NFC North this week but my Bears. The Vikings beat the Falcons 41-28.  I told ATL they was going to need some of those 56pts before it was said and done. The Vikings have play the Packers tonight. It don't really matter to me who wins this one. Bridgewater, with his first career start for the Vikings didn't finish the game but he pretty much had it wrapped up when he left. Hester had 5 receptions for 70yds & 1 TD.  T. Bridgewater threw for 317yds, he left the game with an ankle sprang. J. McKinnon had 18 carries for 135yds. J. Wright had 8 receptions for 132yds. M. Ryan threw for 298yds, 3 TDs & 2 ints. A. Smith had 4 carries for 62yds & 1 TD. J. Jones had 6 receptions for 82yds.



The Eagles went into this game, 3-0. The last time they were at 3-0 was in 2004, which was the last time they went to the SB.  When the dust cleared and 26-21 pts later, they would leave the day, 3-1 in the NFC East. They still have a grip on first place but the Cowboys are on the tail.  They played the SF 49ers, I watched the remainder of this game after watching my Bears go down. I thought for sure the Eagles had this one and they would go into Week 5, 4-0. The 49ers said, not so fast, we still have some time. Kap and the crew were trying to avoid a 3 game skid.  The 49ers finally won their first game at their new stadium but thousands of fans left at halftime. Oh yee of little faith. This Sunday, they seemed like the 49ers of last year, unstoppable, well up until it counted. Foles said that they just didn't execute, that's it, that's all, he never offers excuses, he keeps it real. Kap threw for 218yds, 2 TDs & 1 int. He did get sacked 4 times. F. Gore had 24 carries for 119yds & 1 TD. This was his first 100yd game this year. A. Boldin had 5 receptions for 62yds. N. Foles had 195yds and 2 ints. J. Maclin had 4 receptions for 57yds. Darren Sproles had a career best, 82yd punt return for a TD.


Timeeee is on my side, yes it is....the Cowboys said they were not worried about their first lost of the season. Since then, they have won 3 more games and is in a tug-of-war for first place with the Eagles after polishing off the Saints, 38-17 and looked good while they did it.  Both Terrance Williams and DeMarco Murray had a pair of TDs. Now, I don't know about anybody else, but are the Saints playing that bad or is everyone else playing better than last year.  I am not taking way from any to the teams that have beat the Saints but the Saints are NOT the Saints I know.  They were trailing Dallas 24-0 at the half. I'm just saying, maybe if Brees and Graham focus more on the game and stop making commercials, they might put some things together. The Saints didn't even score a TD until the 4th Qtr, now, they are tied for last place in the NFC South with, waitttt for itttt, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.Momma said there be days like this.  I would love to be a fly on the wall in the Saints locker room.  T. Romo threw for 262yds & 3 TDs. D. Murray had 24 carries for 149yds & 2 TDs. Not to mention that Murray is the NFL's leading rusher and he became only the 6th back in NFL history to open the season with 4 consecutive 100yd games. Go DeMarco, it's your birthday, well feels like it anyway, lol.  T. Williams had 6 receptions for 77yds & 2 TDs. D. Brees threw for 340yds, 2 TDs & 1 int. K. Robinson had 8 carries for 87yds. J. Graham had 8 receptions for 86yds, 1 TD & 1 fumble. Did he even fumble at all last year? I don't think so. One more loss and I think the Saints can call it a wrap for the year. If the Cowboys are not careful, they might win 12-13 games this year, time will tell.


They're alive!!! The Giants are showing signs of life with their 2nd win of the season against the Redskins, 45-14. They did not leave any room for doubt with this one. Read about it in the TNF update.


Yep, just talked about this a second ago. Read the skinning of the Redskins by the Giants, 45-14 in the TNF update.



We already know about the dismemberment of the Saints by the Cowboys, 38-17. Read about it in Dallas update.


It's always a sad, sorry day when a former team member helps in a beat down of their former team.  That was the case when Steve Smith had 7 catches for 139yds & 2 TDs in the Ravens 38-10 win over the Panthers. Revenge is best served with TDs.... Smith was with the Panthers for 13 seasons and was released during the off season to cut cost. He proved he is not ready to go out to pasture just yet.  He is the oldest player in NFL history with 400yds in his first 4 games. They asked him how was he going to celebrate the day, he said, watch some film, eat some apple pie and call it a day. This man is 35yrs old, that's 55 in NFL years, lol, but he still managed to get it done. I know they are still saying Cam is hurt, then why won't he sit down, you are not helping your team out there trying to be Superman!!! This is the Panthers 2nd straight loss. Newton was sacked twice. I think they should sit him down for a minute and let him regroup, but they won't. J Flacco threw for 327yds & 3 TDs. J. Forsett had 14 carries for 66yds & 1 TD. S. Smith, the man of the hour had 7 receptions for 139yds & 2 TDs and made his old team eat crow. C. Newton threw for 197yds & 1 TD. J. Cotchery had 5 receptions for 80yds.


It's a tough fight staying in last place but it seems like that's where the Bucs are most at home. They do have company with their 1-3 start this year, remember who it is, I just talked about it. But, they did win their 1st game of the season this week against the Steelers, 27-24.  Come on mannnnnn, yall can't beat the Bucs. The Bucs lost to ATL by 6 TDs more than a week ago but showed life by rallying from 7pts down in the 4th Qtr to give Lovie his first win at his second head coaching job. I am sure each and every time the Bucs hit the field, they have nothing to lose, those are the teams that will get you. You know they probably partied like it's 1999. They may not win anymore this season, but you can never tell with the slow starters. Lovie said, "I was out last year, so it's been a long time since I've tasted winning a game, we as a team, needed this."  Coach Tomlin of the Steelers first said he wanted to compliment Coach Lovie & the Bucs, they did what was necessary to win. He said the bottom line is that we are an undisciplined group and we are too highly penalized and they need to fix that. M. Glennon threw for 302yds, 2 TDS & 1 int. D. Martin 14 carries for 40yds & 1 TD. L. Murphy had 6 receptions for 99yds and the whole team had kool-aid smiles after the game was over :o) Big Ben, is going down fast, he threw for 314yds & 3 TDs. L. Bell had 19 carries for 63yds & A. Brown had 7 receptions for 131yds & 2 TDs.


Read about their 41-28 lashing in the Vikings update. But, they are tied with Carolina for first place, so they aren't doing to bad or is the NFC South is just that soft?  You be the judge.





Read about their stop to their losing streak with a 26-21 win over the Eagles in that update.








Read about their smashing of the Panthers, 38-10 in that update and how Steve Smith stole the day.  The Ravens are 3-1 for the 5th time under Harbaugh. Each of the previous 4 times they started 3-1, they made the playoffs, but the last six times they started a season 3-1, they made the playoffs and twice won a super bowl. I'm just saying.


Lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 27-24, NUFF SAID. Read about it in the Bucs update.





Read about their embarrassing 41-14 beat down by the K.C. Chiefs in the MNF update.


What else is new, the Raiders lost again, this time to the Dolphins 38-14. To top it off, the went all the way to London for this beat down. The Raiders took the lead early in the 1st Qtr, outscoring the Dolphins 7-3. Well, that didn't last long. By the time half time came, the score was 24-7 and that was the beginning of the end of the Raiders for this game. I didn't get a chance to watch this one either. Oh yeah, btw, no budget for me for new tvs so I can watch more games, I did give it the ole college try, lol. Seriously though, did anyone think that the Raiders would win except the Raiders maybe. The Raiders showed some life at the beginning of the 2nd half when the Dolphins fumbled at the goal line and Charles Woodson recovered and gave possession back to them with ample time to do something with it. Then wouldn't you know it, the ugly monster, interception reared it's ugly head and the Dolphins ran it back deep into their neck of the woods and before you could say, hello, the Dolphins scored again, FG & bammmm, 31-7. I think we know how it ends folks, no need to drag out the apparent ending. Another slap in the face, Carr suffered an ankle and knee injury and was replaced midway through the 3rd Qtr by Matt McGloin. Again, snap, crackle and pop, another Dolphin TD, end of story, for real. The Raiders did score one more TD and headed off into their much needed bye week, we won't see them again until October 12th. From what I can tell the Dolphins had fins flying around everywhere. Tannehill still mad that he did not get endorsed as the starter so he put some extra stank on his game. Take that coach, I'm the starter whether you like it or not. He did not let any opportunities get away from him in this game. Then there are rumors flying that the Raiders head coach Dennis Allen might be fired. Give him a break Tannehill, the coach is not even sure if he still has a job, why should he tell you where your fate lies.  R. Tannehill threw for 278yds, 2 TDs & 1 int. L. Miller had 12 carries for 64yds & 2 TDs and yes, 1 fumble. B. Hartline had 6 receptions for 74yards. D. Carr threw for 146yds, 1 TD & 1 int. J. Jones had 6 receptions for 83yds.


