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Okay, I’m going to give you the skinny on the Luxor hotel and Casino from top to bottom. The Luxor is the pyramid shaped casino everyone recognizes and it sits right on the main strip. When I go to Vegas for work or vacation I usually pick my hotel based on three factors: the pool and spa (very important to me because I spend time there every day), the room itself and the restaurant choices.

The Rooms:
So let’s start with the rooms at the Luxor. I stayed in an East Tower room with two queen beds. The Tower rooms are considered luxury rooms and are slightly more expensive than the Pyramid rooms but it is worth it, and I’ll tell you why: They are newer and bigger than the pyramid rooms and have floor to ceiling windows, which let in much-needed light. The Tower rooms have their own check-in desk and VIP services, which save a lot of time checking in and replacing room keys etc. The pyramid rooms seemed to have a really long line for check-in all the time. When I get in tired from a flight nothing would tick me off more than to have to waste an hour or more standing in line to get my room. Also, the Tower rooms have their own bank of elevators - normal straight up and down elevators, not the inclinators that I have heard make people dizzy and again produce wait times to get to your room. The room itself was nicely appointed with a gold color scheme and a very nice sunken bathtub, which I used for bubble baths every night of my stay. Another nice thing about the Tower rooms is that they give you bath amenities from the spa. It’s really nice to have spa quality shampoos, lotions and shower gel to try out each night.


Here’s the bad though - in the picture of the Tower rooms on the Luxor website, the beds appear to have very nice pillow top bedding and down comforters and many pillows just like at MGM Grand, a sister property. The reality was a thin, yucky bedspread, two small pillows and thin scratchy cotton sheets (I had to press housekeeping for more pillows to prop up a bad knee). Now for the price overall, this was a very nice room and I highly recommend it to young people who just need a nice enough place to crash while they party the strip but this one bad bed factor would prohibit me from staying at The Luxor again. When I get to my room after a 15-hour day, I have to have a pillow top mattress and quality bedding to recuperate in.
Luxor Hotel and Casino

The Pool:


The pools at the Luxor were excellent. They are nicely landscaped with lots of sunshine and several pools to choose from. The main pool had several powerful jets that you could stand under and get a really good back massage. If you balance well on a floatie, you can get a full body massage! The waitresses were friendly and the bathrooms clean. My first day there, Luxor headliner Criss Angel sat just a few chairs away from me giving notes to his assistant which was fun to see. The best thing about the pool was the close proximity to our room; instead of a long walk through a crowded casino in your bikini and shorts, I was able to stumble out of bed, take one elevator and literally be outside within three minutes. There were plenty of chairs and cabanas, never any problem finding a nice place to settle even on busy days. At night I like to go out to the pool and relax with a cigarette and the Luxor pool allows this with security patrols and well-lit areas with benches and chairs.

The Restaurants:

The Luxor has several nice restaurants to choose from. Check our review of Fusia, in this issue, which has superb service and delicious seafood and sushi. The Steak house was closed while we were there so they also had several excellent meat dishes to choose from. When I’m in Vegas and not reviewing an upscale restaurant, I have to depend on the less expensive and quicker options they have available. The Luxor really takes care of this by having a clean, nicely lit food court with a lot of choices like pizza and McDonalds. Also, their 24-hour Café is one of the best I have eaten at. It sits right in the middle of the casino so you can watch the action while you eat and it had reasonably priced and well-prepared options like the Salmon Pancake (which had lox served over poached eggs on a bed of potato pancakes), it was always fresh. Also, their homemade chicken soup was really homemade and a meal in itself.

LuxorThe Clubs and Entertainment:

The Luxor has two of the most popular clubs right now. The Cathouse is a really nice, inviting, and surprisingly small venue with cool music and very hot waitresses. The vibe was mellow and funky the night I hung out there and the host was an absolute doll to me- very friendly and welcoming. I didn’t have time to visit LAX on this visit but the lines there were thick with well-dressed twenty-somethings, so it is still very popular and your chance of bumping into a celebrity like Criss Angel or the cast of  “The Hills” who I saw milling around the lobby, are quite high.




Criss Angel and Carrot Top are the resident entertainers and both have excellent shows. Criss Angel is currently counting down to the opening of his new Cirque show “Believe”, which should be a huge attraction and I’m sure a spectacular show like all the Cirque Du Soleil productions.

Check out my interview and arm wrestling match with Carrot Top from last year at www.Buzznews.TV for a taste of Carrot Top’s quirky humor. Carrot Top’s show is regularly sold out with good reason. He delivers a nonstop two hours of solid laughter, a little racy but not gross, and I have only heard people coming out of the show saying great things about how fun it was and how surprised they were at the quality of his humor.

The Spa:
The spa at Luxor was pretty nice and is located right off the pool. The Jacuzzi has some shoulder massaging waterfalls in it and a lovely blue and gold tile décor. The steam room is large and also has gold walls and soft lighting.  I loved the cappuccino machine for a quick wakeup after spa time and the selection of chilled fruit juices and fruit. The one complaint I had about the spa is that the last two hours of operation they shut down the ice towel service and start to shut down the spa. They do charge less if you get there after six, but that’s the only time I can use the spa, between my pool time and dinner time and I would much rather pay full price than have to sit in a hot sauna or Jacuz
zi with no cold towels. I didn’t have time to sample and review their massage service this trip but they do have a nice menu of massages that are not too expensive. Luxor Hotel and Casino

VIP Services:
The VIP services at Luxor were good. One day my associate had a toothache and they were very nice about helping him find a local dentist.
My own fabulous VIP host Director of Hotel Operations at The MGM Grand, Jill Archunde, who originally arranged this review visit for Buzz came in on her day off to help us with our comps and check out.

To sum up, if you are looking for a fun, youthful casino to hang out in, a sunny pool and a basic room to crash each night, The Luxor is an excellent value - one of the best on the strip. If you are a more mature luxury-seeking traveler, you can opt for the high-end suites to get the quality you are seeking while still enjoying the relatively small boutique hotel feel of the Luxor in the midst of young Vegas partiers.


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