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A new play inspired by the real life biker club, The Sirens of NYC (the biker gang that leads the Pride Parade in NYC each year), “The Valkyries: Badasses on Bikes” is a touching story concerning queer and trans characters forming their own biker club. “The Valkyries: Badasses on Bikes” performs Wednesdays at 8pm, through June 28, 2017, at Gorilla Tango Theatre (1919 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago IL 60647). Please visit or call 773-598-4549 for tickets and information.
Smith has written a story about the family we choose, the family we don’t, and the development of an unlikely philanthropy for this motorcycle club that is able to unite them all together.

We are thrilled to be producing The Valkyries: Badasses on Bikes as part of Gorilla Tango’s “Gorilla Tango Originals” Series. GT Originals aims to support the voices of artists with untold stories, and to connect like-minded artists who share similar passions in storytelling. The Chicago stage has been so welcoming to the LGBTQ+ stories that need to be told.  The cast and crew feature some of Chicago’s greatest queer artists including North Rory Howard, a trans male actor playing his first trans male role. “I’ve played cisgender characters for years, and I’m sure I will continue to do so,” Howards says. “But to bring this story to life, to help people see a glimpse of my own history and struggles through this medium that I love so much, it’s an incredible feeling. I love, too, that this is not a play about being transgender, but rather an ensemble piece in which the trans character and his struggle are supported and balanced by other people without being overshadowed, which is honestly how the issue should be handled in our everyday lives. We need light, and the Valkyries help shine it.”

"The Valkyries: Badasses on Bikes" will play through Pride month in Chicago, so bring a group to celebrate any Wednesday in May and June at 8pm!

Katy Johnson (Skylight Music Theatre) returns from Gorilla Tango’s "The Blood Line: A CTA Horror Story" as, Deena, the president of the club. North Rory Howard (Black Box Studios) makes his Gorilla Tango debut as Quinn, the trans male partner of Club President, Deena. Also in the cast are Chicago and beyond improv star, Nate Curlott, as Jake and Chris, Elodie Senetra (Milwaukee Chamber Theatre) as Evie, Cat McKay (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) as Bella, Kate Souza (Hawaii Shakespeare Festival) as Kelly, and Chicago new comer Marie Tredway as Marie.

The production is directed by Magdalene Spanuello. Scenic/Lighting design by Mark Bracken, Choreography by Kati Schwaber, Costume/Tattoo design by Austin Winter, and stage managed by Teresa McCarthy.

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Tuesday, 12 July 2016 10:29

Putting the Bust in Ghostbusters

There are something’s that just stick with you from your childhood. Any time a reminder of said memory comes up you can instantly recall when and where that memory took place. For me, I can clearly remember watching Ghostbusters as a young child and it sticking with me throughout my life. I have driven many people to the point of anger by quoting the movie time and again. I never thought anything could come along and make the movie of my childhood more special. That is until I saw Ghostbustier: The Story of the Real Ghostbusty.

The show features an all female cast as they try and save New York from ghosts like, a sexy Slimer, a curvaceous Stay Puft Marshmallow Woman, and many other sexy ghosts. Ghostbustier is an all out entertaining burlesque show brings the classic comedy to the stage, but with a sultry and sensual twist. Janine, the dry monotone receptionist for the Ghostbusters, narrates the show as she takes the audience through the certain paranormal activities occurring throughout the city. But, the story itself everyone knows there is nothing new to it. The true entertaining portion is how the story is told as well as the female empowerment that it represents. 

What everyone comes to see are the dance performances put on by the all female cast members. The thing to remember about a burlesque show is that it is not just about sexy dancing, but also a fun satire. Seeing Slimer give a striptease and chase the Ghostbusters around, or a sexy Stay Puft Marshmallow Woman dance to “Wrecking Ball” while she destroys New York makes it not only sexy, but also purely entertaining to watch. There comes a point where Janine gives a comedic, but seductive, striptease to Egon while dancing to R-Kelly’s “Bump and Grind.” 

There are no defined body types proving that anyone can be sexy no matter what. Each woman comes on stage completely owning the moment as they all try and one up each other to see who can get the crowd to “whoop” and holler the loudest. It is not just a satire of a film, but also a celebration of body image. These women are the example that there is no shame in how you look and they are there on stage to celebrate that fact. There is a certain empowerment behind the show, something I completely get behind and support. 

The show only lasts an hour, but there is never a dull moment where you wonder why you are there. It is a fun show that will keep you laughing the whole way through while enjoying fun dance performances. Ghostbustier: The Story of the Real Ghostbusty is showing at the Gorilla Tango Theatre, as is only one part of other burlesque shows. Other shows include: A Nude Hope, Game of Thongs, Great Scott, Those are Boobs!, and Holy Bouncing Boobies! All are worth the price of admission. Just remember, you have to be 18 to attend and your voice may become horse after all the “whooping” and hollering in excitement. Performances take place on Saturdays at 10:30 pm.

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