Mosey on back up to the Detroit Lions update and read about how they feasted on the Jets to the tune of 24-17. Not a beat down, but a loss just the same.


Nothing much went right for the Bills this game against the Texans. Not only did they lose, 23-17. E.J. Manuel was replaced as starting QB by Kyle Orton, former Bears QB. Mannnn that's cold.



The Colts are who we thought they were!!  LOL. I remember the coach of the Arizona Cardinals, Dennis Green, screaming that in a post game interview after the Bears came back to beat them after the Cardinals. He added a couple of other choice words too.  Hilarioussssss. So, I'm saying all that to say, I guess the Luck/Colts are who everyone I hear saying they are. I'm still not convinced. Maybe Luck got that big ole rabbits foot from Shia LeBouf in Transformer 3. I'm just saying. It's gonna take a lot more than a blow out of the Titans for me to be a believer. The Colts answered the question on whether the 25yr old QB & 35yr old receiver, Reggie Wayne could get back in sync again. They did. Wayne had is first 100yd game and first TD of the season and Luck, well he just went rabbid with 393yds & 4 TDS. Luck did have 1 interception but hey, nobody's perfect. Luck has now thrown for 763yds & 8 TDs in the last 2 games. How can they only be 2-2 with those kinds of stats? See what I'm saying. The Titans are 1-3 and are not showing any signs of adding more games to the win column, we will see where they stand after Week 5. A. Luck threw for 393yds, 4 TDs & 1 int. T. Richardson had 20 carries for 47yd & 1 TD. Who does that, 20 carries & 47yds, that's about 2.3 yds per carry. SMH. R. Wayne had 7 receptions for 119yds & 1 TD. C. Whitehurst had 177yds, 1 TD & 1 int. D. Walker had 5 receptions for 84yds and 1 TD.


Read about the constant fall of the Titans in the Colts update. 


Read about the expected 33-14 loss to the San Diego Chargers in that update.


Not only can the Texans win this year, J.J. Watts can dance, block a pass by EJ Manuel, tip it to himself and run 80yds for a TD then jump back in line and play defense. Watts is the first player in NFL history to have 35 or more sacks and a TD receiving and an interception return in his career. I'm just saying, he da man right now!! He did get flagged twice for roughing the passer though. Going into Week 5 last year, the Texan were 2-3. I guess they said none of that this year, they are 3-1 and holding on to the AFC South with authority. They rolled over the Bills, 23-17. Buffalo was leading this game up until the interception by Watts.  That one play turned the whole game around and woke up the Texan fans. It put them ahead 14-10 but it took 3 second half FGs to seal the deal. Ain't nobody every said that FGs don't count and the Texans proved that today. R. Fitzpatrick threw for 268yds, 1 TD & 2 ints. and to make it clear that he was not playing with the Bills, he had 5 carries for 14yds. A. Johnson had 6 receptions for 71yds & 1 fumble. E.J. Manuel threw for 225yds, 2 TDs & 2 ints. C. Spiller had 15 carries for 60yds. M. Williams gave it a winning effort with 2 receptions for 84yds & 1 TD.





Read about their smack down of 41-14 over the New England Patriots in the MNF update.


Well, as expected, it was the Chargers turn to beat up on the Jaguars. They charged and ran over the Jaguars, 33-14. I mean really guys, what is there for me to really write about?  We knew this was coming and so did the Jaguars. To be fair to the Jaguars, they have a new QB, Blake Bortles who just walked into this mess and he's a rookie, talk about training day!!! He had Jacksonville in the lead early but they could not hold on. This is the 5th straight loss in double digits for the Jaguars, going back to last seasons finale. They have been outscored 152-58 THIS season. Man, I wonder how many Jaguars jersey's are still being worn in public? Rivers got up there and showed the rookie QB how it's done. Rivers was on top of his game for this one. He had 3 TDS, 377yds & no interceptions. This was his 35th time throwing for 300+ yds and his 24th straight game throwing a TD. Rivers runs deep and thus the Chargers are 3-1. K. Allen had 10 receptions for 135yds. B. Bortles threw for 254yds, 1 TD & 2 ints., the little engine that could, or at least tried. T. Gerhart had 10 carries for 32yds, 1 TD & 1 fumble. C. Harbor had 8 receptions for 70 yds.


Read about the not so surprising lashing from the Dolphins, 38-14 in the Dolphins update.


* Continuing my feature presentation on the 25 most moronic players in NFL history. I give you moron's # 10-6. Again, this stuff is true*

# 10 - Adam Jones

Where do we begin with Adam Jones: Jones was on probation when he was drafted, then after the draft he was arrested for assault and felony vandalism.  He was arrested again in 2006 after an incident at his house and then again during training camp that year for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.  His biggest mistake came during the 2007 NBA All-Star Game weekend where he was involved in a skirmish at a gentleman's club that led to 3 people being shot. While Jones was not the shooter, witnesses claimed the shooter was part of Jones entourage. My thoughts: What entourage is that, the one full of IDIOTS!!!

# 9 - Ben Rothlisberger

Big Ben should only be known for his two Super Bowls with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Unfortunately, Big Ben is more known for being accused twice of sexually assaulting women.  The first incident happened in 2009 when a woman tried to get pregnant with a "little Roethlisberger:.  That failed, so she tried to make some money by accusing him of sexual assault.  A year later, Roethlisberger was investigated for sexual assault of a woman inside a nightclub bathroom.

# 8 - Richie Incognito

It's been well documented that Richie Incognito has some anger issues and they haven't subsided.  He was a force on the field, but his anger issues got the best of him as he drew penalties left and right.  Incognitos true moronic side showed itself this season after a disturbing incident came to light.  Fellow teammate Jonathan Martin claimed Incognito sent him threatening and racially charged texts and voice mails.

# 7 - Plaxico Burress

Plaxico Burress was another NFL player who kept his nose clean for the most part. Sure he had the occasional driving violation or civil lawsuite, but nothing too moronic.  That all changed on November 28, 2008, nine months after catching the game winning TD in Super Bowl XLll, when Burress like a moron, shot himself in the thigh in a New York City nightclub. The worst part is that the incident landed him in jail. My thoughts: He should be on the idiot list. I'm just saying.

# 6 - Titus Young

Titus Young easily made the moron list for being arrested 3 times in 5 days.  But his moronic decisions started before that.  In 2011, Young sucker punched Detroit Lions teammate Louis Delmas, then in a game during the 2012 season he deliberately lined up in the wrong position, twice. Young was arrested for suspected DUI on May 5, 2013. 14 hours later he was arrested again for trying to steal his car from the impound lot.  Then, on May 10, he was arrested and charged with suspicion of burglary, resisting arrest, and assaulting an officer. My thoughts: lock him up already and call it a day!

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NFL Update Week 2

Written by

I just want to start by thanking my mom, my brother Chris, he really got me into FB a long time ago and, oh wait, I'm sorry, I was practicing my acceptance speech for UPSET OF THE WEEK. That's right baby!!  I said it and nobody believed me. Just read the Bears update and see what I'm talking ‘bout.  

TNF: 9/11/14:

I did get a chance to watch this game. It was a decent game and the only FB going on this night, so I enjoyed it. The Ravens, trying hard to avoid a 0-2 start knew they had to handle business. They were at home, had already lost the season opener and needed a win in their column this week.  They accomplished their mission quite handily with a 26-6 win over the Steelers. Flacco, in my opinion was on point.  He got the job done and looked good while doing it. Big Ben on the other hand, looked tired, slow and to be frank and just keeping it real folks, he looked a little chubby. You know what they say though, the cameras add 10lbs, so let's go with that. The Steelers won their first game, so they already avoided the 0-2 start. Maybe if Ben stops whining that he is NOT getting his props as one of the elite QB's, he may be able to concentrate on the game more.  Flacco finished with 166yds & 2 TD's. B. Pierce had 22 carries for 96yds & S. Smith Sr., brought up the end with 6 receptions for 71yds. Ben threw for 217yds & 1 interception, there's that damn bug going around again. The Steelers did not have not 1, one, uno, touchdown, 2 field goals was all they could muster. People are starting to wonder if the Steelers have gone soft?  Just repeating what I read people, don't kill the messenger.

