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Saturday, 10 March 2012 12:59

Space Giant; awesome Chicago band Featured

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In almost every bar you can see a cover of the song “Born to be Wild” (Steppenwolf). “I Want You to Want Me” (Cheap Trick) is another example of a song that is covered by everyone. Occasionally a band will be seen that is just doing original songs. Creative ability and talent hit the concert goers dead in their soul with these original songs. Saturday night’s performance by Space Giant was a show that really grabbed you.

Ye Olde Town Inn (18 W. Busse Avenue ~ Mount Prospect, IL 60056) was the place to be for this show. Space Giant was the band to see and they just rocked. The entire performance was flawless and they were on fire. This high energy music was a pleasant change from hearing “Simple Man” (Lynyrd Skynyrd) for the three millionth time.

Vince Falcone is a slamming, hard hitting drummer that drives each song. The hand and feet work were reminiscent of one of the masters, Abe Laboriel Jr. from Paul McCartney’s band. Very similar techniques and mannerisms are found in Vince. His snare rolls push songs in such a great way that not every guy who owns a drum kit can do. He has dynamics behind the kit that holds the show together.    

Lead vocalist Jamie Richards was a joy to watch as he never stopped moving. He did his job to entertain the crowd and has a strong voice to keep everyone interested. He tore up every note like it was meant to be. His vocal range and tone fit the band like a glove. He blended well with the music that was created. In between songs there wasn’t any dead time as he kept it going creating not just music, but creating a show.   

Dave Yates filled the role of the bottom end with ease locking his bass with the clockwork of the drummer. Playing solid bass lines for each song done is what this guy does and realizes in bass lines sometimes less is more. Holding out one note is in most cases better than playing a hundred. One of the best features in a bass player is his amp and this guy has an SWR bass rig that makes it all the better. The man would sound good through anything, but through this amp he gets nothing but sweet tones.  

Fired through a Marshall half stack Mike Parker played some unique guitar leads similar to stuff played by The Edge from U2, except he has taken it into a different form. His guitar won’t just be distorted, it will be glazed with effects at times giving them another sound completely. He has a way of playing that sounds as if he was trying to imitate a keyboard. The man has skills.

Space Giant has an EP out now and the songs on it are very well done. One that really sticks out is “Talks to Angels.” They played it live which the song is a powerful modern rock song, with a good guitar riff driving it, and primal drums rolling into the song. The guitar, bass, and drums chugs its way through this kick ass original song. 

 “Beautiful World” is a radio friendly song that shouldn’t be overlooked. The upbeat rock anthem could easily be played on any rock station and fit right in with any classic to a modern rock genre. These boys should really be proud of the work they have created as it does rock.

The next time you are looking for a new band to see, don’t go see a cover band. Search out an original band and support them in their quest. Go see songs that you have never heard before. Seek out an original band like Space Giant. Their music is rockin’ and a rollin’. From a musician’s perspective, “Seeing Space Giant is like being body slammed by Hulk Hogan. It hurts so much it makes me wanna quit playing. They are good.” Space Giant is a great band.


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