MNF: 9/15/14:

This was the comeback kids vs. the choke crew and I am sure we know which is which at this point. You guessed it, Indy outscored & dominated the first half, leading the Eagles 17-6. Nick Foles threw on his superman cape and when it was said and done, Nick & the Eagles outscored the Colts, 24-10, winning 30-27 and thus joining the 0-2 club with a few other teams in Week 2. Nick threw a game tying TD pass with 3:25 to go, then set up Cody Parkey for the winning 36yd FG as time expired. Parkey first kicked like maybe a 44yd FG that was good, but you know the ole, we called a timeout, well the Colts did that so he had to kick it over and that was good too. Again, Luck had none of that with him in this game.  Foles threw for 331yds, 1 TD & 1 int. that darn int. bug is still hanging around the NFL.  L. McCoy, had 20 carries for 79yds & 1 TD. Darren Sproles finally showed up after leaving the Saints with 7 receptions for 152yds, he pretty much had his way with the Colts, or maybe, he was to short for anyone to grab, you decide, lol. A. (un)Luck had 172yds, 3 TD's & 1 int. T. Richardson had 21 carries for 79yds & 1 fumble. T. Hilton had t receptions for 65yds. I'm telling you, Luck better go get him a rabbit's foot or change his last name.  Something!



Well you make me wanna SHOUT!!! Yes, My Bears pulled it off. I told everybody that we were going to win by 3 pts., so I was 5 points short, who cares. You know I could not wait to get to work & strut my stuff. Evette in our finance dept. said she is going to cut off my corporate bank card. She is a Kap fan, not because of football too much, lol. Clyde came and gave me a high five. Johnathan, who is a BEARS fan said, he thought we lost it but the BEARS came back and then he added "But the 49ers didn't play well, not taking away from the BEARS."  Really, we played a crappy 1st half but we played ball in the 2nd half. My theory?  After that hit straight to Cutlers chest, he got to see the wizard while he was down on the ground and he asked for a heart. The Wizard gave it to him and it was over for the 49ers at that point. Brandon was awe inspiring, especially with the one handed grab, pull it in catch. It just melted my heart. They took kap straight out of his game, he was so mad, he had a couple of choice words, that he got the penalty flag for, I'm a ladyyy, I can't repeat them, lol. Boy I tell you, miller lite never tasted so good & the pizza & wings, just the best ever. I don't care what people say, I don't care if Kap was playing with 1 arm & 1 leg, a win, is a win. Evette said, yall only won by 1 TD. I said no, 1 TD & 1 pt., since we counting.  So, there it is, I ended the night singing, lovely day, lovely day, lovely day.  Don't be hating!  I know, it's only the 2nd game, yada, yada, yada, you can't steal my thunder on this one. I could go on talking about this win but I will stop now.  PSYCHE, I have more. So, after the game, Brandon Marshall walked up to Jay and gave him a congratulatory kiss on the head, showing his admiration, appreciation & their shared relief. I feel sorry for Clausen though, he was warming up on the sidelines, put me in coach, I'm ready.  Not this time son. So it's a 4 way tie in the NFC North. NOW, it's a party!!! Jay Cutler threw  for a total of 176yds & 4, read em people, not 3, but 4 TD's, 3 of them to Marshall. Then, this is just awful, me throwing this in folks face, but Cutler ALSO had 5 carries for 25yds, Marshall had 5 receptions for 48yds & 3 TD's.  Bennett got into the fun, and added 1 TD to pretty up his stat sheet a little more. Kyle Fuller, first round pick in this year's draft, was on target with his 2 interceptions and named NFC Defensive player of the week to boot. Conte had 1 int., but went out with a dislocated shoulder. Sadly, Peanut Tillman, torn tricep, out for the season & maybe his career is done. We will see. Potty mouth Kap threw for 248yds, 1 TD and, waitttt forrr itttt, 3 interceptions. He added 9 carries for 66yds but threw in a fumble with that. M. Crabtree had 7 receptions for 82yds & 1 TD. Ok, I'm done, for now. Momma Bear is Happy. Kap was fined $11,000 for his potty mouth but maintains that he said nothing wrong. Really, you think that @$!%$^%&&$!@!#!##$$ and #!%$^@&&;@#$@@ was ok to say, LOL.


I thought this game had slipped through GB hand at the last minute. But the craziest thing happened on the way to a sure O.T. game. With 5 minutes left in the game, Geno Smith throw a really nice 37yd TD pass to Jeremy Kerley on 4th down. He caught the ball, Jets celebrating, dancing to, "oh yes it's ladies night & the feeling right" and then BAM, somebody on the Jets side line called a time out and the TD was call back. Ryan was furious, screaming that he did not call a timeout.  So everybody looking around trying to figure out who did. Not me, did you, nawh, not me man. LOL. Turned out to be OC, Marty Mornhinweg. But wait, it's get better, the refs did not see him call the time out. So, I imagine Sheldon Richardson was pretty sure this was NOT going to be a TD, leaned over to tell the ref that Mornhinweg called for a timeout.  Sayyyyy what, you got turned in by one of your own players. That was just crazy. Sheldon thinking, ok, the refs don't see Marty calling for a timeout and we can get a do over so I'm just going whisper in his ear that we want a timeout.  They got the timeout and what was sure to be a game going into overtime, ended in a 31-24 loss. Putting the Packers at 1-1 and a 4 way tie in the NFC North. Rodgers threw for 346yds & 3 TDs, & should be buying Nelson a Rolex.  Jordy Nelson, well he had velcro on his gloves & finished with 9 receptions for 209yds & 1 TD. Which later in the locker room, Randall Cobb dubbed him Mr. 200! Eddie Lacey was MIA. Geno Smith had 176yds, 1 TD & 1 int. C. Ivory had 13 carries but managed 1 TD. E. Decker had 4 receptions for 63yds & 1 TD.


It was a battle between the Lions & the Panthers and usually, the Lion is the king of the jungle, but, today, they were road kill for the Panthers in their 24-7 loss. Even the coach for the Panthers agreed that Cam look rusty at times but once he settled down, he made some really good decisions. At least he didn't cry about anything in this game. Carolina was trailing the Lions 7-6 in the 3rd Qtr when Newton mastered a 72yd scoring drive by completing 5-of-6 passes, the last of which was a straight arrow to Jason Avanti for what turned out to be the game winning 14yd TD. Newton was sacked 5 times, but he managed to get up, wipe himself off, and finish off the little lion pups. I know the fans in Detroit are screaming deja booo. C.J., aka, Mega-tron was involved in another end zone play that resulted in a TD catch being called an incomplete catch. Last time that happened to him, he was in BEAR country.  QB Matt Stafford threw a 31yd pass to C.J., he grabbed it, looked to have made the catch as he was going to the ground, but as he rolled over the ball came out. It was ruled an incomplete pass.  Hey, sounds fair to me, but one wonders why the lion pups didn't call for a review of the play?  The Lions had 0, zero turn overs in their season opening game. They went from 0 turnovers to 3 turnovers in 5.5 seconds, well not quite that fast.  To make it even uglier, they missed 2 FG attempts while the Panthers made all 3. And, to add further insult to injury, they dropped 6 passes. SMH. Cam Newton, aka, Baby Cam, threw for 281yds & 1 TD. J. Stewart had 15 carries for 37yds & 1 TD. G. Olsen, said give the drummer some and he got 6 receptions for 72yds. Matt Stafford threw for 291yds, 1 TD & that dang dreaded stat, 1 int. J. Bell had 10 carries for 35yds & he fumbled one. C. Johnson had 6 receptions for 83yds. 


Well, I didn't expect any less from Minnesota. They played the New England Patriots and as a blind man could have seen, they lost this one, 30-7. Even better, the Patriots released the hounds on the Vikings. I am sure there is more to come, losses that is, for the the Vikings. A. Peterson is out, then in, then out again, so he won't touch a NFL football field until the smoke is cleared in situation. They play the Saints in Week 3. The Saints are looking rather shabby themselves, so maybe the Vikings have a chance. Nawh, no they don't. The Patriots cruised to this 30-7 rout. They took advantage of A>P. absence & Matt Cassel's 4 interceptions.  Chandler Jones, blocked a Minnesota FG & took it 58yds to the house. He was the star of the play. He did the blocking, scooping it up and scoring. He said that three factors were in sync on that play that made it successful.  Preparation, teamwork and a little bit of luck. The Vikings were all but cooked after Jones play.  T. Brady threw for 149yds & 1 TD. S. Ridley had 25  carries for 101yds & 1 TD. Joining in on the TD party was J. Edelman with 6 receptions for 81yds & 1 TD. Gostkowski did add his 4 cents with 2 FG's in this win.  Matt Cassel threw for 202yds, 1 TD & 4 int., man, bet that hurt. No body else contributed anything for Minnesota, thus you have a 30-7 game.



The Eagles made a comeback for the second time this season and remained the only unbeaten team in the NFC East.  Read about their win in the MNF update, beating the choke Colts, 30-27.  Really good game.


The Cowboys was trying to do with every other team that was 0-1 after week 1, not end the day being 0-2. The Cowboys have not started at 0-2 since 2010. Like Romo said, 0-2 is a very big hold you don't want to be in. They avoided the black hole by breezing past the Titans, 26-10. I didn't see this one.  I'm still checking on the budget from finance for more tvs at home, but it's not going to well. LOL. From what I heard and read DeMarco Murray was the man, again. The Cowboys had 2 sacks and 2 int. that led to 10 points.  The Titans struggled in all areas and missed on their first 2-0 start since 2008. They beat K.C. Chiefs last week.  Dez Bryant had a 3-yd TD catch and then headed into the locker room to get his shoulder checked out. The loss spoiled the Titans new coach Ken Whisenhunt's home debut. Whisenhunt's is the Titans 3rd head coach since their last playoff berth in 2008. They looked pretty promising coming off the big win against K.C. last week. The Titans finally got to scoring in the 3rd qtr with 10 pts, including a 61yd TD pass from Locker to Delanie Walker. Romo ended with 176yds & 1 TD and extended his streak to 30 straight games with at least 1 TD per game. D. Murray had 29 carries for 167yds, 1 TD & 1 fumble. Dez Bryant had 10 receptions for 103yds & 1 TD. Jake Locker finished with 2343yds, 1 TD & 2 int. D. Walker had 10 receptions for 142yds & 1 TD. Did anyone really think the Titans would go 2-0?

Man, I know by now the N.Y. Giants gotta be thinking, are we having a bad nightmare?  We can't be off to a 0-2 start.  Sorry guys, it's true, you guys suck right now. The papers in N.J. aren't making it any better. Winless Giants see reasons for hope is what the headline reads.  Alright, keep thinking that. Ask Jacksonville & Houston about that from last year.  Every single team has their S#@t season and this may be theirs. The Giants started off last season 0-6. The time to wake up is now. The Giants also racked up 4 turnovers. They lost to the Arizona Cardinals, 25-14. You guessed it, the Cardinals are the only unbeaten team in the NFC West, 2-0. Coach Coughlin said that, "We are getting closer, we just have to eliminate these bizarre events which take the heart right out of you." I'm thinking more like, stop the interceptions, turnovers and fumbles, then you may win one. The Arizona Cardinals are finding ways to win even without QB Carson Palmer. It's the second straight game that the Cardinals have pulled out a win in the 4th Qtr. This comeback gave them their 9th win in 11 games.  D. Stanton threw for 167yds & led the Cardinals on three long scoring drives. He was 14 of 19 and did not turn over the ball. Ted Ginn Jr. ran 71yds on a punt return for a 4th Qtr TD. A. Ellington had 15 carries for 91yds. L. Fitzgerald had 6 receptions for 51yds. E. Manning threw for 277yds for 2 TD's & 2 int., shooting yourself in the foot. R. Jennings had 18 carries for 64yds & 1 fumble for butterfingers. L. Donnell had 7 receptions for 81yds.


The beat down of the week goes to the Washington Redskins with their declawing of the Jacksonville Jaguars, 41-10.  I think we all knew that Washington would win this one, but at what price?  This win left them without RGlll & DeSean Jackson. I heard both injuries were pretty ugly but I think RGlll may be done for the season.  Coach Jay Gruden said that he did not call more running plays in their loss to the Texans last week. He made up for it this week. They ran the ball 42 times for 191yds against the Jaguars. Before he went out with a dislocated ankle, RG had 2 carries for 22yds. That boy got some skinny legs, he might want to do some weight lifting to build up his lower, heck, and upper body. Even the rookie Silas Redd get into the action with 8 carries for 41yds & a TD. K. Cousins, who came in for RG, threw for 250yds & 2 TD's. A. Morris had 22 carries for 85yds & 2 TD's, yum, yum, gimme some of that! N. Paul had 8 receptions for 99yds & 1 TD. Thank you, I'll take that piece right there.  Several players got a piece of that pie. C. Henne threw for 193yds, 1 TD & 1 int. C. Henne, tried to play 2 positions, he had 3 carries for 17yds, but it didn't help. A. Robinson had 4 receptions for 75 yds. I wonder if RG is out for the season?  Last word on RGlll was he avoided surgery and could possibly return for the season.



Clearly, there are NO saints watching over Drew Brees and the crew. Do you guys know when was the last time that the Saints started off with an 0-2 Season? I don't, let me know. They lost to the Cleveland Browns. I have not had the chance to catch any of the Saints games nor the Browns. But I know, you guys gotta be wondering how are the Saints 0-2 and the Browns are 2-0?  I think LeBron brought hope back to Cleveland when he returned, even the Football team feels renewed and energized. Well, that my take on it anyway. Billy Cundiff kicked a 29yd FG with 3 seconds left, giving the Browns the win over the Saints. I heard the lost against the Browns was a shocker, I guess so, 3 seconds left and you lose it, been there, done that.  I will try to catch the next Saints game. I like watching them play, well, they ain't been playing lately, but I am sure they will pick up. B. Hoyer had 204yds & 1 TD. T. West had 19 carries for 68yds & 1 TD. A. Hawkins had 6 receptions for 70yds. D. Brees had 237yds, 2 TDs & you know it, 1 int. M. Ingram had 11 carries for 83yds & 1 TD. J. Graham had 10 receptions for 118yds & 2 TD's. He's my favorite Saint. 


Read about their win over the Detroit Cubs in the Cubs update. With a 2-0 start, Newton's head probably so big, it can't fit through the tunnel leading to the locker room, lol.


Lovie's team aint fairing too well with an 0-2 start. They lost to the St. Louis Rams, 19-17.  It seems the only person that was scoring at all and putting up the definite points on either team was the kicker for the Rams, Greg Zuerlein, he had 4 of them for 12pts & 1 after a TD. 13 + 6 = 19, all day long. McCown, he did ok, but I am sure he will do better. I still like him though even though he is no longer with us in Chicago. The Rams are 1-1 which seems to be the story for more than half of the NFL teams at the end of week 2. A. Davis threw for 235yds. Z. Stacy had 19 carries for 71yds, 1 TD & 1 fumble. B. Quick had 7 receptions for 74yds. J. McCown had 179yds & 1 int. B. Rainey had 22 carries for 144yds and V. Jackson pulled up the end with 4 receptions for 51yds.


The Bengals held it down against the Atlanta Falcons and turned up with a 24-10 win. This brings the Bengals to an 2-0 start with the rest of the AFC North behind, tied at 1-1 each.  At least the Falcons aren't in the 0-2 club. Anybody heard from Hester?? A. Dalton threw for 252yds & 1 TD. G. Bernard had 27 carries for 90yds & 1 TD. M. Sanu had 3 receptions for 87yds & 1 TD. M. Ryan had 231yds, 1 TD & the dreaded 3 ints., that had to leave a bruise. S. Jackson had 11 carries for 46yds & J. Jones had 7 receptions for 88yds & 1 TD.



The Seahawks were handed their first loss of the 2014-2015 season at the hand of Phil Rivers and the San Diego Chargers. They dropped them down a peg with a 30-21 win. Rivers been throwing passes to Antonio Gates for 9 seasons now, so games like Sunday's are bound to happen. Gates had 3 TD catches, including a spectacular, one handed grab, they said it was EPIC. The Chargers controlled the tempo to keep Russell & Lynch off the field and take the game.  Rivers has thrown 65 TD passes to Gates, the most in NFL history between a QB and a TE. Dwight Freeney sacked Wilson to force the Seahawks to punt on their first drive. Novak kicked a 50yd FG for SD. Wilson wasted no time in leading the Seahawks 61 yds in 5 plays, connecting with Robert Turbin on a 3-yd TD pass to pull to 20-14.  Even Wilson chimed in and said that "They did a real good job on 3rd down when they had the ball," "They just kept us off the field offensively". Rivers finished with 284yds, & 3 TDs. A. Gates had a nice 7 receptions for 96yds & 3 TDs. Russell had 202yds & 2 TDs. Percy Harvin who was on fire the last few games fell short with 2 carries for 45yds, 1 fumble & yes, 1 TD. J. Kearse had 4 receptions for 61yds. S.D. had the ball for 42:15 mins. compared to 17:45 for Seattle & gained 26 1st downs to 14 for the Seahawks. Wow, talk about lopsided numbers. All's well that ends well.  They are probably sitting in the film room as we speak, what did we do wrong? Get over it, it's only game #2. I read that they were really upset about this lost, they were reviewing the film & owning up to their mistakes.  Really guys, if you going to take it this hard, you might as well throw in the towel now. Winning the Super Bowl doesn't mean you will never lose again.  It's ok, take a minute. Now get ready for Week 3.


Oh happy day, oh happy day.  Read about the smack down that MY BEARS gave the 49ers in their NEW stadium, 28-20. Did I mention that Kap was so pissed and was cursing and swearing and got a flag for that. LMAO. I know people, it was just our first win of the season, but it doesn't get better than this. Read the full details in Chicago Bears Update. I told ya'll they were going to win, but nooooo, everybody was walking around saying, poor Rainey, she just don't know, they Bears are dead meat Sunday.  GOT ALL YALL!!! LOL.


Read about their 25-14 win over the N.Y. Giants in the Giants update.


Hold the presses, the Rams lose to Minnesota and turn around the next week and take down the SB Champs, 30-21. Upset # 2 of Week 2.  What was Upset # 1 of Week 2 you ask???  DA BEARS taking down the 49'ers. I'm just saying. Read about it in Seattle's update.



Only two weeks into the season but Pacman Jones thinks that his team can be a Superbowl contender. Hey stranger things have happened. Read about their 24-10 win over the Atlanta Falcons update.


The Ravens let the Steelers have it.  They were facing an 0-2 start for the new season and I am thinking that was not too appealing to them at all. Read the full details of their 26-6 win over the Steelers in the TNF Update.  


Read about their first loss of the seasons against the Ravens. Read all about it in the TNF update. Hammered them down, 26-6.


Read about the Browns take down of the New Orleans Saints in the update for the Saints. Putting the Saints at an 0-2 start.



They made it a practice day for their team with their 30-7 win over the Vikings. Read about it in the Vikings update.


OK, now either the Dolphins played extremely bad or the Buffalo Bills have Andrew Lucks rabbit foot. Either way, who saw the Bills kicking off the season with a 2-0 start?  Not me & if most folks are truthful, neither did too many others. Yes, we, the BEARS were their first victims.  First Oprah & Stedman break up, now this, LOL.

Read about the Bills trip to a 2-0 start, snubbing out the Dolphins, 29-10 in the Bills update.


Read about their 31-27 loss to the Packers and a negated TD for the Jets. It's all in the Packers update.


You gotta give credit, where credit is due.  The Bills, so far, are due their just credit. They are playing ball and they are playing to win. No matter who they have beaten, they are looking good. They didn't win because the other team didn't give them a good game, they are just playing good.  Well, they didn't beat us by 19pts. That's all I'm saying. Thank god C.J. Spiller saved his 102yd kickoff return for a TD for this game. Spiller is the Bills 2010 first-round pick out of Clemson. The Bills are claiming the AFC East with everyone else left in their dust. The Dolphins had no clue against their AFC East rivals. The crowd was right there with them, I think they out shouted/cheered their Bills more than the Seahawks fans have this season. Dan Carpenter hit 5 FGs & the Bills had 4 sacks in helping Buffalo get off to a 2-0 start for the first time since 2011 & only the 6th time since 2000. The Dolphins that showed up for this game was NOT the same Dolphins that beat the Patriots, 33-20 just last weekend. The biggest blow for the Dolphins was when Knowshon Moreno was hurt on his first carry. Driving up the middle for a 4yd gain, he was first hit on the right side by Nickell Robey then Nigel Bradham struck him from the left, hitting him directly on the arm. Those kind of sandwiches really hurt. Tannehill said, "We just didnt play well, we didn't get first downs, we didn't rush the ball, we didn't throw the ball or catch it, we just didn't do anything right." Finally, a man that can stand up and say, we were crap this game. Hat's off to Tannehill.  E.J. Manuel threw for 202yds & 1 TD. C. Spiller had 12 carries for 69yds. Not to mention the 102yd k/o return for a TD. S. Watkins had 8 receptions for 117yds & 1 TD. R. Tannehill had 241yds, 1 TD & 1 int. L. Miller had 11 carries for 46yds. M. Wallace had 5 receptions for 56yds & 1 TD.



Read about the Colts choking loss and the Eagles 30-27 comeback win in the MNF update. Yep, on the bottom of the totem poll in the AFC South.


The Titans tried with all their might but could not pull in that second win for a 2-0 start to the season. Read about their 26-10 loss to the Cowboys in that update.


You gotta love consistency when it comes to people, teams, etc. True to form, the Jaguars are starting off the 2014 season exactly as they had last year. I don't think they won a game last year until I think game # 10. Read about their 41-10 stumping in the Washing Redskins update. They still gotta feel that foot up their butt after this one.


Well, time certainly does bring about a change. This time last year, at the end of week 2, if memory serves me right, they were 0-2 at this time. Now, my memory ain't great so look it up for yourself. But, it's looking like the Texans are saying, "There's a new sheriff in town."  They were leading the game, 27-0 at the end of the 3rd. They handed the Raiders their 2nd lost of the new season and quite forceful I might add with a 30-14 win. Nobody is really surprised about the outcome of this game, the Raiders are 0-2 when the dust settled on week 2. Let's see what the little doggies have up their sleeve to keep the winning streak going. R. Fitzpatrick threw for 139yds & 2 TDs. A. Foster had 28 carries for 138yds & 1 TD. A. Johnson had 6 receptions for 74yds. J.J. Watts added 1 TD to boot. D. Carr threw for 263yds, 1 TD & 2 ints. Carr also trying to play both ends had 4 carries for 58yds, not bad Carr. J. Jones had 9 receptions for 112yds, 1 TD & you know it, 1 fumble.



Same ole story here, Broncos starting off with a winning season. But let's hope if they make it back to the SB, they don't just damn choke!!! Worst SB I had seen in years. So, enough about that, just had to get it off my chest. So they lightly, pimp slapped K.C. with a 24-17 win. Denver was only leading 21-10 going into half time, neither team scored in the 3rd Qtr, I think that's where the chief missed their chance. Andy Reid blamed himself for poor play calls in the red zone, but Smith said Charles absence was sorely felt close to the goal line. Broncos only scored 3 in the 4th Qtr. Can't let the golden opportunities pass you by. In both games this season, the Broncos Defense has made a play on 4th down to stop a rally & come away with the win. Two long drives by K.C. in the 2nd half ended in zero points. That failure to finish drives meant what could have been an upset win over the Broncos, instead ended in a loss. With Wes Welker is still out, but Peyton is turning to his TEs for help. They head to Seattle next week who handed them a shellacking in the SB and then trash talked them in the off season.  I GOTTA SEE THAT GAME!!! Peyton Manning threw for 242yds & 3 TDs. Usual stuff for Manning. M. Ball had 12 carries for 60yds. E. Sanders had 8 receptions for 108yds. A. Smith threw for 255yds. K. Davis had 22 carries for 79yds & 2 TDs. T. Kelce had 4 receptions for 81yds.


Read about their 24-17 slap from the Broncos. This time last year, they was on fireeee.  Wake up little suzy...


Read about their win over the Seahawks, 31-20. They put something on their minds this past Sunday. Read about it in the Chargers Update. Anybody heard from Sherman or Lynch this game, I'm just saying.

I am sure Seattle thought they had this one in the bag, well guess what, you didn't. The chargers had other plans for Seattle.


Read about their expected 30-14 loss to the Houston Texans in that update.


*Continuing my 25 most moronic players in NFL history. Here are #'s 20-16. The moronic acts get crazier as we go on each week, stay tuned.*

# 20 - Pat McAfee

Who doesn't love to go swimming?  Pat MCAfee sure does, and he doesn't care where or what time of day.  On October 20, 2010, McAfee was arrested in the wee hours of the morning after a woman called police and said a wet, shirtless man tried to get into her car.  When police arrived they asked McAfee how much he had to drink, to which he answered, "a lot, because I'm drunk." While it was a somewhat harmless act, it's one that has tainted his reputation and landed him on the moron list.

# 19 - Dez Bryant

His troubles began in college when he missed over half of his junior year after the NCAA suspended him when they found out he had failed to disclose his interactions with Deion Sanders.  Since he has been with the Dallas Cowboys, he has been thrown out of and banned from a mall, supposedly got into a fight with rapper Lil' Wayne in a Miami nightclub and was arrested for a domestic violence charge against his MOTHER.  Shame on him, his MOM?

# 18 - Von Miller

Since entering the league Von Miller has shown an affinity for breaking the law.  Miller gives off the vibe that he is above the law because of his societal status, but the only thing he's shown is that he's immature and a complete moron.  If he keeps it up, he could throw away a possible amazing career.

# 17 - Rolando McClain

The moron in Rolando McClain broke through in 2011 when he was arrested and charged with third-degree assault, menacing, reckless endangerment and discharging a firearm inside the city limits.  This all stemmed from McClain apparently putting a gun to someones head and firing a shot next the their ear.  He was then arrested in April 203 for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest after he said "F*#k the police" and pulled away multiple times as officers tried to place him under arrest.

# 16 - JaMarcus Russell

A once promising college star, J.R. jumped to the NFL his junior season and ended up going No. 1 overall in the 2007 NFL Draft.  He received a six-year, $68 million contract with $31.5 million guaranteed, from the Oakland Raiders, but never earned his keep.  It was well documented that JaMarcus had a work ethic problem.  He essentially let himself go after being released. In 2010, Russell was arrested for possessing codeine syrup without a prescription. 

Wednesday, 10 September 2014 00:00

NFL Update Week 1

Written by

It's the most anticipated week of the year, WEEK 1 OF THE NFL. I don't know about you guys, but I am so ready for some football, I could almost bust. Preseason was OK, but now, as I said, it's time for the real deal and time to separate the MEN from the BOYS.

I want to give a shout out to Apryl, Clyde, Jean, Tina and Evette. I NEVER see eye-eye with these folks during the NFL season. So while we got love for each other in the off season, right now, IT IS ON!!!!

**Again, I hope you all enjoy reading these as much as I love writing them. Thanks for reading**




TNF: 9/4/2014: Green Bay vs. Seattle

So we started off the season with a BANG, or so I thought it would be. The Green Bay Packer vs. the reining Superbowl Champs, Seattle Seahawks. I got my popcorn ready, some miller lite, got my note pad ready and then it happened. Green Bay got spanked and not just by a few points, try 20 pts., 36-16. Now, I know this is just the first game for the cheese heads, but they looked like they were still playing pre-season ball. Seattle definitely picked up where they left all. As my GB friends keep telling me, it's a long season Rainey, buckle down. Oh yeah, back to the real story, YES, I have friends that are GB fans, but I don't hold that against them, lol. Wilson was in superstar mode, throwing, running, poised, he was good. Aaron, what's up? You seemed so confused. Eddie Lacy could not get a yard in edge wise, he even dropped a hand off before he even started running. Clay Matthews, well, he was a beast in this game. The highlight man of the night was Marshawn Lynch, finishing with 110-yards and 2 TD's. Harvin, got some too. He had 100 combined yards in rushing and receiving. Russell finished with 191 yards. Rogers finished with 189 yards, he was sacked 3 times. Lacy was a no-show with 12 carries for 34yds.

MNF: 9/8/2014: Detroit Lions vs. N.Y. Giants - GM 1

This is was the Lions from start to finish. I watched and wondered where the hell was Eli. Watching a sports show yesterday explained it all. They said that Eli has lost his self confidence. After last season, I can see that. He just did not look himself at all, he looked confused, not sure when he decided to throw the ball, if he should, shuffled around way too much. Matt Stafford & the Lions on the other hand, looked better than where they left off last year. Ok, I'm done throwing up after having said that. I know it's early in the season but so far, they are the best looking team in the NFC North. M. Stafford threw for 346yds and 2 TDs. C. Johnson, aka, Megatron, had 7 receptions for 164yds & 2 TDs. E. Manning had 163yds, 1 TD & 2 interceptions and loss even more confidence in this 35-14 loss.

MNF: 9/8/2014: Arizona vs. San Diego - GM 2

This was definitely a better game to watch, a little more competition. With the Cardinals down 14-6 by the end of the first half, they came back and won the game, 18-17. Sounds like our game Sunday. Sorry, that loss still has me pissed. lol.

​I enjoyed this one, no drama surrounding either team so there was really nothing but good, ole, football. I can assure you that the Chargers thought they had this one in the bag. Just like I did with our game against the Bills, shoot, there I go again, sorry, no more about the loss to the Bills. The nail in the coffin you ask? John Brown caught a 13-yd pass from Palmer with 2:25 to play. With turns out to be the winning catch for a TD. The Cardinals rallied to beat the Charges. Hey, they knew the 2 minute warning was coming, they didn't know it would be a score that would cost them the game. Well, easy come, easy go. C. Palmer ended the day with 304yds & 2 TDs. Malcolm Floyd had 5 receptions for 119yds total. Rivers had 238yds, 1 TD and 1 Interception. Ryan Matthews had 12 carries for 40 yds & 1 TD. A. Gates brought up the rear with 6 receptions for 81 yds.



Ok, is this still 2013?? It sure felt like it when My Bears played the Bills. I'm like, OK, we can start the season with a win, we all good, got this one and then what the hell, we lost. I gotta say, I'm not feeling good about this season at all. We lost 4 major guys in one game. If that's not bad enough, 2 of the players were Brandon and Alshon, can you say MIGRAINE. Then I was really confused because I thought Cutler would come back after being given, not earning, a $100 Million contract. He did his usual, thinking he is in the wild, wild west, just firing off long passes and YES of course, the Bills got two of those. Then he had the nerves to be pissed at the media when they asked him what's up? He cried like Cam Newton, you guys don't know what we do out there, it's so hard, sniffles. Man up and play some damn ball and earn your money. Marc, stop making excuses for him, make him earn the money, get some self respect man. What does "we did some good things out there today" mean? Were you there Marc when the Bills just beat us like we were, a pee-wee league team, not even worthy of being called a high school team. How does a man throw rack up 349 yds for a game and lose to the opposing QB who had 173yd? I tell you how, 2 interceptions and trying to prove to the masses that he has THE arm. We just don't need the ARM Jay, we need the WHOLE QB, including a brain. Jay did have 2 TD's to his credit, whateverrr. Matt Forte got his for a total of 169yds, rushing and receiving. Shout out to Martellus Bennett for not slamming a fellow team mate into the ground and actually getting our 1st TD for the 2014-2015 season. E.J. Manuel ended on a winning note with 173yds, 1 TD and 1 Interception. R. Woods had 4 receptions for a total of 78yds. Excuse me now while I go throw up again.


They played Seattle for the first official game of the 2014-2015 season and got spanked 36-16. Read my update in the TNF update.


Read about the lashing the Lions gave the Giants in the 1st game of a double header on MNF. Read in the MNF, Game 1 update above.


It's a sad day, for me anyway when Minnesota is tied for 1st place with the Lions after Week 1 of the season. I am not worried about that though, they will fall. They played the St. Louis Rams so no big feat there. The man for the Vikings was NOT A. Peterson, it was C. Patterson with a 67 yard run off the kick, bam, score. when all was said and done, he 3 carries for 102 yds & 1 TD. The Vikings took this one easily from the Rams, 34-6. I bet Minnesota is still celebrating. The Rams didn't even get a TD in this game, just 2 FGs. Matt Cassel had 170yds & 2 TDs. We know what Patterson did and Greg Jennings had 6 receptions for 58yds & 1 TD. A. Davis had 192yds passing and 1 interception. B. Quick tried to help out with 7 receptions for 99 yds, but it was not to be. A.P. will NOT be playing this Sunday, he's been benched, deactivated for this game.



I didn't have the pleasure of watching this game. The Eagles started off the season with a 34-17 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars. No surprise what so ever. Nick Foles is earning his spot, not like a QB # 6 whose team I won't mention, smh. Foles threw a 68yd TD pass to Jeremy Maclin in the 4th Qtr and the Eagles rallied from a 17-0 second half deficit to beat the Jaguars 34-17. As I said, no surprise, they had it 17-0 and the Jaguars let it slip away. Nick Foles threw for 322yds , 2 TDs and 1 interception. L. McCoy had 21 carries for 74yds. J. Maclin said, let me get some of that and had 4 receptions for 97yds and 1 TD. Chad Henne laid out a respectable showing with 266yds and 2 TDs, but it would be to no avail. Allen Hurns had 4 receptions for a total of 110yds & 2 TDs, wonder will he do that again.


So, I'm watching sports nation yesterday and Steven A. Smith called the Bears, the Cowboys of the Midwest. Dang, that hurts and so did the minor infraction that the 49'ers laid on the Cowboys with a 28-17 loss. I tried to watch this game, but just so many games. I wonder if my job would give me a FB Analyst Budget so that I can mount about 3 more TVs in my living room so I can keep up. It don't hurt to ask, you only lose it if you don't ask, I'll keep you posted, LOL. So Colin Kaepernick threw 2 TD passes to Vernon Davis, one right after the first of 3 interceptions by Tony Romo. There it was, the 49ers started the season with a win over the Cowboys. As much as I hate to say it, I think Romo is done, time will tell but I am guessing this may be his last season. C. Kaepernick threw for 201yds & 2 TDs. A. Boldin had 8 receptions for 99yds. Tony Romo had 281yds, 1 TD and the killer, 3 interceptions. DeMarco Murray had 22 carries for 118yds, 1 TD and 1 fumble. Dez Bryant was not a factor, even before that HIT on him that was just UGLY to see in the replay. On C.K., please lord, please let him not have the same type of game this Sunday, they are playing some team, I'm not saying, but just give him a bad game. One can wish people.


I am sure that the Giants don't want me to hash this up again so just read about it in the MNF, Game 2 against the Detroit Lions. The Giants loss. That's it, that's all.


Talk about fall from grace. I know that Washington wasn't expecting to lose to the Houston Texans. The Texans was one of the worst teams last year. Washington wasn't all that, but they did beat the Texans last year. New Season I guess. The Texans rode into the sunset with a 17-6 win over the Redskins. Rookie Alfred Blue blocked a punt & returned it for a TD. J.J. Watt lived up to his massive new contract to help the Texans snap a 14-game losing streak with this win over Washington. R. Fitzpatrick had 206yds passing and 1 TD. A. Foster had 27 carries for 103yds & 1 fumble. Dang, 23 carries and all he ended up with was 103yds? A. Johnson brought up the end with 6 receptions for 93 yds. RGlll ahd 267yd passing. A. Morris had 14 carries for 91yds. N. Paul had 4 receptions for 86yds and 1 fumble. Lots of jugglers this past week.



Read about their 34-37 lost to the Falcons, just a line or two below in the Falcons update.


No surprise here, the Panthers won this one, 20-14. Derek Anderson played in the place of the injured Cam Newton. Ohhh, that explains it. Anyway, Anderson throws 2 TDs to lead the Panthers to a 1-0 record to start off the season. D. Anderson had 230 passing yds & 2 TDs. D. Williams had 14 carries for 72yds and K. Benjamin brought up the end with receptions for 92yds & 1 TD. J. McCown, (I miss you man), had 183yds passing with 2 TDs but the cursed 2 interceptions. On the highlights I saw, McCown was knocked around pretty good. Still like him better than JC.


Read about their 14-20 loss the Panthers in that update, just look about 2 lines up my friends.


There was a storm a brewing in Atlanta. They were hosting the New Orleans Saints for their season opener. I thought for sure that the Saints would walk away with it. But again, a season opener decided by 3 points. The Falcons would walk away with a 37-34 win over the Saints. Who saw that coming. Seems the Saints are so busy shooting so many commercials, they are forgetting what their real jobs are, that's just me and my thoughts. Matt Bryant kicked a 51-yd fg on the final play of regulation, then booted a 52yder in OT to give the Falcons a 37-34 win. So another decided by a FG. Drew Brees had 333yds, 1 TD & 1 interceptions. M. Ingram had 13 carries for 60yds & 2 TDs. M. Colston had 5 receptions for 110yds & 1 fumble. Matt Ryan had 448yds & 3 TDs. Man, that's the most passing yards I have seen for Week 1. J. Jones helped out with 7 receptions for 116yds and again, 1 fumble. What the heck is it with the fumbles & interceptions in Week 1. Plenty to go around for all teams.



They picked up where they left off and the end result was a 36-16 spanking of the Green Bay Packers. Read about it in the TNF update.​


Read about their 28-17 win over the Dallas Cowboys in the 49ers update.


Read about their last their last minute rally to beat the San Diego in the MNF update, Game 2.


I am sure the Rams are still trying to figure out what happened in the field ending in a 34-6 lashing from the Vikings. Read about it in Minnesota's update.



​ 1-0​

​Yep, the Bengals beat the Ravens 23-16. Just look 1 update down and you can read all about it. ​


The Ravens lost to the Cincinnati Bengals. Yep, I didn't see that coming. But hey, it's early, I am sure they will bounce back in Week 2 when they play the Steelers on TNF. The Bengals got the best of them with a 23-16 win. Didn't see this one either. Joe Flacco didn't get the job done today, he did have some good numbers though when all was said and done. He had 345 passing yds, 1 TD but had to toss that 1 interception in there. Andy Dalton finished with 301yds passing & 1 TD. A. Green had 6 receptions for 131yds & 1 TD. Not bad for a days work.


The Steelers start the season out with a wind over the Cleveland Brown, 30-27. They got away by the skin of their teeth, but a Win is a Win. No matter how much you win by. Big Ben had 365 passing yds with 1 TD & 1 interception. B. Hoyer had 230yds & 1 TD. T. West had 16 carries for 100yds & A. Hawkins finished with 8 receptions for 87yds.


​ 0-1​

​The Browns loss their season opener to the Steelers, 30-27. Just take a glance above at the Steelers update and get the details. ​



Say whattttt, Patriots 20, Miami 33. You reading it right. The Dolphins took the muskets and shot down the Patriots. I was really surprised the Patriots loss their home opener to Miami. I'm sure the Dolphins aren't. At least that's their story and they are sticking to it. Knowshon Moreno rushed for 134yds & a TD to help in this route of the Patriots. Ryan Tannehill threw for 2 scores. When the fins cleared, the Dolphins put the stop on the Patriots. R. Tannehill had 178 passing yds, 2 TDs & wait for itttt, 1 interception, it's a int. virus going around, I am convinced. K. Moreno put his foot down to the tune of 24 carries for 134yds & 1 TD. M. Wallace said, hey, I gotta get my stats in here, we may not have too many wins this year. So he ended with 7 receptions for 81yds, 1 TD & again, it's fumble time & he had 1. T. Brady had 249yds & 1 TD. S. Vereen had 7 carries for 36yds but added 1 TD as well. J. Edelman had 6 receptions for 95yds.


Read it, remember it. The Dolphins beat the Patriots 33-20. Read about it in New England's update. Look up :o).


Well, this was a losing game from the start. Just depended on who had the most points when the time ran out. You guessed it, the Jets won over the Raiders, 19-14. Geno Smith had 221yds, 1 TD & you know it, 1 interception. C. Ivory added 10 carries for 102yds & 1 TD. E. Decker sealed the deal with 5 receptions for 74yds. D. Carr, never heard of him, had 151 passing yds & 2 TDs. R. Streater had 5 receptions for 46yds & 1 TD.


Dang, who they beat to start the season off with a win. Oh yeah, My Bears. Well, I have said enough about the 23-20 win for the Bills. Read the full update in the Bears update.



Don't know why I love when the Colts lose, I just do. They lost again to Denver, 31-24. Read all about it in the Broncos update a few updates below.


OK, so when I started writing this one, I had to take off my glasses, clean them, and look again. As sure as I'm 5lbs overweight, well that's all I'm admitting to, the Titans BEAT the K.C. Chiefs 26-10. Jake Locker threw for 266yds & 2 TDs. Alex Smith threw 3 interceptions & the Titans rolled to a 26-10 win. Good for you Tennessee, I will get back to you when you when another one. Keep hope alive. So, to help out Locker, S. Greene had 15 carries for 71yds and J. Hunter got a piece of the pie with 3 receptions for 63yds. A. Smith wanted to add 1 TD & 3 interceptions to is 202 passing yards. Not a good combination as you can see. D. Avery had 7 receptions for 84yds.


Read about their 34-17 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in that update.


Can you believe it, the Texans start off with a win to break a 14-game losing streak. Beating the Washington Redskins 17-6. Read about it in the Redskins update.



I don't know why I get such a thrill out of Denver beating Indy. Every single time I just have a good laugh about that. You think Luck had his rabbit foot with him when they dropped this one 31-24? LOL. Nope! With Wes Welker being out, Peyton had a new man crush, TE, Julius Thomas. He threw3 TD passes to J.T. in the 1st 1/2 alone. It was a really good game, loved watching it. It's all about the level of play in each game and this one did not disappoint. Peyton ended the day with 269yds & 3 TDs. Not a lot of yards for Peyton, but I am sure he will take them. J. Thomas ended the day with 7 receptions for 104yds & 3, three, TDs. M. Ball, was like, hey, hit me one time Peyton. He ended with 23 carries for 67yds & 1 TD.


K.C. gave it up to the Titans to the tune of 26-10. Read all about it in the Titans update.


Read about their last minute loss to the Arizona Cardinals, 18-17 in the MNF, Game 2 update.


Yep, they starting off this year as they did last year. They lost their season opener to the New York Jets, 19-14. Now that's a story in itself. Read the N.Y. Jets update for all details.


For those of you that read my blogs regularly, you know I like to add trivia, info on teams/players and this year, I have a few new ones I think people will find amusing. I found an amusing write up called "The 25 most moronic players in NFL history". Come on, you know I can't make this stuff up!! I'll start with the lease to the worst moron.

# 25 - Riley Cooper

In July 2013, Riley Cooper attended a Kenny Chesney concert and, because no one knew who he was, he was refused backstage access. Cooper became a little angry, which was caught on video, and decided to drop the N-word while referring to the bouncer who had denied him. Sounds pretty dumb if you ask me.

# 24 - Donovan McNabb

Did Donovan McNabb kill anyone? No. Did he get caught with drugs? No. So why is he on this list? Because McNabb did NOT know an NFL game could end in a tie. His reasoning was that he had never played in a game ending in a tie...Really, you was in the league for 10 years and are not a sports commentator and you didn't know that? Personally, if I was McNabb, I would never have admitted that one. SMH.

# 23- Antonio Cromartie

Antonio has had a clean NFL career. No issues on or off the field, no run-ins with coaches of other players; nothing to put him on anyone's radar. Except for the scene during HBO's Hard Knocks where they asked him the names of his seven children at the time. Now, it's not my place to call a guy a moron for having what is now 12 children with 8 different women, but if you can't even remember their names, then may you should not continue to make them. Wasn't he on Jerry Springer? LMAO.

# 22 - Mark Sanchez

Mark is known more for his moronic decisions on-the-field than anything he has done off-the-field. His relationship with a 17 year old female made national headlines back in 2011, bit it's the infamous "butt fumble" that lands Sanchez on the list. During the 2012 Thanksgiving Day game against the Patriots, Sanchez attempted to scramble and while sliding face planted into the backside of one of his teammates, he fumbled the ball, which turned into 6 points for the Patriots. Seems to me that him seeing a 17 year old TEENAGER, would make him more of a moron. I'm just saying.

# 21 - Justin Blackmon

In April of 2013, Blackmon was suspended for the first four games of the 2013 season by the NFL for violating the substance abuse program. He eventually returned to the field and picked up right where he left off in 2012. But after four games he was suspended indefinitely by the league for violating their substance abuse program once again. Blackmon's career is still within reach, but if he continues to have these moronic episodes then his career will fizzle out long before the high wears off. DUMMY!! Some of these guys still don't get it, you can't take PED and other substances and play pro ball, they are going to find out. Especially when you either turn into the Hulk by mid-season or have the munchies while standing on side lines during every game. SMH.

That rounds out #'s 25-21 morons for this update. We will see the next 5 in Week 2 update.

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Bears Training Camp 2014

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Training camp is underway. Practices have begun, scrimmages had, fights in practice already happeneing, and the Madden video game is only weeks away from coming out. Ladies and gentlemen the Chicago Bears begun preparation for the 2014-2015 season with high expectations. With their 1st pre-season game coming this Friday here's the team's 1st un-official depth chart going into the game, and some position battles to keep a close eye on this pre-season.


QB - Cutler, Palmer, Clausen, Fales

RB - Forte, Draughn, Ford, Carey

WR - Marshall, Wilson, Bellamy, Williams

WR - Jeffrey, Weems, Morgan, Spurlock

TE - Bennett, Rosario, Miller, Mulligan

FB - Fiammetta

LT - Bushrod, Leno jr.

LG - Slauson, Brown

C - Garza, de la Puente, Boggs

RG - Long, Ola

GT - Mills, Britton


LE - Houston, Young

DT - Ratliff, Sutton, Collins

NT - Paea, Furgeson

RE - Allen, Scott, Washington

WLB - Briggs, Greene, Franklin

MLB - Williams/Bostic, Lattimore

SLB - McCellin, Jones, Senn

CB - Jennings, Fuller, McMannis

SS - Mundy, McCray, Wilson

FS - Vereen, Jennings, Conte

CB - Tillman, Hayden, Frey

Special teams:

K - Gould

P - O'Donnell, Way

LS - Hartson, Rempel

KR - Weems, Ford, Williams

PR - Weems, Williams, Spurlock

 And now the battles to watch for....

Back-up QB - Palmer vs. Clausen: Palmer has the arm and works well with the coaching staff. There is a very optimistic hope that he thrives just like last season's back-up qu did. Clausen has the experience as a starter and alot of upside. Plus his connection to the coaching staff and poise gives him an advantage if he has a good pre-season. There is also rumblins of reaching out to former Bears QB Kyle Orton.

Back-up RB - Draughn vs. Ford vs. Carey: The Bears would love for the rookie carey to emerge the overall winner of this battle, however the speed and versatility of Ford could eventually give him the edge.

3rd WR - Wilson vs every wide reciever living: You need more than just 2 wide recievers to make a great offense work, and Wilson still has to prove himself. Knowing that the job is still open, there's a ton of hungry recievers who could impress and steal Wilson's spotlight if he doesnt step up. Not even 12 hours after this article was written Wilson broke his clavicle in practice. Next Man up...is Earl Bennett still accepting our calls??

TE - Rosario vs. Miller vs. Mulligan: Who will win the bigger role behind Bennett? Who will eventually get cut. While Rosario has the edge for now, there's a lot of upside going in for Mulligan and the Bears will give him every chance to grab a bigger role and make the team.

DT, NT back-up - Furgeson, Sutton, Collins: Nate Collins was going strong playinng for the Bears, but an injury knocked him off his wagon, leaving the door open for two rookies to grab his role in the defense. Can Collins past the rooks on the depth chart or will Furegson actually emerge as the break-through player on D the Bears expect out of him.

Starting MLB - Williams vs. Bostic: Right now both are listed as starters, but only one can ultimately emerge as the starter.

Starting SS - Mundy vs. McCray vs. Wilson: Mundy has the job as starter as camp runs its course, however McCray has been playing great. A former starter in Dallas, if McCray keeps playing like this he could win the job. Wilson is a former pro-bowl saftey and shouldnt be taken for granted.

Starting FS - Vereen vs. Conte: Can the rookie keep the job or will Conte bounce back from off-season surgery and win his job back in an effort to turn around an ugly 2013 season.

Long Snapper - Hartson vs. Rempel: A who versus who battle. With Patrick Mannelly gone this job now becomes an issue. Ultimately doesn't matter, just dont screw up the snap.

Punter - O'Donnell vs. Way: New punter, and he's a rookie draft pick....don't screw up the punt!!! O'Donnell must not only prove he's worthy of the Bears using a pick on him.

Returner - Weems vs. Ford vs. Williams: With Devin Hester gone, the Bears are hoping someone emerges as a non-fumbling speeder who picks up yards. It's anyone's job right now.

Jordan Lynch vs. The World: can the former NIU star and heisman finalist find a spot on the roster?



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